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Toys Love review

Summary: Toys Love is an amateur fetish site with some hard-core content. Videos shot in hi-resolution, thousands of images and video clips and it's all 100% exclusive.

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J C, 2005-03-03

Amateur, 18-23, Fetish, Hardcore, Lesbian, Movies, Videos


Intro promises

"...where toys get all the LOVE"

"All 100% Exclusive. All First-Time Amateurs. All Video Shot in Hi-Res 24p Mode. 1000s of Images and Video Clips"

First impression

For being shot in 24p, the images I'm seeing in the previews aren't all that impressive. The site design looks rather bland as well. I've seen plenty of sites that look better in the tour than they turn out to be. I wouldn't be surprised if this situation is just the opposite and I come out of this with a better attitude towards the site.


Our opinion

The main page is basically the tour page all over again, except this time you have working links. They even include the "Free Samples" section. Basically you can consider this the most recently updated section. I think. There are no dates to really confirm this theory. Each scenario is given a description and six widely different thumbnails. You get a very good idea of what the scene will be like before you even start through this. There are also links to the video and picture sections of the update.

Actually, this system turns out to be a bit better than the models index. They're all in the same order and contain the same links, but you only get one thumbnail to help you decide, as opposed to the six from the main page. Currently there are twenty episodes to choose from, so it's no hassle clicking through those three main pages of previews inside or scrolling down the one page model index. The site is rather simple and effective. You have the links to the videos and to the pictures. It's all presented in an extremely straight-forward manner. The site also makes it very easy to find what you're looking for by linking the same content in several different sections of the site. What I mean is that you can access the stuff through the main page, the model index and through either the picture or video index sections.

Each girl's pictures are divided up, when appropriate, into different sections for each toy used. There's no view all function, but each toy's set is complete unto itself so it doesn't matter. The pictures are laid out with fifteen on each page for however many pages it takes. Click on a pic for a larger version. The only navigation option available once you've done that, however is to go back to whence you came. That's very disappointing.

The pictures themselves are rather dark, so make sure your monitor's brightness setting is a little higher than usual. They're also very repretitive. You'll often see a string of five pictures or so that look almost identical. Save them and print them and it would make a nice flipbook. The other bad thing about the pictures is that they are merely video captures. That accounts for the dark, muddy look and the enhanced pixelation. The only good thing they could be good for is a primer as you wait for the massive videos to download.

The videos are much better. They are some of the highest quality I've seen. It'll take a long long time to download to your harddrive, but it's worth it. They don't look as muggy and dark as their still frame counterparts. That doesn't mean the lighting is perfect, but everything is crystal clear in the slightly drab rooms. To help the download speed a little bit, you can check a box to add the file to a zip file. This is a great feature that should be utilized in many more sites. It'll take a while for this process to start and to finish, but at least it's a little faster.

The picture quality is amazing, but the sound leaves something to be desired. There are interview segments every once in a while. In these, you can hear the guy holding the camera perfectly fine, but it's not always easy to hear the girls' repsonses. At times, you may need to ride the volume knob to avoid blowing your ears out. Also, some girls are much much quieter than others during all the toy fun. You'll find yourself cranking the noise all the way up just to discover there is none. Ah well, that much can't be helped, I suppose. The best bet is to sit back and enjoy the crisp video, even if the camera work is a little jittery or wild sometimes.

Other areas of the site include an application form for all you curious young females out there. Also, you can read through the comprehensive FAQ page which talks about the site in general as well as technical info and common billing questions. I would have liked to see more about the toys themselves, such as close-ups of them, how they differ, how they work. A couple videos do this, but if you don't want to see that girl, you'll never know this information exists. Giving those uninitiated to the world of toys some more information before diving into the site would probably help. Maybe they should even include a shop for people to buy them (one of the very few times I would condone a shop).


The site, while not featuring the most girls in the world, offers a good variety. It's very safe to say that no two models look a like. There's some nice lesbian action here as well (with toys, of course). I would love to see some improvements made to the picture quality and navigation. Breaking up the videos into smaller pieces wouldn't be out of line either (especially if they keep the larger versions). My advice is to take a look at the tour pages and if there are enough girls you find attractive (there should be a couple already), then it may be worth a trial run.

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