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True Amateur Models review

Summary: True Amateur Models is a site put together by a guy named Ray. He isn't a professional photographer, but he loves hot amateur girls and taking pictures of them, and he isn't afraid to just walk up to the girls and ask for them to be on his site. The content features a lot of nudes and closeups, but some of the girls like to go farther. He's started adding HD videos regularly alongside his gallery updates, and with a big library, regular updates each week, and totally authentic amateur girls to share, his site is worth a closer look.

Score 80.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2013-06-10

Amateur, 18-23, Blowjob, Handjobs, Hardcore, High-definition, Movies, Photography / studio, Videos

720p, authentic amateurs, blowjobs, closeup, girl next door, handjobs, POV, solo posing

Intro promises

"100% Real amateur and exclusive nude modeling!"

- Real amateur girls
- High res photos
- HD videos
- Updated weekly
- Totally exclusive content

First impression

True Amateur Models does look truly amateur from their tour - a simple throwback design that could have been made ten years ago, images and clips that look made in someone's bedroom and living room, and girls who could have easily been picked up at the mall or grocery store or any other public place in the US of A.

The site has been around for a few years and is fanatical in its focus on real amateur girls, with no modeling experience or past in the industry. Ray, the guy who runs the site, doesn't seem to have any industry connections either - just a passion for real girls getting naked and putting that all in pictures and more recently on video.

We signed up to have a look around his members area to see what he's offering amateur lovers in 2013. Read on the full report.


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Our opinion

You don't need to turn on the TV or fire up your broadband internet to find hot chicks: they're all around you right now. Ray finds the everyday amateur girls all around him just about irresistible, and isn't the least bit timid in approaching them about getting naked for his website and maybe going further than that.

Real amateur girls posing naked, giving hand jobs, sometimes having sex

If you came to True Amateur Models because that's what you're looking for, you won't be disappointed. These are ordinary girls that you could run into at the mall or at the bus station - and in fact that's just where Ray, our pussy-loving host, met most of them. You can see a bit more about how they met Ray in their profiles on the site, but generally he just approached them on the street or in some cases, one of their friends told them about him and they got in touch.

Got in touch to do what? Mostly to get naked. Ray is gentle with the girls and respects them, and there's a lot of conversation as he gets them to settle their nerves and relax. He finds every one of them just perfect, and is eager to see them naked, and boosts their confidence with his lust for them.

A lot of girls will get nude, most will even let him do a lot of closeup shots of their pussies and really get their figure captured in the photos and videos. As tame as these updates can be, they are really exciting because the girl's temerity and innocence is so obvious and raw. Some girls are willing to do more - to masturbate for him, give him a hand job, a blow job, or even have sex while he takes pictures of videos it.

A tradition of photographer, but videos are important now too

Ray was all about photography for a long time then more recently he realized his members were crying out for video. He learned how to do it, and started uploading the results, but I doubt he'll ever "catch up" to his photography output. There were over 552+ picture sets at the time of my visit, compared to "just" 40 videos.

Amateur productions but HD quality

You can see the evolution of Ray's video skills if you compare his first attempts with modern updates. He's still just a one man shop, though, and the videos look like what they are: shoe-string budget movies made with decent gear in Ray's bedroom and living room. The lighting isn't professional and the camera work isn't artistic, but its well done and he's improved from using a tripod to doing a handheld shoot.

You can download his videos in 720p HD Windows Media files (5 mbits) that have a great quality playback. Some videos come in lower quality but usually still have a 1280x720 screen resolution.

Streaming movies is done in Silverlight, which is Microsoft's equivalent to Flash. It works perfectly fine but odds are that you need to install the Silverlight plugin to your browser just like you did when you encountered a Flash video in your browser for the first time. Not really a negative, but just letting you know.

His photo galleries have the same rawness as his videos, but are perhaps a little more professional and consistent in quality as he's had more experience and practice. The photographs open to 1600x1200 resolutions and look good. You can browse his gallery updates online but he doesn't have zip downloads for them yet.

Big collection and regular updates

For a one-man show, Ray has an impressive collection put together at True Amateur Models. He has worked hard to make it so, and still works hard every week. He puts up at least 1 new photo set each week, and 3-4 new videos get added every month, too.


True Amateur Models is a solid pick for those looking for an honest amateur site with real girls picked up off the streets of America. These are good looking girls, some who get nude, some who go much further, and Ray is a good host. The video downloads look good, the pictures look good, and he's always finding new girls to invite on and upload for his members.


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Total average: 76.9/100 Our score: 80.0/100

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Comments from other readers

Henry From Maine
2013-10-13 07:40:38

I am a current member to this website. They have a large members area, with a lot of amateur photos and high definition videos. I know that ever since I have had my subscription active (so far, has been 8 months) they always update every week, and sometimes even more than that. One thing about this website (and I have joined plenty of porn websites) that I find very interesting is that a lot of the models have content that was shot over a period of many years. My favorite model (Zoe) has over 2000 pictures that were shot over a 4 to 5 year period! She also has a video too, where you get to know her, as she does a lot of talking to the camera, laughing, being silly, modeling and spreading nude!

This particular model can be also be seen young, a few years older, shaved, hairy, with small tits, big tits and even 8 months pregnant! She also shot for the website 3 entire years later! The models must get along very well with Ray for him to be able to continue shooting them for so many years. The website also has a lot of brand new models that are added too. And sometimes, new models added week after week. This truly is an astounding and very unique amateur porn site.

If you are considering getting a subscription, I say go ahead and sign up, but you really should be forewarned, because you might just find your sister, girlfriend, wife or even your daughter on this website! The models really do seem to be very real and genuine amateur girls and I have no complaints whatsoever.

2014-02-16 08:43:51

VERY hot site and REAL amateur girls too!

2015-02-22 14:58:12

One thing worth mentioning s that this review isn't a new review, so the amount of content is much higher than at the time it was when this review was created. I signed up and the amount of videos is currently at

237 + Amateur And Exclusive Models
147,218 High Res Photos ( a MASSIVE amount of pics)
66 High Resolution Videos

True Amateur Models is also a site that only has real amateur girls, and not professional models trying to look "amateur". These are most definitely real amateur girls. There's not doubt about that, and many of them are pretty damn hot too!

There is also quite a bit of hardcore content on the site too. The only male on the site is Ray and he is the photographer, male performer and webmaster for the site. The guy has been shooting (and even as a full time job) for 12 years now. I personally like the guy and he has the right type of personality when interacting with the models. Everything just seems to come very natural to him when speaking with them. and he does a good job at the photography too!

True Amateur Models not only has the artistic modeling poses, but there are also a lot of up-close spread positions too! The pictures are also high resolution shots.

I recommend True Amateur Models to anyone that finds themselves being into the amateur niche of pornography, with an emphasis on amateur nude modeling. An extremely well run site and 100% real amateur girls!