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Watchers Web review

Summary: Watchers Web is a mature/MILF amateur, hard-core site holding tons of free pics and also amateur images and videos in the members section.

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Uli, 2005-09-13

Amateur, Hardcore, Videos, Movies, Mature / MILF


Intro promises

Hm, there's something different about this site: You can look around and see a lot of stuff without getting bothered with join - join - join - just $X.X! all the time. At first sight this is even a sort of free site - the Homemodels part alone has 500 (!!) picture series between 3 and 10 single pics free for viewing! The second free part, Voyeur & Exhibitionist contains nearly 130 series and the third free part, Website Amateurs, consists of 180 free series. The last free part, Fetish, still has 90 free series. Thats a grand total of more free pics than many other sites provide in their members area - and still no intro promises!

You shouldn't bite off more than you can chew, so here they are (found them under the title "Voodoo Lounge"): "Very Explicit Section, Voyeur Pics, Homemodels, Men, Revenge Shots, and the Cinema Extremely HARDCORE" and "Updated daily", "Real Amateur Homemodels - No Professional Models - Just your Wives and Girlfriends", "Real Amateur Couples - Husbands and Wives getting it on at home for you. No holds barred here", "Group Sex - Great Submissions from Amateur Parties, Orgies, Girl/Girl", "Real Hidden Camera - Genuine Hidden Camera Submissions", "Free Cinema - We don't charge you extra to see the Amateur Submitted Movie Clips included free", "Website Amateurs X - Our Famous Website Amateurs Section. The Hardcore Amateur Website Owners", "Studio Amateurs - Real Amateurs never seen Nude on the Web, with Pro Photographers included free".

What might be even more important is the hint that you can subscribe to the Voodoo Lounge as described above or to the Voodoo Lounge and all of the archives meaning you get anything watchersweb has featured from the beginning (since Nov. 1999) to present.

First impression

Well, when you checked all the free content mentioned above you might have gotten your own first impression - the only thing left open is the voodoo-lounge itself. It's like expected, like the free parts, but with lots more of hardcore-action and showing it all.


A big part of this site is free of charge!
Membership to the voodoo-lounge (hardcore content) is:

$29.95 / YEAR(!) voodoo-lounge only
$39.95 / YEAR(!) voodoo-lounge and archives

Payment processor is CCBill, all payments are non-recurring.

Our opinion

After teasing you so much it's now time to describe the character of the site. It is a sort of portal site featuring mainly amateur photos and photographs from amateur websites. There are updates on every day of the week except Sundays, mostly between 5 and 10 series in each (!) category mentioned above (yes, in the free parts too!). Each series contains between 3 and 10 photographs. All the pics stay about three weeks in the free parts of the site and are then transferred to the archives. The site claims these pictures are voluntary contributions by private people. It happens quite often that faces are not shown or blurred.

The level of most, well nearly all, of the content is definitely amateur - even seen from two different angles: The ladies (and the few men too) shown are everyday, next-door-type, amateur gals, some nice, some less, some lean, some average, some realy bbw, blondes, blacks, big tits, small tits, just any type of person you might imagine. Only the top-model type from the glossy mags is - nearly - missing - that's simply not what the site is about. The action shown is moderate in the free parts, but full hardcore in the member parts with even quite a lot of kinky stuff like bondage, piercings, pissing and so one.

There's a special thing with this site that you even notice on the free Watchersweb: The section "website amateurs" contains contributions of girls that run their own websites or are presented on - mostly - paysites. I knew quite a lot of those girls because I once was a member of their sites. To give you just some examples (without the intention of being complete): Corina Curves, Awesome Ashley, Wendy, Reba, several Southern Charms beauties, Juicy Jo, Lauren, Julia to name just a few. Just look them up yourself to get an idea. This part of Watchersweb/Voodoolounge looks a little bit like a TGP with the intention of just watering your mouth.

Most of the pictures are definitely amateur quality, some are blurry, some too dark, with a widely varying quality level between very weak (like VHS-vidcaps) to medium quality. There are rarely any high quality pics among them. Even the pics from other amateur sites imho seem to be a reduced quality and resolution level - I know the picture quality of some of those paysites featured on Watchersweb is definitely higher and the pics bigger. Since there are rarely any pictures above 640x480 pixels resolution I suppose all contributions are scaled down to something close to this limit. The compression looks quite high to me - there are nearly no pictures with sizes above 100 kB, the average might be 50-70 kB. Most of the picture look like the quality typical on the internet a few years ago or done by weak cameras. In the age of 5-7 megapixel cameras and even cell phones providing more than 1 megapixel I expect something different from this - especially on paysites!

The "cinema" the site provides (there are a big lot of movies available) are very comparable to the picture series of the member parts: all varieties of amateur action (soft- and hardcore), playing up to several minutes, but again with mostly weak quality (small, low datarates). Their size is seldom more than a few megabyte. Most is wmv-format, but there are several avi's (DivX) among it.

The voodoo-lounge has some more benefits: There's no need to describe the archives - these are simply old watchersweb sites, just beware there is an extreme load of stuff that might cost you a lot of time! Second benefit are the so-called "studio-amateurs". These are obviously professionally taken photos with better posings - but even these pics normally do not reach the quality even some amateur sites have nowadays: The pictures have up to (sometimes) 600x800 pixel resolution, but most times less. There are more than 300 sets available with up to 20 pictures. After all, this is a nice bonus, but no one will subscribe to an amateur site because of these pics. Next part is a "men"-branch with male contributions. This stuff is comparable in quality and action to the rest of the site (except these are of course featuring males only) but not in quantity. It's not a gay site.

I consider the last benefit to be a very nice idea: There are monthly contests between all contributions finding out which ones get to be the top voted. The winners get a donation of up to $400! The nice side-effects this has is that not only are people encouraged to send in good contributions but also that the site member can easily browse series that were liked the most by others!

Ah yes, browsing! The site is not a magic moment of web design, but easy to handle and working well. The preview function ("quick") is good. The pictures in one series open on a normal site below each other - nevertheless I like the fact there are no java-gimmicks! The pictures are downloadable easily, but the movies ain't. I hope this function will get implemented soon.


Well, just have a look yourself to see whether you like Watcher's Web! Seriously, the enormous free parts of this site give everybody the chance to check out thoroughly whether this site is worth a subscription for him/her. We have been asked several times to check out free sites - well here is your answer!
Secondly I would also recommend anybody being interested in amateur stuff to give this site a try (its free parts of course!) And thirdly I find the feature "website amateur" very interesting especially for surfing novices, because you can easily collect a lot of interesting links with example images. If you like the contents and want to subscribe, my recommendation is a subscription to both voodoo-lounge and the archives - the lots of content justify the higher price with ease!

Because of the big free parts, the even bigger member parts and the low subscription price this site has an extremely good price/content ratio - cheaper than free is not possible!

On the other hand it has its drawbacks too: Mainly there is picture quality and picture size. Picture sizes of 480x600 pixel are no longer state of the art - even amateur photographs and normal average people nowadays can easily do better. The site could reach a _siginificiantly_ better rating by improving this, using full quality contributions from the other web site girls and encouraging amateur contributers to submit better quality photos. Even if the subscription price would need to rise because of this I consider this the way to go.

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