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WD Girls review

Summary: WD Girls offered a unique experience with really, really drunk girls. They go around drinking and partying, and on the way get trashed enough to do some crazy things like pissing in public, making out and having sex with each other, showering together, then passing out or vomiting. The content quality is excellent, though download options are limited. Updates are daily. It's a narrow niche but if you're into real drink shenanigans with amateur girls, no site delivers as well as WD Girls.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2012-01-27

Amateur, 18-23, Softcore, Lesbian, Butts, Fetish, Reality, High-definition, Videos, Movies, Other

authentic amateurs, drunk girls, European girls, flashing, party, peeing, public nudity, puking, vomiting, voyeurism

Intro promises

"Real amateur girls drunk"

- 100% drunk
- 100% original content
- 720p HD (1280x720 resolution)
- Over 120 gb of video
- Daily updates (since Dec 2011)

First impression

WD Girls (Wild & Drunk Girls) has a picture of a passed out girl in the banner of their homepage. She is half naked - in her bra, but her panties are pulled down around her thighs - and a total mess. It's been a hard night for her, and looking over the many, many scenes in this site's library, it looks like most girls end up going through something similar.

The focus on this site is on amateur girls drinking and getting really, really drunk. No acting. The girls really do get hammered together and end up doing some ridiculous things that, while drunk, seemed like great ideas: pissing in public, flashing, making out with their girlfriends, masturbating and more. The boozing usually comes with consequences that can include vomiting.

I signed up for a pass to get a look at their movies, promised in 720p HD, and to see just how far they take this drunk and wild concept with their pretty amateur models. Read on for the in depth review.


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Our opinion

Want to spend a night with a few pretty girls getting their drink on? I'll warn you, they drink, but thankfully you're not the one that cleans up the messes they make. This is a unique site that sits you down with a few good looking girls while they chat, drink, get wasted, then do inappropriate things like piss in public, touch and have sex with each other, and even vomit before passing out. I doubt they'll remember the night, but you will. A membership gets you through the door with unlimited access to all of their videos.

Really, Really Drunk Amateur Girls
On most of the 'drunk girl' sites I've been on, the drinking isn't all that intense and for the most part the girls just act drunk to make the hardcore sex more exciting. Forget all of that - WD Girls couldn't be more different. The site really does get their girls trashed, and there isn't any (or very, very little) hardcore. You spend most scenes sitting down and drinking with the girls, then watching as they stumble through the night and do crazy things, progressively more out of control, until they finally crash, puke, and pass out. The girls are Eastern European amateurs in their 20's. They look good and are definitely true amateurs that have been persuaded by a wad of cash to get wasted on camera.

Some Nudity, Some Lesbian Sex, Mostly Drunken Buffoonery
WD Girls scenes feature nudity and lesbian sex, but not really any boy girl hardcore. Most episodes are 2-4 girls hanging together and drinking hard. They might flash tits in the bar, on the street, pop a squat and pee in public, or let us watch them piss in the bathroom. When they get really hammered they start making out or masturbating (themselves or each other). It's not just about the sexy moments, but the entire drunken party night - hanging, watching them lose control, eventually seeing them coiled up half naked on the bathroom floor, etc. It gets pretty out of hand, and it's definitely a niche interest. If you're into this sort of thing, you will not find a better site for entertainment.

720p HD Video downloads
I was surprised to find such great quality video here - the sort of drunken, softcore/lesbian amateur content usually isn't in HD. WD Girls have delivered a fine quality download though. It's an MP4 download with a 1280x720 screen (5+ mbits) and crystal clear image quality.

Limited Download Options, No Galleries
There is just one other download format besides the HD. It's a WMV file with a 720x576 screen (1.6 mbits).

Daily Updates
The site updated weekly for years but since Dec 2011 they've increased the updates to every single day. That means new footage every day and a growing archive of past updates to explore and revisit.

Large Library
The site is quite large and today has over 300+ original videos to download and enjoy. I'm quite certain this is the largest original, HD collection of real drunk girl content of its sort.

Members Area Isn't Pretty But Has Good Navigation Tools
Although it isn't all that pretty, the members area is pretty well done. You can filter the list of thumbs/descriptions/downloads by what they might contain: piss, vomit, masturbation, wasted, shower, lesbian, drunk, sleep; you can limit videos to specific models. Speaking of models, most girls do a few videos in a row, though they aren't necessarily sequences - each video is a new night out, etc.


A truly unique drunk girls site that offers a whole experience, and in 720p HD.

WD Girls really does have wild and drunk ladies for you spend the night drinking with in HD. The scenes focus not only on nudity, pissing and masturbation/lesbian sex but also on just hanging with the ladies as they get trashed and lose control. They do some wild things and it's fun to be a part of the adventures. If you're looking for hardcore drunk sex, this isn't the collection for you, though.


As I mentioned in the review, there really aren't other drunk girl sites quite like this one. Most of them are more focused on either the public nudity part, hardcore sex than just boozing and being wild. That being said, you'll still want to see if the content on these competitor sites is your sort of thing.

Drunk Sex Orgy offers... the name says it all, doesn't it? Club sex with drunk, hot European girls!

Dancing Bear is about all-girl groups partying and hiring a bunch of hung male strippers to play with.

Real Slut Party is a Mofos network site with 1080p HD videos of college-aged girls out partying, drinking and having sex with, well, everyone.

Real Drunken Girls is the final site to visit on our list, also featuring lots of hardcore but also lots of drinking.


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