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WD Girls review

- 1st revisit

Summary: WD Girls is a large and growing site with over 740+ clips of amateur girls pounding down shots, getting wasted, and doing irresponsible things like flashing and peeing in public, puking in the house, and stumbling around drunk and half naked before passing out. There's some lesbian teasing and other erotic content tied in but mostly the scenes are about getting fucked up and doing stupid things with hot girls. They have a new members area, new media options, and a great collection of authentic drunk girl content available here.

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Jerry Fritz, 2013-03-06

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authentic amateurs, drunk girls, European girls, flashing, party, peeing, public nudity, puking, vomiting, voyeurism

Intro promises

"100% Drunk"

- Daily updates
- No download limits
- Real amateurs
- HD Quality
- Streaming

First impression

A dark haired college girl, topless, in nothing but her panties, lays sprawled face down on the floor with empty bottles around her; this is the image that welcomes us to the WD Girls - Wild & Drunk Girls - website.

You can look through some of their content and they quickly point a few important things out to us: these are real amateur girls, the girls are really getting hammered while you watch the scene, and while drunk they get some crazy ideas into their heads: letting the camera watch them pee, going out in public naked to flash, making out with the other drunk girls they are hanging with, masturbating, or just drinking so much they puke and pass out on the bathroom floor.

When it comes to drunk girls, they don't get any more inebriated than they do here.


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Our opinion

Think you can keep up with girls who like to party hard? Find out. The scenes here pluck real amateur girls 21-23 years old from campuses and day jobs and invite them for a fun night of unlimited boozing. Shot after shot is poured down and the ideas they come up with degenerate accordingly. For fans of fun drunk girl content with a bit of nudity and humiliation, WD Girls is a fantastic pick. They've also just completed a total makeover of their members area.

These girls get wasted!

The site isn't called Wild and Drunk for nothing, and the amateur girls in the scenes do themselves proud. They know how the party, they know how to drink, but apparently they don't know when to stop!

Most of the time there are one, two, or three girls, each 21 to 23 years old, together in someone's apartment and several bottles of hard liquor. Essentially you are pulling up a chair at the table as they start to drink, pouring down shots and drinking beers until the bad ideas start to sound like good ones.

They really drink in these scenes, and they get REALLY drunk. No acting, no faking it, these girls get smashed!

Nudity, peeing, vomiting, and drunken shenanigans

The site doesn't have any sex, this isn't like that. Instead it documents the crazy ideas the girls have - like going out and flashing their tits in the bar or on the street, or peeing in public when their bladder can't last long enough to make it back to their flat. When they get really drunk clothes do tend to come off, though. Friends start kissing and touching each other playfully but with no real sexual intent behind it (no all out lesbian sex). But they get topless, even totally nude, usually when they're at the stumbling around with their eyes half closed stage of the night. They get sick, puking on the floor or into the toilet. Girls pass out in the bathtub with nothing but a wet towel to cover them so they are at least moderately decent. It's fun to see how the girls get once the booze kicks in, to see that change happen on camera, and then to follow behind them in the wake of erotic destruction they leave behind them.

720p HD but they've added more downloads

They used to offer just a single 720p HD MP4 download (1280x720; 8 mbits) but they have now added a second SD WMV download as well. The new WMV opens to a 720x576 screen (1.5 mbits) and has a good quality playback. Both downloads are for the full length clip, which runs about 5-10 minutes long.

They also have a streaming video option now, a Flash video embedded right into the members area that looks great. The embedded screen size is about 640x360 pixels.

Large library and daily updates

They have 740 clips online at the time of my visit and they add 1-3 new clips each day. Several of these clips make up one night of boozing, but unless you've been a member for 2 months in a row, you can only save the video in clips. Once you're an established member with 2 months of subscription, they make a full-length download of the movie available the day the first clip is uploaded. A new event is added probably once a week or so, as from 5-10 clips make up one night out with a girl or girls.

New members area is great

One of my only criticisms during my last visit was that the members area here left something to be desired. They were listening, I guess, because they've remodeled and the new members area is great, starting with good organization.

They've got some great filters for narrowing down your clip search, and I think these do a good job of foreshadowing what you're in for with some of these scenes: piss, vomit, masturbation, wasted, lesbian, drunk, smoking, and spitting.

They've also added some bonuses, like headshots of girls they are in contact with and trying to get to do a drunk scene with them. Bonus videos are only available to members who have been subscribing for three months in a row.


These girls get hammered, naked, horny, and ultimately sick before passing out after a fun night of authentic boozing!

WD Girls is really unique, and they don't mess around: these girls really get hammered as you watch and entertain from start to finish. With the recent redesign and addition of new media options they are on a great path. When it comes to authentic drunk girls, this is the place to be.


There aren't really many sites out there with this sort of real drunk girl content. Some sites might interest you though, as they star girls who like to party, drink, and fuck.

Drunk Sex Orgy is the extreme take on this niche, with 50+ people in a closed-door rave, boozing, dancing, getting naked, and having sex with multiple partners. The videos are available in 1080p HD and they have a large library.

Real Slut Party is a slightly tamed down event, more amateur and authentic and not overproduced. Cameras turn on in clubs and house parties where girls drink too much and have sex in front of their peers. This site is also available in HD and comes with network access as a bonus. The girls are mostly big breasted amateurs, but there are some porn stars too.

Real Drunken Girls is the last and most similar site I can recommend to you, full of a lot of hardcore sex as well as drinking.


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