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Wife Bucket review

Summary: Wife Bucket is a very large site full of user-submitted and homemade amateur porn videos and pictures. The focus is on married couples, wives and swingers mostly in their 30s and 40s. The movies are all very amateur and very hardcore - there's things like anal, orgies, DP and messy cum facials as well as various fetishes and kinks. New content is added daily, but only the best of what's been submitted by the fans. Media options aren't the best but with these sites they never are. Aside from a poor members area design the site offers quite a lot in a subscription.

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Jerry Fritz, 2012-05-24

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Intro promises

"Over 100,000 Real Amatuer Housewives Getting Fucked!"

- Hardcore, Solo & "Odd and Fun" pics/videos with real housewives
- 2,800+ Videos
- Daily updates
- 100% Real submissions
- Hand picked pictures/videos from submissions

First impression

Wife Bucket is a real amateur site featuring a curated collection of user-submitted porn movies and pictures. These are real couples fucking, sucking, masturbating and exploring some kink and fetishes together from the look of things. The site also looks a bit rough around the edges, but with these sort of raw amateur collections, I've begun to expect as much.

In this review I'll cover everything you might want to know about this site - its library, its media options, the sort of porn that's most common and how varied things can get, plus technical details.


Payment Processors:

Our opinion

Wife Bucket is only interested in real content. The amateur wives and husbands in the movies and pictures provide it, submitting it as a hobby and passion and not a ploy to make cash. These are couples who have found an exciting way to be together, exploring their interests in bed, alone or with other couples, and video taping it in the process.

A Very Large Collection
Size matters to the crew behind Wife Bucket. There were over 2,000 videos and 45,000+ images in the collection at the time of my visit, and they feature an untold number of different wives and husbands.

Real Amateurs, Real Hardcore
The majority of episodes and pictures are hardcore between couples: riding cock in different positions, closeups of penetration, anal sex, group sex, threesomes, blow jobs, cum shots and facials. There is also a fair amount of solo masturbation and exhibitionism - wives showing off their pussies while masturbating with sex toys or other objects, for example. You can also find fetishes of all varieties, though they are the occasional spice, not the core of the experience.

And you can rest assured these are real amateurs. I'd say the average age of couples is 30-40 years old, though you find girls and guys younger and in their college years, too. They aren't professional models, not by a long shot, and it's very obvious that they've made their movies and pictures themselves without any professional help.

Regular Updates
There are new galleries and videos added to this site every day. Apparently they are a bit selective, choosing only the best of the submissions to put online.

Limited/Average Downloads
The videos are Windows Media downloads with 400x300 screens (<1 mbits). These are organized into groups of 5 scenes each. They are sometimes related (sequences) and other times they will not be related at all. There is just this one download option - no other options and no streaming alternatives. The playback quality is good considering it's homemade porn, but you'll find quite a few videos that are a little too dark, or the camera work might be especially poor. That's part of the deal with homemade porn sites like Wife Bucket.

The picture galleries don't fare much better than the videos. You'll find photos of all different sizes and resolutions, most being fair to good in quality but rarely any better. Like the videos, images are grouped together into galleries but one photo isn't necessarily related in any way to the next.

Poor Navigation
The navigation at Wife Bucket leaves a lot to be desired. They have two categories they organize videos into so far: Arab Videos and Swinger Videos. I'm not sure how helpful these categories end up being. In the end you just have to page through thumbnails until something looks interesting, then download it to see if it is. Unfortunately the thumbnails aren't always very helpful in selecting content.

Inside the photos area there are a few more categories that are more helpful - swingers, interracial, hardcore wives, posing, etc.

Links to 3rd Parties, Distractions in Members Area
After paying for access to a site, there aren't many things I dislike more than finding adverts everywhere. On the left hand side of the page is what looks like a list of categories to browse by, but these link to a third party site unrelated to the content - and it feels like an intentionally misleading ploy. There are large banner ads and blind links throughout the members area as well. It's a rather abusive way to treat paying customers, to be certain.


The user submitted porn videos and pictures are very hot, but the site itself needs to be improved and to fix its misleading links and advertisements.

I try to stick to the porn in reviews, as it is the pictures and videos that are most important, but at Wife Bucket I was really annoyed by the ads and misleading navigation links. No paying customer should have to put up with that. Forewarned, you'll be spared some grief and can go straight to the library of porn, though. The porn is good, real homemade smut that delivers on its promises. This site is far from a bad deal, but it does have a crummy members area.


There are a growing number of sites using real user submitted amateur porn, so you've got plenty of window shopping to do yet before you pick one site.

My Sex GFs focuses on 18+ college girls in homemade porn videos and nude pictures, but is a very large site that includes network access to more sites just like it.

Watchers Web Blue is a mega site with a strong community that upload the pics and videos themselves. They've been online since 1998, and it's probably an ideal site to investigate if the concept at Wife Bucket turned you on.

And then there's the one who started everything: Homegrown Video. They have a MASSIVE site with all sorts of of hardcore, solo and lesbian content in real user made and submitted videos dating back to the 80s! Updates are constant and the quality here is very good for the niche.


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