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World Wide Wives review

- 1st revisit

Summary: World Wide Wives has a free section with daily updated amateur submitted pictures. Their pay section contains explicit images and videos as well as a communication network for swingers and adventurous couples. The updates are plenty, with an incredible amount of new content added every day. Every single person I saw in here looked real and didn't have a porn star look to them. I'm impressed with this site, and I'm sure if you're a voyeur, an exhibitionist, or both, you'll be impressed with this site as well.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2009-09-17

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Intro promises

- Ability to contact 200,000+ members
- Almost 4 million submitted images
- Live one to one webcam chat
- Real people
- Almost 60,000 amateur videos
- Exclusive hardcore content

First impression

World Wide Wives has been online since 1999, so you can expect to see a lot of horny and kinky wives showing just how lucky their husbands are at home! You'll see all kinds of wives - from young wives to sexy MILFs, and from petite wives to BBWs. No matter what they look like, however, they do have one thing in common: their exhibitionist sides. And for voyeurs like you, what could be better than seeing amateurs showing all their naughty bits? Plus, not only do you get to see sexy naked babes, you also have a chance to meet with them and have some up close and personal times with those naughty bits you've been admiring!


Payment Processors:
CCBill, parcel post

Our opinion

Upon entering World Wide Wives, you definitely have the feel of a site where amateurs can hook up with other kinky amateurs. Judging from all the thumbnails that greet you, you'll also feel right at home in that these are real people - people you can find next door. The thing is, you just never know what goes on behind closed doors, so if you think that demure housewife who lives down the lane only likes the missionary position and wouldn't dream of having sex more than once a week, guess again. You may find her on this site, doing all kinds of hardcore and kinky things!

Anyway, back to the home page, you'll find the latest uploads, random profiles, Wife of the Month under Freeview and Hardcore, as well as the video of the month, and a link to the live webcam chatroom. Here, you can talk with (via microphone) and view (via webcam) other members of World Wide Wives. You can also show off too via your own webcam. There's also a handy feature on the main page to let you find the type of potential playmate you're looking for, letting you search via sex, type of encounter, and geographic location.

The navigation menu is along the side and seems simple enough. Your choices for content are under Freeview, Hardcore, Video, Willies, and Shots. There are additional menu options of your profile, messages, monthly competitions, and a sex shop.

Speaking of content, there's plenty of it here. "Freeview" being a major part of the site - this is the free part as its name implies, where you can see dialy updated photos submitted by amateur couples. There is no explicit action though. By signing up, there's a ton more content inside the members' area. You'll see all the hardcore user submitted videos and images, as well as being able to contact and possibly meet over 200,000 users, and live one on one webcam chat with fellow members. So while the tour page is generous with their "Freeview" offerings, that's just the tip of the iceberg that's shown in its entirety within!

There are around 200 videos added during the month I was reviewing. (I was reviewing at the very end of the month, so this is probably the usual amount). The videos play in different sizes in WMV; the ones I saw were 320x240 and 500x374 (both sizes approx. 1.06 Mbps) and obviously depend on the equipment used to film it. Buffering, downloading, and streaming are very impressive, with no breaks in streaming, and the videos started up fairly quickly.

Considering these are all amateur submitted, the videos are very good quality, though I do wish they'd play in a larger screen. Additionally, there's a lot of variety to the videos: solo masturbation, hardcore fucking, bdsm, girl on girl, food play, interracial fucking, and more.

The photos open to various sizes, such as 600x758, 600x801, and 600x904 pixels. To say that there are a lot of pictures in here is an understatement. This is because updates are incredibly frequent. Under "Freeview," 20 mini galleries are uploaded every day, except Sundays. "Hardcore" contains 10 uploads every day, except on Sundays. On Sundays, there's one gallery of around 10 pictures in both "Freeview" and "Hardcore." Otherwise, the galleries usually contain just a few pictures and have no zip download or slide show option available. "Willies" contains 6 new photo galleries of cocks (see, even the men get to show off), while "Shots" lets you select the parameters of the categories you want to search for and view.

One of the videos I watched consisted of a cute looking MILF, teasing the camera with her big natural boobs. Another clip I saw showed something a little different from the usual porn; this one was a short clip of a woman's breasts being shaken from side to side in slow motion.

To see how the site handles bdsm, I watched Sub Christina getting fucked anally, all the while her lover took clothespins off her inner thighs and nipples. She also helped her pleasure along with a vibrator. While the first part of the video didn't include any close ups, the second part did, showing excellent shots of anal sex and how wet her pussy was. The bad thing about this video is that it was heavily edited and you didn't get to see her cum. This is when I started to realize there's something different about her video. I found out just what that difference was when I read the short, little message at the end of Christina's video; the message was so quick I had to rewind to see it. It contained the url of where to find the rest of the video. Then, after poking around briefly on her personal site, I figured out that Christina submitted the video as a preview of the videos on her own website - so if I wanted to see the complete video, I had to purchase an additional membership. That was disappointing.

Most of the videos I saw were around a minute in length, but then I started finding videos that were much longer (and complete, unlike sub Christina's). One video I watched was around 10 minutes in length, and they also had a second part to it. It showed the episode in its entirety, unlike sub Christina's. Other videos I saw ranged from around 30 seconds to over 11 minutes in length. They all seemed complete and didn't try to sell you an additional membership.


I give high marks to World Wide Wives. The updates are plenty, with an incredible amount of new content uploaded 6 days a week. (They rest a little bit on Sunday, but still update). The quality of the content is very good, considering this is an all amateur site. Additionally, navigation is easy, despite the ton of content. As to the amateurs themselves, they're all very real looking and very kinky. They don't mind showing what fun their bodies can, and do, have. I'm very impressed with this site, and I'm sure if you're a voyeur, an exhibitionist, or both, you'll be impressed with this site as well.


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Comments from other readers

2012-10-14 17:31:56

Personally, we don't recommend joining this site.
Me and my lady signed up for their free membership, and even uploaded a starter gallery of about 8 pix. We were soon bombarded by friend requests from other members, (most of whom didn't meet our friend criteria) even though our profile CLEARLY stated what we were looking for.

We soon discovered several glaring issues with World Wide Wives:

*A FREE membership gets you NADA! You must have a fully paid membership to be able to do simple things such as: View the FULL SIZED photos that others have posted, (Free members are limited to thumbnails, and a request to buy a membership) Edit YOUR OWN photo galleries, (Remove/Rename or rearrange photos) Browse photo categories, Or attach a photo to an E-mail to another member. But, I guess our biggest problem with WWW was the fact that they expect members to PAY to view content that WE THE MEMBERS ARE PROVIDING! We could understand if they offered completely free, or discounted memberships for members who uploaded their own stuff, but NOGO!

When we changed the wording our profile info to warn others of their SCAM they completely removed our "About Us" section containing that wording, and blocked us from viewing the site...

But we were able to view the site from our other computer and found that our profile (with no info) as well as our gallery was STILL THERE!