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World Wide Wives review

Summary: World Wide Wives is a sort of picture post where amateur couples can submit their own naughty pictures and possibly find like-minded couples. There's a free section as well as a larger members-section. Quality of the content varies greatly due to the nature of the site, but overall most of the couples seem to be genuine exhibitionistic amateurs.

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Score 75.0 /100
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Joseph, 2008-02-11

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Intro promises

Keeping the Internet horny since 1999!

- More than 1,000,000 high-res pictures and 6,000 movie clips
- Over 500,000 profiles from sexy MILFs all over the world

First impression

Online since 1999, World Wide Wives presents member-submitted hardcore and softcore content, making itself one of the world’s few truly amateur porn sites — there is no professionally shot content of any kind on this site, which has amassed quite a sizeable collection of user-submitted pics and videos, all sent in by housewives from around the globe.

Since these housewives really are amateurs, they run the gamut of extremely attractive to somewhat hideous. Also, I get the impression that some of these “amateurs” are using the site to promote their various business ventures, like selling used undergarments and whatnot. Still, this may be the only truly amateur wife site on the net, thus it scores huge points for that reason alone. But does it score huge points for anything else? Let us take a look at World Wide Wives and find out.


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Our opinion

Honestly, I thought the navigation for World Wide Wives was kinda shitty. There is so much content here and, unfortunately, it’s all very loosely organized, which makes finding smut on this site akin to looking for a specific item at a flea market or garage sale. Or, to borrow a cliché, finding certain things here is like looking for a needle in a haystack… that’s filled with needles!

The photos are divided into various sections: there’s a hardcore section, which is referred to as "2," "Plus," which is the softcore area of the site and contains nude pictures, "Shots," which contains a smorgasbord of stuff, and "Willies," where regular Joes post pics of their cocks (I guess this is where the wife premise is abandoned). There’s a lot of overlap between these categories, meaning you’re likely to see photos of women posing naked ‘n’ spreading in the hardcore section for no good reason. Sigh. I really wish the makers of World Wide Wives would address the flaws in its navigation, though I can understand why they may not be itching to redesign the entire site and move all of this shit around — it would be a massive undertaking.

Since all of the content on World Wide Wives is provided by its members, the site is set up like a community. In other words, each member has a profile which not only contains the person’s uploaded material but can also be used to contact or befriend the person — think of World Wide Wives as MySpace for swingers (I don’t know for sure, but I would imagine many members use World Wide Wives as a platform for meeting folks to fuck). You can also search through your favorite member’s postings and learn more about the person from reading his or her profile details. You also have the option of joining the fun by sending in your own photos and videos! Hey, you may win three hundred bucks for your submission or even meet some swinging swingers to fuck later!

It’s easiest to send JPEGs in, so it should come as no surprise that the bulk of the material found on World Wide Wives is made up of photos. The photo section is updated daily (sometimes multiple times a day!) and contains over one million pictures. Unfortunately, the makers of World Wide Wives add their own stupid captions to all the photos, which is kind of a drag. The pictures range in quality from rather poor to very good — the quality of each pic depends on the quality of the camera used to take it. Some of the sets do look more professional than others, which lends some credence to my theory that some members are using this site to promote their own sites. All kinds of smut can be found in the picture sections of World Wide Wives, from straight one-on-one fucking to group acts. Sadly, members can only send in a few pictures at a time, so most sets are somewhat small and feel incomplete; thankfully, most members get by this grave oversight by sending in bigger photosets in pieces.

World Wide Wives has videos dating back to October of 2004 and new ones are added to the site constantly. The movies are downloadable Windows Media files and, obviously, are very amateurish, thus the quality of these short clips isn’t the best. Still, they look fine and showcase the talents of many amateurs.

There are no bonus sites, but there’s plenty of additional crap, like a chat room, a message board, jokes, stories, etc. It’s all very exciting, I assure you. So very exciting…


Unlike most sites claiming to be populated by amateurs, World Wide Wives really is filled with amateurs! Obviously, the content is a mixed bag here, with some content being very good and the rest being, well, amateurish. But isn’t that part of the charm of a site like World Wide Wives? You’re darn right it is. World Wide Wives is most certainly the only true amateur wife site on the net.


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