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X-nudism review

Summary: X-nudism is an amateur site featuring teens and fetishes. You'll find high quality images and videos on this site with all content being downloadable.

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Uli, 2005-01-15

Amateur, 18-23, Fetish


Intro promises

(Just a selection:)
- A true world class nude beach site
- Hottest beaches in the world
- Attention! Nude sunbathers!
- Real nudism
- Real girls at nude beaches
- Hidden voyeur beach images and spy video
- Live shows
- Video collection

First impression

Well, the promises sound like a voyeur's paradise come true and the pictures outline that too. Having a full look around nude beaches and looking freely at all (nude) people there, that's indeed a stiff - and interesting - promise. Even more because the main rules on nude beaches are: "no photographs" and "no sexual actions". I admit when I first saw pics from this site on TGPs I really got curious about it. Although the free parts of the site do not have any downloadable or full size pics (something that could be improved), the thumbs look interesting enough to give the site a try.


Our opinion

The nice and colorful member's area design of this site plays a little bit with the colors that make you think of sunny beaches: blue and yellow. It has nice friendly fonts and gives a short overview of new content - looking a little bit like a portal site - professional work, well done!

The site offers five categories of content plus chat and three bonus sites. Three of these are beach-categories, two ain't (and thus wouldn't fit in the main theme, but read below). Each of these categories has a picture and a video part. The beach categories consist of "candid shots", "exclusives" and "hot", the other of "public" and "nude shows".

The "candid shots" are those pictures you normally find on hidden cam sites. They show just normal (naked) average people on the beach. I think those are "half-wild" naked beaches without strong regulations, somewhere in Eastern Europe, perhaps in Russia by the black sea, because there are people on the pics also playing around with cameras - something you won't see on highly organized mediterranean nude beaches. Most of these pics are imho not posed but "real life"-shots, partially even with people not knowing they were shot. The videos surely have been done with hidden camera. The shots do not tell any stories, they are just unstructured collections of different pics. The quality of these pics is varying a lot: There are some giant bitplanes among them with high resolutions and actual digital camera quality as well as others smaller screenshots from (also digital) video cameras. Many of them are interlace blurred (blurs in movements) (hint for the photographer: When capturing the pics, only take the odd or even lines from the picture and double its horizontal size afterwards. Thus you will avoid the interlace blur!). There are about 15 series of candid shots in X-Nudism with an average of ~50 pics.

But the main content of the site is not this candid-area - it's the exclusives. They have some things in common with the candid shots, but differ in some important aspects. Those shots always feature one, two or a few girls. They start showing the girl(s) come to the scenary, getting nude, lying around in the sun, playing badminton or playing other games, smoking, reading and so on. The girls are nice young ladies with (mostly) good and sexy bodies - and show it all (but no sexual action). These picture series are definitely posed, although the locations are real nude beaches. Do not expect any artsy shots like done by Petter Hegre or Suze Randall - playing with colors, lights, makeup and so on. No, this is just straightforward nudity. Nevertheless I consider the pics to be very nice and sexy. The quality is high (just that of an actual Olympus ;-) digicam) and I didn't find any spoiled pics among them. Their size is corresponding high (up to 960 x 1280 pixel) and up to stunning 900 kB. There are 142 series featured on the site with an average of ~60 pictures. Just calculate and you'll see you get a damn lot of stuff on this site!

The videos belonging to these series show just a part of the full shot - despite their size where each movie is more than 37 MB! They have been done in DivX and have the very good resolution of 720x576 and outperform most the stuff I've seen on other sites. There are also a big lot of them.

The "hard shots" (23 series) are quite similiar to the exclusive shots. They are also posed and feature mostly single ladies. They show a little bit of fumbling and here or there just the beginnings of masturbation. They were mostly done in the bushes aside the beach, not the open beach. Right until I had seen all of it, I tought that "Hard" was too much of a word for them, becasue they were only little bit harder than the exclusives. But at the end there are indeed a few stories with hard action, one with real fucking and a few movies. Nevertheless I consider this site to be a softcore site and without remarkable hardcore action. The quality of these pics is as good as the exclusives, perhaps even a little bit better, and the average size of the files is even higher. The videos are of corresponding quality.

The two categories left desert the main theme of the site: no beaches anymore! The "public shots" are just this: nude gals fotographed in public - well, nearly, because they mostly wear a coat to hide themselves from getting seen by people passing by. Ah yes, a coat but nothing else, and the coat gets fully opened in front of the photographer. The surroundings shown on these pics prove they were definitely taken in states of Eastern Europe, likely in Russia. The quality level and the style of the pics is comparable to the beach shots so they may have been taken by the same photographer.

The "nude show" are strip picture series. They are the only series on the whole site which have been taken indoor. The girls start clothed and get completely naked showing their bodies fully at the end. Nevertheless these are also softcore shots, although it wouldn't have been a problem to get much harder here. Quality and style, you already might have guessed it, correspond to all other series.

The chat contains imho recorded video shows - nice but nothing special. The three bonus sites only have sort of reduced picture sets from X-Nudism - no extra content, no extra value.

Anything that has to be said what hasn't yet been said? Site design is good and easy to handle. All contents are downloadable without any hassle. It was fun to visit X-Nudism!


No doubt, X-Nudism is a big and good site. You get lots of picture series and movies featuring nice gals shown with high quality pics with many single shots. I think, the intro promises do indeed get fullfilled and if you want to see nekkid girls on the beach lying in the sun, this is the place to come to. I don't regard the fact that only a small part of the pics are authentic and the biggest part are posed as a problem - but I find the themes of the series nice. But be aware that the site is nearly completely softcore! Well, I'm more a hardcore guy so I would prefer a little bit more "action" here or there and tend to get bored with softcore-only sites. This is not the case with X-Nudism, which I consider to be even for me an interesting picture site (although it doesn't always respect the privacy of other people - something I don't like that much). Nevertheless the decision how much hardcore is shown is up to the photographer and hardcore was neither promised nor announced.

As said the amount of stuff the site features is enormous and the quality is good. Thus the relationship between content and price is ok, so if this is the site of your taste, you can't do wrong in subscribing!

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