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Asian Nudes review

- 2nd revisit

Summary: Asian Nudes holds over 140 hours of teen Asian nudes to download, over 10,000 hi-quality pictures and updates done on a daily basis.

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Burton, 2012-06-15

Asian, 18-23


Intro promises

"More that 140 hours of Asian movies to download."
"New updates every day."
"Over 10,000 high quality pictures."

First impression

My first impression is that Asian Nudes will be easy to navigate and as long as it comes through with its promises (read on, though please), then it should end up being a slightly over-priced, but good site with Asian content. The home page is white with a red border and not too cluttered. There are five tabs at the top for browsing: “Home,” “Movies,” “Pictures,” “Bonus Content,” “Bonus Sites.”


Credit cards:
3 day trial: $4.95 (recurring)
30 days membership: $29.70 (recurring)
90 days membership: $70.20 (recurring)

Alternative payment methods: Per minute.

Our opinion

I have one huge problem with this site. The front page claims that they update every day. On the date of this review there has not been an update since 1½ months ago. In fact, in the small update section, there is a post that states: “Updated regularly so check back often.” An unwitting Asian porn consumer like myself is lured in by the promise of daily updates. In fairness, there could be an explanation for this; prior to the last update (browsing the movies that had been added) they were updating every day and then they just stopped! This could be for any number of reasons... maybe they are headquartered in the recently hurricane-battered areas of Lousiana or Mississippi. Maybe the webmaster has had some personal tragedy, causing his business to go on the back-burner. Who knows! There is no disclaimer on the site indicating as such. So... I am calling it like I see it. A second thing I would like to add is not so much of a problem as a disclaimer: you cannot download the videos directly from my preferred choice, Mozilla Firefox browser, you have to use Microsoft Internet Explorer browser (at least that is what I had to do; I did not try any other browsers.) This won’t be a problem for most of you because most people use the Internet Explorer browser.

The movies can be streamed or downloaded in small clips from anywhere between two to seven minutes in length. They are all in WMV format and there is a huge variety of content. There is gang-bang sex, solo-girl masturbation, girl-on-girl, girl-on-boy, lesbian sex, and blowjobs. One definitely does not feel cheated on the variety. The videos that I downloaded were 320x240 and were perfectly acceptable to view in full screen mode. I cannot confirm this, but I am convinced that all of the content on this site is not exclusive. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does remove any possibility of any intimacy about the site. It's just a good collection of hot Asian porn. The first video I downloaded was of a hot teenage Asian girl giving head and then getting fucked. She gagged on his cock and then she screamed almost as if she was in pain while getting fucked which was super-hot.

The picture section is divided in to “Asians,” “Latina,” “Ethnic,” “Mature,” “Teens,” “Fetish,” “Hardcore,” and “Lesbian” sections. I know what you’re thinking? “How does Latina relate to Asian content?” or something similar. I thought the same thing. The answer is: I don’t know. They do have a ton of Asian pictures, however, at a disappointing resolution of 476x835. The variety that the pictures offer is satisfying though, with nude, bondage, and hardcore sets. The other sections are, I suppose just a bonus, so I won’t take off points, but be advised that they are not too impressive either. Small resolution and the girls aren’t really that hot for some reason. I think it is all leased or purchased content and none of it has any personality. In sum, the picture section is a disappointment.

The Bonus Content includes some bonus video footage like a toilet voyeur streaming video feed and some other things. There are also some really lame interactive games. The Bonus Sites are Licka Licka, Kinky Lesbo, Slutty Mama, Jerk Him Off, Our Fuck Friends, and Bang Dolls. They all look like dispensable run-of-the-mill sites that are connected to lots of sites as bonus content. Trust me: if you're thinking of joining, don't let the bonus content make the final decision. Its all pretty lame and you won't spend much time there.


Asian Nudes promises way more than it offers and comes with too high a price tag to command any high marks. The only thing worth joining for are the 100+ hours of Asian movies, but they have stopped (at least for the time being) updating and my hunch is that you can get similar high quality Asian movies elsewhere, cheaper. They should also improve their picture selection with higher resolution pictures and add some more interesting features other than some lame bonus sites and video feeds you can find at any other site. Finally, I know that I keep mentioning the $30.00 per month price tag, but I find it arrogant to charge that much and provide such shoddy content in comparison. This holds back Asian Nudes in a big way.

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