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The Tigers Den review

Summary: The Tigers Den is an Asian personal/amateur site. There are 120 image series and videos that are in .MOV format with content being exclusive.

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Score 70.0 /100
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Uli, 2003-02-14

Asian, Amateur, Personal-Amateur


Intro promises

"Exclusive Asian Hardcore, Glamour & More, Diversity is My Trademark" - that smells like needing a proof! All those promises like "Call me bisexual, call me lesbian, call me hotter than a pistol" or "I'll go the extra mile to get you off" are sounding very fat to me - so fat that they are making me suspicious - especially when I can't find enough confirmation for that. The pics are too small and not enough to wipe out any doubt. And all other is simply words. On the other hand the girl on the title seems to be a real hottie - that eyes and landing strip in "V"-shape are a real temptation. I joined with mixed feelings.

First impression

"Nice site, but not really 100% knocking!" was my first impression after a short tour trough the member site. Especially the "me solo" part of the site is nearly completely softcore and I have also seen much
harder lesbian sex than what I noticed first on the site. There is no "Sex with males" link on the site.


1 month 14.95$ one time
1 month 12.95$ recurring
3 month 42.50$ one time
Billing service is GloBill.

Our opinion

Well, a review can't be done in five minutes and so I checked whole of the site and I noticed, the more and thorough I surfed the more pearls I found. At the end my impression was much better than at the

Lily and her (female) friends are nice Asian girls, with tender and tall bodies, nice black ;-) hair, (sorry, this is not a site for a blondes fan), perky titties and nice pussies - I already mentioned that "V" shaved on Lily's pubic hair.

The site features much more pics it seemed to me at the beginning. At the end I counted nearly 120 series with an average of about 40-50 pictures each. Many pics are done by quite famous photographers like
Tony Welzin, Shae Marks, D. Brian Nelson and so one - therefore most of the pics are well done and show a good professional level. There's only one point I do not like at all with these pics: Why the heck are they so small? An average size of ~400 to ~650 pixel with very few exemptions is simply outdated nowadays and not acceptable any more. What me hurts most is that many pics would be **much** hotter if they would had have a better resolution and less compression.

The contents and scenes shown have a wide variety. There are the "normal" strip pics like many sites have, but also pics taken at strip bars, the lesbian shots I mentioned already, quite a lot of fetish series, ranging from mild foot- and stocking shots to full bondage shots - even one shibari-bondage (japanese version of rope bondage) is among them. On the other side needs a site claiming full hardcore more real fucking, threesomes and so one, which is there but rare, as well as peeing scenes.

I counted 26 videos, all of them .mov-format. They play quite long and the scenes shown are hot. The quality reminds me to the pics - nice shots but compression to high and picture-size mid-range.

There is one more astonishing impression I had: Although Lily presents quite a lot of professional work, the site made an "amateur"-impression on me - amateur in a really positive sense: most of the picture series looked natural and not that stylish like many pics on glamour sites - I liked it Lily!

Last but not least the navigation: This must have been done by a real programmer, because he knew the KISS-principle (Keep it Stupid, Simple), meaning: the site is very easy and intuitive to handle - something I always regard as really positive, since many sites try to use a complicated navigation for blocking downloads or reducing download speed. But in one point it needs an improvement: I found it very difficult to find a series I had already seen again, because there is not enough description of the photo series. IMHO a thumb from the series plus a little text and perhaps naming the photographer might give the visitor a better orientation.

There is also a webcam, but I wasn't able to watch - us Europeans have some trouble with 8 pm PST.


A nice and recommendable site, especially for all of those who like nice asian girls. The price/content ratio is excellent. I hope that Lily will do some improvement in the future (bigger pics, more hardcore,
reworked navigation). That would make The Tiger's Den a real top site compared to others!


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