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Tokyo Whores review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Tokyo Whores is a an amateur fetish site with Asian content. With 10,000+ hi-resolution images, and downloadable exclusive Japanese bondage videos.

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Score 75.0 /100
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J., 2004-06-01

Asian, Fetish, Amateur


Intro promises

- Over 10,000 high resolution images
- Exclusive imported Japanese bondage videos and pictures
- Live girls
- Full length Asian movies
- Tongue bondage, shibari bondage, bukkake
- Downloadable movies

First impression

I must admit that I'm not blown away at first sight here. The layout looks pretty amateurish- black background with pretty low-res pictures and cookie-cutter formatting. I can certainly say that there is no lack of samples- you get a very good look at the type of stuff Tokyo Whores has for offer and it seems like they plan on living up to their promises on content. Lots of bondage and bukkake and whatnot.


Credit Card or Online Check (CCbill, Paycom), Phone

One month: $24.95 (recurs at $19.95)
Three months: $59.95
Six months: $89.95

One month (phone): $30.00

Our opinion

The amateur design continues in the members area with a grand total of over 20 seperate links. There may very well be a reason for so many links, but I have a feeling they could be consolidated somehow. And, of course, that doesn't include the handful of off-site links (read: advertisments) towards the bottom. This is certainly not impressing me.

The links include 7 "Exclusive Japanese Bondage" Galleries, which is where I'll start. In each these galleries, you'll find 9 sets of images that range in size from about 29-90 images per set. Each set has a thumbnail and clicking on that gets you to the thumbs page for the set, with 25 thumbs listed per page.

The photos in this section are, as advertised, Japanese women, usually in some sort of bondage and usually with a guy or solo. The images, I would guess, come from different sources, but overall I would say that the image quality is very good. The resolution isn't always high res (a lot are around the 600x800 level), but there are several sets at higher resolutions that look pretty nice. The quality of the photos is very high as well- most of them would fit well in a magazine, as they all seem like pretty professional shoots. Pretty good looking stuff in these galleries, especially if you're into Japanese girls, bondage or that weird breast torture stuff.

Some other links on the main page include "Whores of Thailand", "Hardcore Galleries" and "Real Asian Amateurs". These are laid out much the same way and, again, all have the varying image quality but with more varied content. For instance, you can find some lesbian sets on the Thailand section. Some of the sets in these sections contain many more images (though the number of images is unfortunately missing under the thumbs here), and it makes me want a "Go To Page..." option instead of just "Next" and "Previous.

The thumbs are all small, though, so it's not tough to load them one by one. The Hardcore Galleries have a different format- the image sets are seperated by content (i.e. oral, anal, etc.) instead of model.

This is a pretty nice system for these pictures, as there are tons of them here, though a sub-seperation by set would be nice so you're not going through all of them to find that one you saw in the thumbnail.

The Asian Amateurs section is smaller and has no thumbnail for the set, which is a little frustrating, but I imagine that will come soon enough.

Very convenient is the "Daily Updated Pictures" link, which shows you the images that were added on that day only. That way, once you've sifted through the archives, you can just check this every day and continue to be caught up (I assume). Only 10 pictures updated on the day I checked, but I'm not sure if that's normal or not. "
AsiaMistress's Galleries" has a lot of pictures of the same cute girl and the "Monthly Updated Pictures" which is either every picture updated thus far that month or an entirely different set that goes up at the beginning of the month. Again, I'm not sure which. "Archived Images" is another bunch of pictures of the same content and quality as in the Galleries. I'm not sure why these aren't part of the Galleries or some other photo section of the site, but I guess I can only assume that there's some reason for it.

The movies section is, as of yet, not very massive. There's only one movie update per month in the "Long Bondage Clips" section, and that's usually a 6-8 minute .ASF file (though on some you have to change the extension from .asx to .asf for some reason). The best resolution you'll find here is 320x240 at 298 kbps, which is nice, but not quite perfect for full screen viewing. While the videos are obviously from various sources and, therefore, of varying quality, there's not much here that looks bad. It's all the same Asian bondage and discipline stuff you've seen on the rest of the site and my major complaint is that there's only a sparse little explanation of the scene instead of a capture for a thumbnail. Oh, you can also find the Paris Hilton tape here if you haven't seen it before.

The Movies section is really just some samples from another site and there are a handful of third party general Asian streaming feeds from DVDtv in the "Streaming Asian Feeds" as a bonus.

Also as a bonus, you'll find some "Free Live Girls" feeds which you'll know, if you have some experience, aren't exactly free if you want a real private show. But at least it's there if you're interested. And then there's a section called "Hard Core Movies" which is just a list of filenames that, like the other movies on the site, can't be streamed but must be downloaded in entirety first. Why these videos are here instead of in one of in the other video section is, again, beyond me.


There is no doubt that Tokyo Whores has an amazing amount of photo content. If you're into Japanese girls, bondage and/or discipline, you'll find plenty you like here. The content is very good on average and there's plenty of it to keep you looking. My only complaints about the site are navigation-based. It needs a better, more professional layout to make paying full price a (primarily) photo site worthwhile, not to mention an intense overhaul of the organizational structure of the site- realistically, this site needs two or three sections instead of 20+. While I found that annoying, I know that Japanese bondage stuff of this quality is tough to come by, so if that's your thing, don't let the navigation stop you.

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