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Andrew Blake review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Andrew Blake has earned himself a place in the AVN Hall of Fame for his original and edgy work in erotica. The style is a blend of influences and styles - glamour, fetish, grunge, high end art with low end explicitness. The combination is hot and aesthetically unique and pleasing. You'll find a mix of nude art, lesbian sex and hardcore mixed in but unfortunately the quality of the video streams is not at the same level as the content itself. Given the unique style that Blake brings to the table his site is still worth a shout, but they really need to look at improving the media options and quality in 2013.

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Score 75.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2013-01-28

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Intro promises

"The home of award winning erotic artist Andrew Blake."

- Erotic videos and movies
- Porn stars
- Explicit erotica

First impression

Andrew Blake is an AVN Award Winning producer and Hall of Fame resident famous for his unique and edgy style of erotic porn. His work is quite different from what you'll see from other artists, directors and producers. Throughout his body of work you'll see an exciting combination of erotica, art, fetish, explicit sex and glamour merge into something totally its own.

This is Blake's official site where he offers exclusive galleries and videos he's put together plus an online boutique store and other features. How does Blake manage the site all his own? We were curious about that too, and signed up to have a look at some of the porn he's been producing for his site.


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Our opinion

Andrew Blake is in the AVN Hall of Fame for his quality of work, and on his official site you'll be privy to a great deal of it. His site is home to photos, behind the scenes content and his unique films. With regular updates throughout each week the site has a lot to offer, but does lack the sort of download quality one would expect from such a high caliber name and site.

Truly Original Style Erotica/Porn

In the adult world there are too few original voices out there, but Blake is one that truly has his own style. It's a very unique blend of high art and glamour with a much more gritty, explicit, and even fetish orientated type of sex. The way the girls are dressed up or have their hair/make up done looks like they are ready for some edgy photo spread in a top dollar fashion magazine. The girls that Blake work with often do more than just pose with their tops off, though. Things can get quite explicit, including lesbian sex and penetrations and boy/girl hardcore. All of it is stylized, though.

One example to share is a recent update starring Aria Giovanni, Tori Black, and Bobbi Starr. It's in a grungy looking apartment. Tori and Bobbi are having their way with Aria's big natural tits, squeezing them, biting them, slapping them, pinching her nipples. It's filmed in slow motion with an interesting musical sound track. It is at once rough and hard-edged, very sensual and erotic. All three girls are totally nude. In this scene they didn't do any fingering or explicit shots of pussy, though in others they do not shy away from such action.

High Quality Material, Average Quality Media Options

On the one hand, Blake's work is extraordinary in its quality - this is really premium, exclusive, original nude art and erotic content and it's produced under meticulous care and craftsmanship. Unfortunately on the website we don't get media formats of the same caliber. You can stream videos online in an embedded Flash video player in the members area and there are no permanent downloading options. The player does have Low, Med, High and HD quality settings to pick from and the screen size is pretty large (about 960x540) but the picture quality just isn't that great.

Picture Galleries Aren't That Great Either

I was so disappointed to find these high quality and artistic galleries were so low quality online. You can browse through the sets online, but they don't let you download galleries, and the images are not high resolution. Pictures open to 1024x576 pixels but the images are blurry, as if it is a smaller photo being stretched to a larger resolution and pixelating as a result.

Large Collection, Regular Updates

There were over 700+ videos and more than 500+ galleries online at the time of my visit. Each week about 5 new videos and 1 new gallery are added, but those numbers can fluctuate up and down. The site started in 1997 so I am a little surprised not to find more content here, given how often they update.

Members Area Is A Little Confusing

The site has a stylish layout unlike a conventional website. Everything you are looking for can be found but you need to recalibrate your brain to the way the site works. There is a basic search tool but no categories or organization beyond content being put in galleries or videos. Blake could really do more with his members area.

Limited but Nice Extras

You have a number of behind the scenes and bonus galleries to explore, included at no extra cost when you sign up. There are no bonus sites or bonus videos, however; there is a store but that is for shopping in, and you won't get any freebies from it.


Andrew Blake's erotic art is unique, edgy, and stars beautiful models but the site lacks quality in many important areas.

I really love Blake's work and so it is very disappointing to have his site offering such limited and mostly average quality media options. This content deserves to excellent quality media options! Though the downloads/streams and members area aren't up to it, the porn itself is unique and very good, so you'll still want to give Blake's collection a visit if you're into quality, artistic erotica and nude art.


The Russian photographer behind Fedorov HD has some great content to offer you as well. The media options there are significantly improved and he works one on one with all of his pretty models. He has a real connection with the girls, who seem to adore him, and that relationship comes out in the nude sets, which are very well put together.

One can't discuss erotica without mentioning the giant in the room: MET Art. More than a million photographs, thousands of beautiful models and babes from around the world, and archives full of exemplary erotic art and film to explore.

And I recently visited MC Nudes and really enjoyed what they had to offer - high definition video, high resolution galleries, very beautiful girls. The focus there is on softcore and babe content, so if you enjoy nude art more along those lines, MC Nudes will be a fine choice.


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Total average: 77/100 Our score: 75.0/100

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Comments from other readers

Andrew Blake/Studio A
2013-02-01 15:02:48

We are somewhat disappointed by your comments. In our opinion, the quality of the streaming is up to par, only varying because some of the films were shot in standard definition and others are in high definition. We think the current standard of judging sites on the quantity of the material not the quality of the content is a bit unfair these days. We would rather have a smaller library of beautifully shot and edited erotic material, then pages and pages of run of the mill, average looking down and dirty porn. That is not our philosophy or vision.
We can't understand your comparison of the work on to the work of Federov HD. Frankly, the two directors have nothing in common. Our films have highly stylized women, with beautiful, make-up and wardrobe in exotic locations, their site has women with no make-up and minimal wardrobe.
By the way, we are also in the process of becoming part of the Met-art network, so we anticipate some changes to the site in the next few months. Stay tuned!