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Doegirls Review

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Doegirls is new to the Lets Doe It network. They have added 39 videos since my last visit and they currently have 61 exclusive movies and high-resolution photo sets. They seem to add new content 2-3 times a week, and they have only been going since April 2020. This is one to keep an eye on.

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Summary: Here's a new, solo and hardcore site that gets really personal with home chats from the porn babes, private sessions filmed in their own rooms and a site that maintains the quality Lets' Doe It is known for. It is new and small but growing, it's a standalone site unless you opt to upgrade, but it's getting there, is fun, intimate and satisfying, and you get to meet some totally hot porn babes face to face through your screen. High quality, HD, exclusive and easy to use, it's one to look out for.

Luke, 2020-09-23

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Intro promises

- Exclusive European models
- HD streams and downloads
- Regular updates

First impression

DoeGirls is new. That's the first piece of news. It is a new site from the fabulous Let's Doe It network and features some of its top babes and pornstars in intimate scenes, solos and hardcore. As it's so new, it's still small but promises to update regularly, and membership comes with access to stream and download the exclusive videos on offer. You can opt to buy a mega pass for the network instead, but if you only go for DoeGirls, you'll find one site alone. It'll give you some horny one-on-one time with pornstars who are still working (from home and solo much of the time), the quality is perfect, and you can upgrade to the full network once you are inside.


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Our opinion

I can see how, these days, porn companies need to carry on working, but I can also see how difficult it is, what with social distancing and isolation. Lets' Doe It, however, has come up with the answer and it's twofold. The 34 models appearing at DoeGirls so far appear either in solos shot at their own homes, or they appear in duo scenes with guys that were made before the distancing measures came in (I guess). With both 'kinds' of movies, you get the same high-quality and highly sexy results, but with something extra. The girls give you chat and open up to you, so even if you're alone right now, you don't need to be as they are genuine, friendly and just that little bit slutty. Of course, when they introduce you to their toys and masturbation techniques. Things really heat up, and every 30-minute movie is guaranteed to get you off.

There are only 61 movies so far as the site only opened in April 2020, but these are exclusive, HD and come with good viewing options. They are neatly made. Even when the Doe Gils are at home and filming themselves, the quality is maintained, and you have clear visuals and sound. Movies are easy to find from the Videos list where you can arrange them in various orders, and they come with clear sample shots. Click through, and you find your viewing options. Let's Doe It offer movies right up to 1,920 x 1,080 HD, and streams and downloads come with mobile files, midrange ones and 720p HD too, with all files being Mp4. There are also descriptions of scenes and interactive functions on the viewing pages so you can let the girls know what you thought.

There's an excellent navigation system in use throughout Let's Doe It (the network) and the same applies here. The videos drop-down list lets you know what's new, most viewed, longest, etc., and a Categories page give you 17 different categories of porn. Okay, so with only 61 movies so far, you may not need that yet, but later, if you join the network, the category list comes into its own. There is also a model index with 34 babes you can check out, giving you another great browse tool, and each babe has more info on her own page. They also tell you a lot about themselves in the solo vids, so you really get to know them. If you like what you see on a Doe Girl's index page, you can click over to her other videos in the network, but to do that, you will need the upgraded membership.

There are no built-in extras here, and DoeGirls is still a fledgeling site but one that's probably going to snowball. However, if you want the full network access, you have two options. Firstly, you can sign up for and find DoeGirls included, and that will cost you $49.95 per month. Watch out, though, as when I looked into that offer and went to the join page, the text there told me I was only signing for DoeGirls, and there were two checked boxes to auto-sign me up Lets' Doe It at a further fee, plus one for You can uncheck them, but do you still gain access to the full network? That needs clarification. Secondly (and safer, I guess), is to upgrade once inside DoeGirls and wouldn't we all like to be inside one of these hot babes! You'll see an upgrade button in your members' area; simply click and go from there.


Obviously, the site needs time to grow and get established, but it's always fun being in at the start of something, and now's your chance to do that with DoeGirls. Its uniqueness comes from having embraced what's going on in the world and taking solo porn to the next level by making it ultra-personal while maintaining the fun, casual, chatty style of the babes, and of course, adding in the porn. Some hardcore is included, updates are posted, and you can upgrade to the full network for hundreds more excellent porn flicks if you want. Definitely, one to keep an eye on.


Lets Doe It is the network that this site comes from. As I can't think of any others that give you the same personal touch as DoeGirls, I thought you might want to know more about the network you can opt to have included in your membership. There are over 16 sites included here, with over 1,500 exclusive porn movies and their images, a heap of hot models and plenty of inventive and rewarding hardcore scenes. Lets' Doe It also gets into lesbian scenes, threesomes and some kink from time to time, giving you a wide variety of porn. Sites such as the famous White Boxx, Her Limit and A Girl Knows are all included, and updates are frequent. The company has also won many awards for its porn, and if you follow our links, you will find reduced price access offers meaning you can access the whole network for less than other porn hunters.


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