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Femjoy review

Summary: Femjoy is an excellent example of artistic nude photography done to a very high standard. Beautiful images, sensual video, and absolutely amazing models make this site stand out. The library is big and there are up to 3 new updates a day, every day. New videos get added in HD regularly each week as well. With plenty of ways to enjoy the site and its content, Femjoy is just a really nice pick overall.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2011-10-11

Babes, Photography / studio, 18-23, Softcore, High-definition, Videos, Movies

artistic nudity, erotica, European girls, glamour, natural breasts, nude photography, solo posing

Intro promises

- 800+ Additions per year (up to 3 per day)
- 180 Contributing artists
- Over 750 pure nude models
- HD nude films
- 3 New updates per day
- iPhone access

First impression

Femjoy seems to be about perfection.

Perfect girls, perfect bodies, perfect lighting, perfect angles.. it's a collection of unique and original erotica and nude photography that is as much about art as it is the eroticism. They have models from around the world, though many are from Europe, that will pose in sexy ways for the camera for photographs as well as HD Videos. The content appears to be all softcore, with some touching and teasing between models in some light lesbian material. The models spread their legs, allow you a nice look at their bodies, all of their bodies. Yet nothing is ever vulgar here.

The site is huge and promises a lot of updates and high quality media options. We signed up to see if that panned out as promised. Read on for the in depth review.


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Our opinion

Femjoy isn't the only erotica/nude photography porn site on the internet, but it is clearly one of the very best. We confirmed this after a few hours surfing, downloading, and sampling their site.

They are among the best for a combination of reasons: they work with absolutely gorgeous girls, the site is huge and updates multiple times every day, and the downloads are varied and of a very high quality. All of that comes in one very elegant, sensual, and sexy package.

The content was what I was most interested in when I arrived, after a tour that showcased some truly beautiful ladies in some truly stunning poses and locales. The poster girl for Femjoy appears to be Ariel, a pale, red-headed girl with very full, plump natural breasts, two perfect pink nipples capping them. She has a remarkable body, slender, with hips that curve out and balance her heavy breasts nicely, a narrow waist between them, and long, smooth legs. She does a lot of videos as well, and is in most of the videos that feature more than one girl.

In general you can expect models to be similar to Ariel, though they may be tan, may have thicker legs and asses, rather than tits. They might be Latina, but most are European or from North America. They are all natural, each body a little unique in its curves and shapes.

Thing stay softcore here. There isn't hardly any insertions or even excessive rubbing of pussy or ass. The girls are more into moving and squirming around, coyly teasing with their bodies, luring you in for a close look as they spread their legs. The stuff with two or more girls is equally sensual--they will rub each others' hands, run fingers between their breasts or down their thighs, kiss nipples, suckle a tit gently. It's very hot, but very subdued and drawn out.

The website promised multiple daily updates, and most days you'll have just that. They tend to add 2 to 3 galleries each day. During a week you should also see 2 new videos uploaded. That makes for a lot of new stuff to keep your attention glued, even if you're visiting daily.

The site's organization could have been better, though. You can look through the archives and search the model index, or look at all of the models in a huge list. They didn't have a set of characteristics to browse by though -- such as large breasts, hair color or shaved, etc. A set of options for sorting really would have been nice, but you get along all right without it. You only have to click a little bit and have a look around. The site is fast and responsive, so it isn't so bad.

In terms of media options Femjoy does an excellent job. For videos, you have a few choices. First, you can stream the movie. By default it streams a sample reel, but below that is a link to go to the full length stream. It looks sharp, and has a resolution of around 640x360 or a little larger. To get a higher quality picture, you have to download one of the HD options. There are two, both offering a 720p HD playback with 1280x720 screens. The MP4 file has a 3.5 Mbits/s bit rate, the WMV a 5 Mbits/s bit rate. They both look about the same in terms of picture quality, though.

Other downloads include 640x360 screen WMV and MP4s with 1.5 Mbits/s bit rates that look good, just smaller. In fact, these are about as sharp as the streaming Flash video, and about as large, too. Additional formats are available, optimized for the Playstation and portable devices.

Running times are short, just a few minutes. The content is very artistic, like the photos. Girls moving coyly, posing outdoors in a bluffing wind, showing their nipples, their long legs, bending and squirming for the camera in slow, sensual movements.

For the photos you'll be treated to what they call 'poster size' resolutions. These are 4000x2600 pixels and sharp, the visual definition of high resolution. Each gallery can be viewed or downloaded at this size as well as other, smaller resolutions if you'd prefer them. You can view the images online, or save the entire gallery in a compressed zip file. Galleries can have anywhere from 20 to 80+ images.

There aren't really any extras, but they do have special sites for access on your iPhone or DROID phone.


Femjoy is an excellent site for nude photography that is sexy, sensual, and artistic. And very, very hot. The girls here probably are the biggest asset, but I don't want to rob the artists that work with Femjoy of any credit that they definitely deserve. With constant updates and great media options, plus a huge archive of past updates to explore, Femjoy is an excellent site to join.


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Total average: 90.8/100 Our score: 90.0/100

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2012-01-17 00:12:19

A great site with beautiful girls, though I feel there should be more emphasis on stimulated genitals (orgasm) & closer, clearer arseholes.