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Football Babes review

Summary: Football Babes is your ideal site when it comes to babes sporting your team's jersey. Almost every country is represented and the major international clubs as well. Picture quality is good and the models look great. The World Championship starts here...

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Joseph, 2006-05-27

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Intro promises

ďThis is the only site presenting hot babes from football teams. We have everything you could dream about when it comes to football chicks. Hotties from national teams, club teams, hardcore female fans... You can see them all stripping down in the outfit of your favorite team. This is football presented in its best light with only high quality and high resolution images. Hot chicks and football! What else does a man need?Ē

First impression

Football, a relaxing pastime which causes bloody riots the world over, is a noble sport that the people of the U.S. call soccer and choose to ignore entirely. Babes are conventionally attractive women that most would agree are rather beguiling. Football babes, therefore, are hot chicks who dress up in soccer uniforms that are later removed slowly in a somewhat teasing manner. Football-Babes is the site to see alluring young ladies stripping out of the uniforms of your most favorite soccer teams (yes, even Atlético Madrid!!!). Sure, the ladies look great in their football uniforms and even better in their birthday suits, but is Football-Babes a good value? Letís take a look at all the facts...


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Our opinion

First of all, the site is fairly easy to navigate and is broken up into three categories: Babes of National Teams, Babes of Club Teams and Hardcore Fans. These three categories are further broken down into subcategories: Babes of National Teams and Babes of Club Teams both have thirty-two subcategories while Hardcore Fans has four. (Got all that?) The subcategories of the Babes of National Teams and the Babes of Club Teams categories represent different countries. For example, the first subcategory youíll encounter when you click on the Babes of Club Teams category will be Angola; in this subcategory you will find a babe in an Angola uniform. The Hardcore Fans category contains pics of babes, crowds, dudes and miscellaneous shots in its four subcategories. Youíll probably only want to jerk off to the Babes subcategory in the Hardcore Fans category, unless youíre turned on by guys wearing brightly colored face paint (and Iím not judging you if you monster!).

As of June 2nd (my birthday!), there are nine thousand, six hundred and three pictures on Football-Babes. I donít know how many different models are currently on this site, but youíre pretty much guaranteed to see all of Ďem in various sets, for better or for worse. Curiously, the babe for Japanís team isnít even Japanese! I donít mean to nitpick, but shouldnít the girl representing Japan be Japanese...? Regardless, the uniforms of the football babes in the National Teams differ slightly from the uniforms of the babes in the Club Teamsóthe uniforms of the National Teams are typically little half-shirts with matching short shorts while the uniforms of the Club Teams consist of much larger shirts coupled with bigger pairs of shorts. Basically, all the babes are dressed up in various uniforms and are photographed removing these uniforms. End of story. Fairly simple premise, eh? Itís almost too simple... Did I mention the part about the Jade Monkey? No? Well there is no Jade Monkey, but there ought to be one, consarnit.

The Babes subcategory of the Hardcore Fans category was my favorite section of the whole site ó this is where youíll find three hundred and eighty-nine candid shots of random hot girls with their tits out at football matches. The photos vary in quality and appear to have been collected from other websites. There isnít much nudity in this area of the site, but itís titillating nonetheless, much like looking at a Girls Gone Wild video or a bunch of sexy morgue photographs (note to self: edit out that last part before you send this review in for publication).

My main beef with this site is the lack of content on it. Sure, you get a lot of photos, but you donít get any videos or much of anything else (there are a couple of links to things like erotic stories, but they arenít even related to football!). Once youíve jerked off to your favorite teams, thereís not much else to do on Football-Babes.


Football-Babes is probably the only site in the known universe that has exclusive pics of hot chicks stripping out of their soccer uniforms. If youíre a hardcore soccer fan, then you probably donít live in the United States and you will no doubt enjoy this site, at least for a month or two. GOOOOOOAAALLL!!!


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