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Give Me Pink review

- 2nd revisit

Summary: Give Me Pink provides true High Def videos of babes masturbating and playing with various objects and their private parts. Each episode is available for streaming and downloading in different formats and sizes. A single episode can be as large as 2 GB. A new girl is added every week.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2008-02-29

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Intro promises

- Movies available in 1920x1080 full definition HD videos. Videos also play in other sizes.
- High speed downloads
- No DRM
- Streaming flash version of each video, with the ability to skip ahead
- Each video has plenty of screen shots and posed photos
- Weekly update with new 30 minute video

First impression

You can't help but be tickled pink looking at the Give Me Pink tour. The preview holds nothing back. There are plenty of closeups of pussies everywhere - gaping, filled, and/or pleasured. If you like up close and hardcore pussies, this looks like the place to be.


$2.95/3 day trial, recurring at $29.95 for 30 days *)
$29.95/30 days, recurring *)
$69.95/90 days, recurring *)

*) Note that if you only wish to sign up to Give Me Pink, you have to uncheck the bonus offer on the signup page.

Credit cards through AXS Charge Ltd, Cyprus.
Phone charges through GX900 at $34.95, non-recurring

Our opinion

You can't help but think pink when you enter Give Me Pink. There's an attractive pink background, as well as the pink you're in here for. So without further ado...

Navigation is simple with the menu items along the top: Home, All models, All movies, Bonus movies, Action search, Reviews, My Favorites, DVDs, Help, Contact Support, and Indexxxed. There's also a handy model name search box, as well as the site's statistics. There are around 150 models inside, featured in almost 200 movies. Updates appear to be once a week. To describe a little more about some of the menu items that aren't self-explanatory, "Bonus movies" include a wide variety of porn, with their uploaded dates in 2003. "Action search" lets you choose the type of action you want to find, such as anal sex, fisting, squirting, gapes, rough sex, etc. "Reviews" is the place to comment and read what other members are saying about the videos. "DVDs" are where you can buy porn DVDs. "Indexxxed" contains a database of all the models and movies within this porn network.

In their latest news module, there are links to their network's bloopers and outtakes and their forum, as well as Give Me Pink's latest news.

The newest episodes are available in true HD - and you have to have a very high resolution screen in order to view the videos in their actual size. The HD quality WMV videos open to a whopping 1920x1080 (8000 kbps, 1319 MB (1 GB+)) screen. The older episodes all have the following options.

You can stream or download the movies in Full high quality WMV (960x540, 718 MB, and 3000 kbps); Full medium quality WMV (640x480, 359 MB, 1500 kbps); or full low quality MPEG (320x240, 203 MB, 750 kbps). Most of the videos are in the 20 to 30 minute range. Below the download options are screen caps of the episodes' clips, where you can stream or download in parts. Streaming the movie doesn't open into a separate screen, but rather plays in a video within the site itself. There's also a full screen option.

The downloads take a long time depending on your internet connection. As noted on their tour: "A 5Mbps cable/DSL can download one HD movie in about 1h30min." One hour and 30 minutes is a long time to download, in my humble opinion. But if you have a faster connection, it can be done faster - their server didn't seem to have trouble maxing the connection out.

The videos are certainly very good and give you lots of hardcore close ups of pink, pink, pink! The only problem I had watching the videos was that whoever operated the camera shook a lot; perhaps he was wanking the whole time, cuz that's the way it looked. I got pretty dizzy looking at the videos, which made me see green, instead of pink - lol! Yep, a green face means...well...let me not spoil your hardcore moment. Just suffice it to say, if you get motion sickness easily when watching a very unsteady camera film, you need to think twice about joining this site. The videos are also very heavily edited. The videos start out as very teasing, building you up to the pink pleasure prize you came for.

Pictures - depending on their origin as either screen caps or still shots - open to a whopping 1920x1080 and range from very good to extremely good quality on the high res screen shots. I was surprised that the quality is this good for some of these screen caps. The low res open to 1024x768 and are good quality. So many sites out there would be lucky to have their high res, staged photos looking as good as some of these low res screen caps. Screen cap galleries tend to have around 200 pictures, while the staged photo galleries are usually around 25-50 pictures. The staged photo sets are of excellent quality and open to 1000x1500 pixels. You can zip download the photo sets to save on your hard drive.

Each Give Me Pink episode features a lot of closeups of pretty women doing all kinds of things to open wide and show you as much pink as they can. Many of these models insert a lot of items and then spread their pussy lips open wide for you to see. You'll see all shades of pink in this site, that's for sure!


Give Me Pink is a decent site if you're looking for true HD movies zooming in on girls' intimate parts.

The navigation is simple, and there are updates once a week. These updates are good sized, with videos being around 20 to 30 minutes, as well as a lot of posed and screen cap photos. There's also plenty of pink in here, from the obvious pink pussies that are shown in all kinds of spread and gaping action, down to pink nail polish or pink fetish boots. The only problem I had with this site is the shakiness of the videos. Whoever operates the camera needs a lot steadier hand, because it jumps all over the place, even during pink close ups. If that didn't occur, I'd rate this site top notch.


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Screenshots from Give Me Pink

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