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In Focus Girls review

- 1st revisit

Summary: InFocusGirls features a collection of sexy babes posing in glamorous settings indoors and outdoors in solo action - including masturbation, playing with dildos and fisting. Content comes in the form of high quality pictures and HD videos. One photo or video set is added every day. Great site if you love this kind of girls - it can become a bit monotonous otherwise.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Count Gripsnatch, 2009-03-09

Babes, 18-23, Butts, Fetish, Lesbian, Photography / studio, Videos, Movies

adult toys, high definition, masturbation, outdoors, solo posing

Intro promises

"The loveliest natural young girls you will find anywhere and they are right here, doing it right, just for you! Enjoy watching them do all the things you have dreamed about, pleasuring themselves slowly and sensually in every way possible, right in front of you and completely without restraint. They don't care where either. In fact, they love the thrill of being outdoors, in the garden, by the pool, anywhere will do!"

"Zoom in as they caress, masturbate, toy, pee, fist and spread themselves wide, inviting you with their lustful eyes to discover their bodies and participate in their real and intense orgasms. Watch them enjoying speculums, anal beads and food too."

First impression

This site looks terrific. With its colors and navigation tabs, it really pops. The site manages to do this without being busy or having links and photos splattered everywhere, making your head spin. You don't even have to scroll to find what you are looking for. Just follow the tabs. It couldn't be easier. Everything is broken down in so many different categories, you'll be able to get as specific as you want.


$29.95 for 30 days, rebills every 30 days until cancelled.
$49.95 for 60 days non-rebilling.
$59.95 for 90 days non-rebilling.
$89.95 for 180 days non-rebilling.

Payment by credit card or online check.

Our opinion

As of this review, there are a whopping 633 photo sets on this site! With an average of 80 photos per set, this means there are approximately 5,000 photos! You can choose three different thumbnail sizes (67x100, 93x140, 120x180), you have three different options for number of thumbs per page, and you can download sets in .zip format. Each photo set offers a full description, as well as categories featured, such as masturbation, shower and striptease, just to name a few.

When the thumbnails are clicked, you get a choice of three beautiful, crisp photos with sizes of 533x800, 800x1200 and 1333x2000 pixels. Photos are VERY professional, right down to the last detail. Border color can be either black or white, depending on what you would like to see, and there is a slideshow feature, so you can use your hands for something else rather than the keyboard.

What's pretty neat about this site is that they put the photo gallery, shot presumably before the movie, right alongside the movie itself. So, if you like what you see in the photos, and want to see video, you can. I've seen a lot of adult sites and there are many times where I've looked at photos and thought, "I wish there were videos of this model." This part of the site is a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of other sites.

Believe it or not, on this site, there are more videos than there are photo sets; almost 653 in all! Videos are searchable by model and/or category. A few of the categories are: anal, masturbation, indoors, outdoors - and many more! Also, you can search models by hair color, body type, breast size (sm, m, lg) and pubic hair (hairy, shaved, trimmed). And you can search one, two, or all three categories at one time. Talk about thorough. I give high marks and kudos to whomever maintains this database. My hat goes off to you!

Videos are either HDV (high-definition video) or SDV (standard definition video), and average 12 minutes each. Here is a breakdown of the many video options available on this site (keep in mind that not every format offers a full length-download, but separate parts instead):

- Streaming via Flash (.flv files): 720 x 405 @ 1Mbit, 448 x 256 @ 464Kbit
- Windows Media Player (.wmv files): 1280 x 720 @ 4Mbit, 852 x 480 @ 2Mbit
- Quicktime (.mov files): 960 x 540 @ 2Mbit
- Windows Media Player (.mpg files): 448 x 256 @ 1Mbit (downloadable in 3 separate parts)

Keep in mind that some of these overlap, thus beefing up the numbers, but here is a breakdown of the number of videos plus photo sets included in major categories (19 in all; numbers have been rounded off):

- 200 anal
- 80 fisting
- 700 masturbation
- 700 striptease
- 700 toys
- 600 indoors
- 300 living room
- 450 outdoors
- 100 pool

Most videos start off with slow and seductive strip teasing by these fresh-faced models, with bodies to match. Even if they don't begin that way, there is always intense action to come. While keeping the intensity, the sexual happenings are slower and more sensual than you would usually see. It's pretty hard to pull this combination off, but these models do a great job of it. Another plus for me was that there is no corny music playing in the videos. This way, you can feel more like you are there. The biggest plus of all would be that there are NO MEN! You don't have to see fat, hairy men and their bodily parts. This site is girls, girls, girls. They masturbate, they play with toys, they play with each other, they striptease and more.

Camerawork isn't always the greatest. There seems to be only one camera, which is OK; But instead of cutting to a new position, the camera just zooms in and out the whole time. This become somewhat annoying.

This site has many things that should do the trick for you though. Most of the models on this site are very beautiful and are intense when it comes to sexual pleasure. There are no inhibitions, no holding back. Another thing that is the same with all of them is that they are young (18-23), and they are gorgeous.


In Focus Girls - beautiful women with wonderful bodies stripteasing for your pleasure before they get into slow yet intense action. And holy cow - Content, content and more content! Whether you like lesbians, solo action with toys, stripteasing, different settings, etc., I don't think you will find more beautiful 18-23 year old women. I honestly don't know where the site finds these girls from, but it's truly amazing.

Except for the fact that many of the girls have the same look, and maybe because there is no straight sex, I can't think of many reasons why this site wouldn't appeal to most men. If you like a little more ethnic diversity, or like to see the models being pleasured by guys, you won't find it here.


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