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Joymii review

Summary: Joymii is a unique site in that it manages to bring the sensuality and artistic sensibility of erotica and merge it with explicit sex, masturbation, and lesbian coupling. The models are beautiful, erotica/babe types and far from 'porn star' in appearance or behavior. The scenes and galleries feature real passion, and the intensity builds as touching and kissing leads to more explicit penetrations. All of this is viewable at super high resolution and high definition downloads. The four updates every week keeps you busy. Overall, it's a really exciting site and something different from the usual.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2011-10-26

Babes, Photography / studio, 18-23, Hardcore, Lesbian, High-definition, Videos, Movies

artistic nudity, closeup, erotica, glamour, nude photography

Intro promises

"Enjoy a completely new tasteful porn experience"

- HD Video
- Hardcore erotica
- 4 HQ updates per week
- Exclusive content
- Streaming and downloads in highest quality available
- A money-back guarantee

First impression

Joymii looks really familiar -- and for good reason. It's produced by the same team behind Femjoy. That site is very high quality, artistic, and sensual. Joymii appears to be their try at taking that sort of artistic erotica into the realm of hardcore.

From looking over samples it is clear this isn't a normal hardcore porn site -- namely, it's clear that women here aren't treated like whores, and while sex might get a little rough, that is a result of the build up of passion. And my, what beautiful women. I don't see any porn stars, but instead babes, absolutely beautiful girls with natural bodies, womanly curves, and extraordinary good looks.

Can Joymii really pull this off? Tasteful hardcore erotica? Many have tried... I could hardly wait to get inside and see for myself. Read on for the in depth review.


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Our opinion

Forget what you think you know about hardcore porn, or erotica for that matter. When you get to Joymii, you're really stepping into a very different experience than either type of site has offered you before.

Now, use your imagination to picture sensual erotica, something like you find at Femjoy, and then add in a male, or another female, and allow the cameras to stay on as the girls get heated up, touching each other's nude bodies, or their men, and keep watching as things turn intimate, passionate, and the girls get carried away. That's more or less what happens in every scene and gallery here, in very simplistic terms.

They don't have fantasy scenarios here, no schoolgirls gagging on teacher's cock or that sort of thing. You won't see any double-cup fake tits, only all natural curves. Not one of the babes in the collection looks at all like a "porn star" -- even Faye Reagan, the only actual porn star I saw here, managed to look more like one of the babes than a porn slut.

There is none of that typical crassness that comes with hardcore porn these days. The girls aren't fuck toys, but sensual partners in what can only be described as love making, not fucking.

But don't think for a minute that this is watered down sex.

It is definitely not.

In fact, I think this sensual approach is much hotter. It takes a little longer to heat up, but it's more real. As I watched the boy/girl couples, I noticed that the models were always with the same guy if they had more than one scene. These are their actual partners in life, outside of the studio, and it shows in how they touch and stimulate each other. Neither is using the other, but giving back. The men want to touch and feel the women, drive them into their own ecstasy, all the better if it is at the same time that they are climaxing. They lick and touch their women's bodies in thoughtful, exciting ways, building up the energy before they slide into them. The girls are naturally wet from the foreplay and touching. The sex might get a little bit rough, but only because the passion of the two is very real and driving them to fuck each other harder.

Another thing you'll notice about the sex is the way the positions aren't just the staple few in average hardcore. Instead, the lovers seem to know how to best fit around each other, the women hug their hips over their men, mounting and riding their big dicks. You'll watch their thighs and asses clench and unclench as they find the penetration that feels best and milk it for every bit of pleasure they can.

This same sort of attention and sensuality is in the lesbian and solo masturbation scenes, and these actually make up the majority of the scenes and galleries at Joymii. The cameras get in nice and close when the girls are licking and spreading each other's wet pussies, but it also grazes over their slim and naked limbs, watching how they entwine each other. This artistic style of camera work really captures the sensuality and passion, and makes it an almost tactile experience for those viewing.

Now, all of this excellent content would look great in just about any format you served it in, but Joymii makes sure to push the limits here and give you the very best that is possible.

Picture galleries, averaging 50-75 pictures each, have a few size settings to pick from for viewing and downloading (galleries are compressed into zip downloads). The largest is "poster" size, which is a huge 4000x2667 pixel resolution. You will notice every blemish, every detail of the girls wonderful bodies in these. If there's one negative thing I should say, it would be that I miss a traditional gallery for the photos - you get a sort of fancy browser where you can select three different ways to see the thumbnails - I'd prefer a traditional one like on Femjoy.

Videos aren't far behind. You can download all movies in high definition. Choose either MP4 or WMV format, both are available with 1280x720 screens and with bit rates of 3.5-4.5 Mbits/s. You have SD versions as well, again in MP4 and WMV formats. These have 640x360 screens and 1.5 Mbits/s bit rates.

And of course the movies can all be streamed online instantly as well. They play in embedded Flash videos with 570x380 screens and they look very sharp as well.

Updates are made a few times each week. You'll get a video and related gallery twice a week. The library has about 86 pairings at the time of my visit.

The only thing that could have been done a bit better is navigation. Right now you just browse through the updates. They don't have a model index or tools for searching or categorizing scenes.


Joymii is an excellent site that really manages to be both erotic and hardcore. If you're tired of the brutal and unrealistic sex from typical porn sites, the sensual, high quality lovemaking here will be just what you need. With great media options, lots of updates, and truly beautiful girls, Joymii is an excellent pick.


You won't really find a lot of sites that do hardcore erotica like Joymii. Your best bet is X-Art which also takes an artistic approach to hardcore sex. But there are other Babes and Erotica sites also worth checking out. Have a look at some of the following. These were sites we visited and rated very highly for combination of reasons. Read more about Twistys, Hegre Art, and MET Art.


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2011-11-01 22:33:32

First time visit. Looks interesting.