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Playboy TV review

Review Update has added over 1,000 more scenes since their last review, and they now have 2,599 clips and still counting. They update twice a week now, and the scenes last for about 30 minutes each. They have changed the design of the site and it looks visually stunning and it is now easier to navigate. There are no photo sets, but they do have a few vid caps, and there are no bonuses, but, with all this updating, you wont have time for anything else.

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Summary: Youíll find all of your favourite Playboy TV shows archived and streamable right here. With a collection of over 1,400 videos and over a dozen new shows a week, Playboy TV brings users a great variety of sex from stranger foursomes through to lesbian erotic fantasies. A classy collection of good productions that are only let down by no downloadable formats or bonuses. Fans of the Playboy brand that want something a little more X-rated should definitely give Playboy TV a shot.

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Intro promises

"A full-on TV experience with the best HD video available online"

- Playboy TV Archives
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- Full Length Episodes
- Discount price for our readers

First impression

Playboy leaves the models and the action to do the talking when it comes to their tour Ė while a few promises are made here and there, the presumption is that the prestigious name is enough for most and the preview content is just for wetting the appetite.

Playboy TV is an online version of the cable access channel thatís available in several countries around the world. It appears as if this is an archive for the channelís content and also provides a live stream of the international broadcast.

Itís claimed that HD streams and full length episodes await, but is the claim matched with the reality? Read on for a thorough look at the memberís area of Playboy TV.


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Our opinion

Playboy is undoubtedly the most recognized adult entertainment brand on the planet owing to more than 50 years in the industry of erotic media. It would be wise to mention that Playboy TV is slightly deviated from the nude, softcore nature of their magazines. You will get full penetration on Playboy TV and see some scenes containing multiple individuals getting it on. Back in 2010 a prominent online newspaper released a story on how the channel was planning to make their content more accessible to couples and women by showing intimate, genuine sex scenes that are more focused on steamy, passionate and lustful encounters with organic romance rather than forced and unrealistic scenarios.

Multiple program options on demand

It appears as if all of the shows broadcast on Playboy TV are archived on the website for anyone to watch at any time. The best way to go about looking at these is to list off a few shows and talk a bit about their niche, so without further ado:

Foursome is a series which takes two single women and two single men and puts them into a lavish mansion for a day. The show typically runs for 26 minutes and is a reality-style documentary of their sexual encounters and thoughts on each other. The showís style is the type that could easily run the risk of being cringe worthy and comedic for its own lack of self-awareness, but I genuinely believe that after watching an entire episode it manages to pull it off very well. The production costs are obviously high and they pick some very attractive women and men to appear on the show.

Playboy Morning Show is a daily 60-minute segment about sex, news and Playboy. Itís a co-hosted platform with a gorgeous female and a dude with a soothing voice. They do interviews with Playmates, cover news reports pertinent to all things sex and generally give a non-depressing wake up commentary to help you start the day. If you prefer sex over war, economic turmoil and natural disasters you might want to give it a try.

The companyís drive to produce couple friendly content is clear with the show Jazminís Touch. The entirety of the show is scripted and performed by South Americans and has some really good production value. The plot of the series is that Jazmin has some sort of magic that allows her to give sexual desires to anyone. Women are brought into her house from time to time for various reasons and she seduces them with highly erotic love making sessions with women and men alike. The shows are about 25 minutes in length and well worth the watch.

Other shows that are archived by Playboy TV include Naughty Amateur Home Videos, The Wild Life: Miami, Money Talks and Hot Babes Doing Stuff Naked

High quality streaming for all content

The only way to watch shows on Playboy TV is by streaming it from the website using an Adobe Flash Player (this doesnít require any additional installations for most of you). I think itís worth mentioning that although the tour hints at a live stream of the channel being available, I was unable to find any link that was a direct upload of whatís on Playboy TV at the current moment. Because of the streaming nature, itís impossible to give a resolution and bitrate of the scenes, although I will say that subjectively, they looked very clear and crisp on my 23 inch monitor.

Plenty of updates with archived shows and segments

The Playboy TV archive weighs in at 2,599 videos spread across the 53 individual shows they have. This averages out at about 30 full-length videos per individual show, a decent number that will be sure to keep you entertained for a very long time. New shows are added from Monday through to Friday and you generally get at least two a day Ė a solid rate of content that I canít find faults with.

On the subject of access and navigation

I had no issues with browsing the site for content and loved the modern design it has employed. I tested the support functionality and could instantly talk to another human using a chat box or ringing a toll free number that was available 24/7.

Some discounts but no bonuses on signup

While you wonít get access to any other Playboy material when you join their TV library, users are offered discounts on other websites that might tickle your fancy.


Playboy TV is a solid pick for anyone that has enjoyed their cable programming or wants to watch pornography with their partners.

With a solid collection of shows that spread across a multitude of niches and themes, I canít see anyone being stuck for content if they were to join Playboy TV. Their shows are seriously sexy and feature some of the most beautiful people around. If your quest is to find premier glamour porn then look no further.


Iíve searched around and have yet to find a company that offers something similar to Playboy TV Ė the niche here is really something quite unique in that its content is produced more as TV show focused as opposed to plain sex scenes. There are a few potential options that might be relevant, however:

Reality Kings is a network of sites that have themed niches with decent production value. Some of the scenes play out as a typical girl-on-boy sex session, but storylines and talks with the models are all part of the network and occur from time to time. You'll find big tit porn stars, lesbian sex, group sex, latinas, threesomes and just about every other type of porn you could hope for.

Aziani is a glamor website that takes a look at the lifestyles and day to day workings of an adult entertainment producer. Youíll find studio cams as well as interviews with famous and glamourous porn stars where they talk about what the life is like and reveal a few personal things that display a certain down to Earth quality about them. This website approaches the meta side of Playboy TV and the shows that deal with the lifestyle and personalities of models.


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Total average: 88.5/100 Our score: 87.0/100

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