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Sybian Solos review

Summary: Sybian Solos shows why every woman would love to have a Sybian of her own. Here the orgasm machine delivers pleasure to a bunch of girls in so far 16 good quality scenes. A good amount of bonus and sister sites are included.

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Score 75.0 /100
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Melissa, 2007-05-07

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Intro promises

You can tell by the glint in the eyes of the girls here they are headed for the first electrical outlet they can find! No waiting around for that phone call that never comes, or the guy that never shows up, who needs ‘em! It used to be said that diamonds were a girls best friend, but that’s now been changed to the Sybian. This little jewel has become the penetrating pal of ladies everywhere, and they couldn’t be happier about it. There’s no having to explain what feels good, because they are in charge, all that has to be done is for them to mount, ride it like an experienced bronco buster and then dismount in a time much longer than twelve seconds. It’s promised you’ll receive high and low resolution videos and there are images to accompany the bonus sites too.

First impression

From first glance this is going to be a fun site to review. I just keep thinking how I knew there was a reason why I just had a lot more outlets put into my office! This machine looks a little big to hide from people visiting, but maybe I could always set a plant on it or something. After all, it would make a great conversation “piece.” The tour looks nice with its silver monochrome coloring, gives a splash of something extra since it's machinery we’re talking about.


30 days $29.95 (recurring)
90 days $59.95 (recurring)

Credit card, Check

CCBill, PayCom

Our opinion

Unfortunately from the looks of things, we don’t get a lot of content here. This is a huge network folks, so much so that they skimp on some of their sites and allow the others to step up and make the difference. Gee, and just when I was getting excited about seeing what they have to offer. From the looks of things you are so far only going to get around 16 videos and photo sets, not a lot, as I’m sure you’ll agree. What a shame.

Everything is pretty well condensed into single choices, when you pick out a movie that looks good to you, expect to find the pictures that are available as well. Another disappointment was bestowed when I realized the pictures are screen captures. They aren’t that bad, but they’re still screen captures. You don’t get a huge image blown up to meet the sides of your screen, but at 720x480 pixels, you’ll have enough to look at. You just need to be safe enough within your manhood to not feel badly over an electrical appliance getting the job done for you. After all, with this machine, there’s no need to fake an orgasm.

Don’t log on here and expect to just see pretty girls straddling this barrel with balls, because there is a bit more to it than that. They prime themselves nicely with a little finger action, and they are sure to pass the oral exam before going for the extra credit. They will sit on the floor, lick and suck this uprising dildo as if they’re making love to a real man, and they seem to be enjoying it just as much. No hands on the back of their head to drive their face lower at times can be a plus, that way you can control the engulfed inches yourself.

As for the videos to Sybian Solos, you are looking at two formats of fucking. There is MPG and WMV, either streaming or download. Those choices pertain to the clips they break things down in, but they also offer a full length rendition of rivets and bolts that will download only. I played both to determine the dazzle, but found the MPG didn’t offer as much. In choosing the full length I found the MPG to hold 480x360 video size and it ran for a bit over 13 minutes. The numbers for WMV clips came in at 732Kbps and a video size of 480x360. With the full length WMVs the resolution was upped to 720x480 and 2.03 mbps.

I already mentioned there are a lot of bonus sites to this site, so you will get a lot of return on your dollar. To give you a few examples of what your money brings, there are; Jenna Haze, Cum In The Face, Backdoor Banging, Barely 8Teen, Cum Loving Whores, Far East Porn, Black Sex Movies, Anal Housewives, We Love Boobies, Hardcore Fame, Busty Babes, White Chicks Black Dicks, Hardcore Factory and Mouth Exploitation.


Sybian Solos was fun, but I was hoping for more, especially in the name of content. Yes, there are tons of bonus sites to keep you happy, but I wanted the machines to cause some real mayhem on here. However the content that is here, is actually pretty good and the Sybian clearly demonstrates why it is a risk to even the most talented man out there.

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