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Twistys review

- 3rd revisit

Site of the month logo Summary: Twistys has a huge amount of gorgeous looking glam babes from around the World getting naked and naughty. With a mountain of high quality pictures to peruse and high quality videos to view, Twistys is a must see for fans of hot babes in good quality content. The daily updates consist of 3 photo sets and 2 videos.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Alex, 2009-07-20

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Intro promises

Over 1 million high quality photos
17,000 video clips, 2,000 models
Hardcore content, with 7 new hardcore scenes each month
5 different updates each day, every day, 365 days of the year

First impression

At first look Twistys definitely has some of their bases covered. There are plenty of hot babes to gawk at and by the looks of some of the teasers and pictures on display they get up to some pretty raunchy antics.

The site places most emphasis on their impressive photo library and at over a million photos, it couldn't be called unimpressive. The quality of the girls therein doesn't seem to let down either, there's a lot of variety on offer in terms of action. The promise of some hardcore sex as well has my interest piqued.

There are a few extras on offer also such as a 'treat of the month' which is basically a featured model of the month, the obligatory forum and access to 6 other similarly themed sites with membership. So with a heavy line up of promises and a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee, does Twistys give up the goods?


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Our opinion

It's fair to say they do as no doubt, the photo library is impressive. There are literally millions of individual photos to choose from here and they really are all of a high quality. In fact in order to filter through the million+ photos on offer, the folks at Twistys have provided you with an incredibly detailed search field to use. You can specify the type of results you're after down to the finest details such as cup size, eye color, ethnicity etc. All of which comes in handy when you're talking about a database of millions. The photos open up at their original high quality but you're able to choose a fit to screen option if you wanna take in the whole picture. There's also the option to save as a Zip file for those with enough space on their computer.

So with that side of the bargain most definitely living up to the promise, what about the other content. The 17,000+ videos are all there also and are well stocked with variety. Once you've scoured through the thousands of them and made your selection, you'll generally be offered three formats to download in. The lower quality offering downloads as an MP4 480x270 file at 1024 Kb/s, for mid range quality an MP4 1024x576 file at 1411 Kb/s and the higher end offering a WMV 1024x576 file at 3.02 Mb/s. You've also got the option to stream the clips directly in to your browser for those who don't wish to save to the computer (There's also a handy downloading and viewing guide for those technophobes out there as well).

The content itself comprises mostly glamor shots of girls engaged in solo posing and masturbation, although the occasional blow job, lesbian scene and dildo play gets thrown in just to spice things up. You'll find that the same goes for the video content as well.

Twistys also make use of exclusive content on the site, which is specifically evident in their Treat of the Month offering. What you get here are really in depth and high quality shots of your favorite girls doing your favorite things, from masturbating to hard core sex. If your favorite girl is lucky enough to be featured, then you really are in for a treat! Essentially all the shots are well staged and exquisitely executed, you wont miss the slightest blemish on these gorgeous girls' bods.

Now for the part I was really waiting for, the hardcore content. Under the Twistys Hard menu you'll find a collection of all the sex scenes garnered from the site and its respective partners. The scenes incorporate a lot of pussy pounding and there's cum shots a plenty, which definitely left my tongue wagging. The clips don't fail to entertain and will leave your appetite for full on hot and heavy sex sated.

If you're still after more after all that then there's the forum to keep you occupied. It requires you to register even if you have a membership and will still be valid even when your membership expires, so if you've got a passion for good quality porn like me and wanna let other people know about it, you can.

Everything that's on offer from the site lives up to the promise and with 5 different pieces of content most certainly appearing each and every single day of the year, it's not feasible that you'll run out of things to keep you entertained.


Site of the month logo

In my opinion it all really comes out looking quite polished. The amount of content on Twistys is fantastic and the quality of all of it is quite high. It's worth paying a standard porn site membership to get access to the type of porn you're in to and if it's babes having a banging good time then this site won't disappoint. There are literally millions of shots to go through of babes getting their groove on with guys (and sometimes with girls) to help you reach that certain state of excitement.


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Total average: 91.8/100 Our score: 90.0/100

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Comments from other readers

2010-11-18 00:26:16

I think your review is a bit too generous. True, they have a lot of beautiful models but something about their photos leave me cold. Too many shots with legs or feet of the gals cut off, too many shots of the girls wearing shoes. I think I've been spoiled by 21 Sextury...they know how to take the pics. I've been a member of Twisty's for about five months. I signed up for a year since the price is a deal but I cancelled my membership within 2 monts. To me...Twisty's is totally frustrating. At least their Forum is interesting.