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Watch 4 Beauty review

Review Update

Watch 4 Beauty is a spectacular single site that has more than doubled in size since its last review. It now has 1,974 vids that are mainly in Full HD, and the newer ones are now in 4K. They have a new layout which makes navigating a bit easier, and they continue updating new content almost on a daily basis. They also have 3,120 high-resolution photo sets, and over 300 sexy young models.

Score 90.0 /100
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Summary: Watch 4 Beauty presents a large amount of very beautiful models in high quality photo series. The surroundings are often quite spectacular and the photos are very aesthetically pleasing. The action is mainly softcore solo posing with a low amount of explicit close ups. Videos are also featured albeit somewhat short and with lots of cuts between shoots. A good site for fans of beautiful photography.

Tamesin, 2019-04-21

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Babes, 18-23, Movies, Photography / studio, Softcore, Videos

artistic nudes, erotic art, erotic photography, European girls

Intro promises

- 100% exclusive
- New updates every other day
- Up to 5000 pixel resolutions, with 3 image sizes
- Unlimited downloads in PDF and Zip files

First impression

Watch4Beauty is laid out like an erotic museum magazine with beautiful women showing off their sexy bodies in softcore eroticism. Looking at the thumbnails to the various issues, one can see why this site is rated by some as the #1 online erotic art magazine in the world. With the various backgrounds and the different looks to all of these women, Watch4Beauty looks like it has its pulse on what's erotic and artistic about the womanly form.


Our opinion

The WOW-ness of the visuals continues once you get inside Watch4Beauty. The latest update is featured prominently on the home page, with its artistic lighting and erotic sensuality captivating you. When you can tear yourself away from that image, you'll notice the navigation menu is located along the side and includes such options as Issues (where all the updates are); Models (laid out alphabetically); Bulletin (messaging system); and Goodies (wallpapers, e-cards, jokes, etc). The issues are laid out in 168x224 pixels thumbnails and, as mentioned on the tour, there's a new issue every other day.

As noted on the site, there are almost 700 "issues," which equates to well over 300 models featured in almost 3,120 photo sets and over 1,974 videos. The videos are a little tricky to download or stream because there's nothing that obviously says "Play or download video here." Just look on the bottom part of the issue's cover and, if there's a video, you'll see a small box in that reads "Video Movie Clip" or "HDV." The videos come in multiple formats: iPod in 480x270 (22.6 MB); QuickTime in 1024x576 (76.4 MB) and 1280x720 (123.0 MB); and Windows Media in 720x576 (74.7 MB) and 1280x720 (125.1 MB). These options are located along the side, where you can choose how you want your movies. The videos average around 3 minutes in length.

The photo galleries come with a slide show option, with the zip download option located along the side. You can choose which size you want to download or view the pictures in: 1200, 2000, or sometimes 5616 pixels. The photos I saw were offered in 1200, 2000, 4992, and 5616 pixels. The galleries usually contain around 60 to 70 photos, though I saw some that had less than 30, while others had over 100 pictures. The quality of the photos is generally very high, and they're certainly photos you'd want to download - not only for the artistic eroticism, but also the high quality beauty that is being photographed.

Watch4Beauty has exquisite photography of sensual women from around the world. Most of the women are from Eastern Europe, but you'll see other exotic beauties featured. The photography is very good, with various sets and settings, bold and artistic colors and, of course, beautiful women. The women are very confident in their sensuality and all seem to be comfortable no matter what setting they're in. Settings can range from a naturally sunny beach to an artistic studio with bold colors as the background. The photos all contain solo posing with a few more or less explicit pictures once in a while. This is all about capturing the motive with the model's beautiful body as part of the composition.

The photographs are where this site shines, whereas the videos leave something to be desired. Yes, it's true that the women are portrayed in their sexiness in the videos. The problem is that the videos are too disjointed. There is nothing sensual about them in that literally every 1 to 4 seconds the visuals abruptly end and are spliced with another visual. This is because the editing cuts to a different camera angle very quickly, which makes for a lot of herky jerky movements. If you want to see a close up of a body part, you best check it out in the photo gallery because you'll only see a split second of it in the video. There's no lingering over the lovely women's bodies - just quick dart-like movements from camera angle to camera angle.


Watch4Beauty is a high quality site that features spectacular photography of beautiful women from around the world. This site is not a hardcore porn site, but rather a site that celebrates the softcore eroticism of the female form.

Updates are regular at every other day, featuring a different model in a new photo gallery or a new video. Luckily, there are many more photo galleries than videos because that is where the talent of Watch4Beauty is. The videos are disjointed, leaving you feeling rather befuddled. Focus on the beautiful photography, and you'll be very happy with this site. After all, it bills itself as an erotic art magazine, and that is indeed where it excels.

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Total average: 87.7/100 Our score: 90.0/100

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2011-09-05 06:18:25

The girls are quite beautiful but the PHOTOGRAPHY is plain LOUSY. I have never seen so many washed out photos...especially, the Casting series. I cannot understand why they use stark white backgrounds. Sometimes, the girls just disappear into the background.