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Heavy Knockers review

Summary: Heavy Knockers holds thousands of photos and over 160,000 video feeds of large breasted women.

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Score 70.0 /100
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Mads, 2002-04-04



Intro promises

Thousands of photos
Over 160,000 videofeds of large breasted women

First impression

The colors truly suggest a sex site, the design looks all right and the pictures of the girls on the intropage surely seem to suggest that the model quality is above avarage.
A couple of pop-ups when leaving the frontpage though.


4 day trial $5.97 (USD)
1 month $39.97 (USD)
3 months $74.97 (USD)

Payment options:
Credit card, online check, phone bill, paypal, mail, per minute.

Our opinion

There seems to be five major sections: pictures, videos, live feeds, e-zines & stories, interactive (+ a help section).
Each section is further divided into several subsections from which one can choose according to one's preference. E.g. when one enters the pictures section, you can choose between e.g. anal sex or cumshots and so on.
The quality of the pictures are mostly excellent, however the sections do not strictly feature large breasted women. However, there is a big boobs section (primarily softcore) and altogether there are lots and lots of sets and material to choose between.
Nevertheless, it would be reasonable to expect a section with purely large breasted women in hardcore action.

The pics load immidiately without any problems and one can navigate by using a slideshow option with a selected interval of seconds - a very nice feature. Furthermore, you can select your favorite pics and add them to your personal favorites section.

All models are very attractive looking and the content is primarily hardcore. The content of the sets are mixed and thus not all series of the same model(s) are shown in chronological (or any other) order.
Unfortunately, a lot of the mixed picture sets seem to contain the same pictures, but it seems that this standard is improving a lot, judged from the latest sets added - which are of very high quality.

Beside this, there is a toy section, a threesome section, a rather large lesbian section, and a fisting section for the VERY hardcore pornfans.

Heavy Knockers contains a lot of third party material as well.
The video section contains material rated by the members. This section is all third party material and thus the quality seems to be varying judged from the evaluations, but indeed there are some juicy options to choose from. The section's material seems almost infinte, but some of the content is not exactly evaluated as superb, rather as average. The exact same thing goes for the interactive, the live feeds and the e-zines and stories sections. Contents in these are rated average or even below. I'm not sure why average seems to be the most common score - perhaps because not a lot of people have voted yet - you can't see how many votes have been cast.
These sections naturally require a fast connection in order to take full advantage of the contents.


LOTS of material, most of it of a high quality, too. A lot of well-known porn models in hardcore action along with a generally nice handling of the material are the primary assets of Heavy Knockers.
Only complaints, some annoying pop-ups and a lack of chronology and order in the old picture sets. Furthermore, the focus of the site is somewhat blurred due to the massive third party material. Perhaps it would be an idea to focus more exclusively on the large breasted women instead of proving everything between heaven and earth...altogether a sex site above average.

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