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JugFuckers review

Summary: On JugFuckers the tits are big and made for fucking. Lots of girls with BIG and for the most part natural boobs. The videos always contain titfucking and sometimes solo action with the girl and her mammaries. Video quality sadly is a bit lacking though.

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Mephistopheles, 2006-12-23

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Intro promises is the first Internet site dedicated to tit fucking; this is a one of a kind site where all the models are hot and have huge tits. Over 100 scenes of hardcore titfucking to satisfy all your tit fucking needs and weekly updates! If you love big tits and love seeing them get fucked, look no further and enter today!

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First impression

Are you a breast man? What self respecting guy doesn't appreciate the sight of an exquisite pair of huge, beautiful and most importantly NATURAL titties. But why not take it one step further and stick your cock between them? Pussy isn't the only part of the female anatomy worth fucking. Judging solely from what I've seen of the tour I can tell this site has tons of potential. Jugfuckers boasts that it's 'the original tit fucking site'. So, let's have a look inside and see if it lives up to it's self-proclaimed title. Shall we?


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Our opinion

Although I can't say I'm really a fan of the colour scheme (white and gold?) the member's page at JugFucker is laid out in a simple and direct manner.

At the top of the page is a large banner proudly displaying the site moniker and two busty blondes in all their tit fucking glory. Directly below this is a horizontal menu. This menu is your best bet for finding your way around the site. It includes a row of buttons taking you to the different sections of the site - Home, Our Girls, Network Girls, Your Favorites, Bonus Sites, Reccomendations.

Anyway, onto the fun stuff! As I usually do, I checked out the picture galleries first. After you pick a model you have the choice of viewing either 'High Quality Pics' or "Screen Caps'. The 'High Quality Pics' appear to be professionally shot (during the filming of the episode) and are in the JPEG format. They clock in at an average of 95 KB and around 600x900 resolution. Each Gallery of 'High Quality Pics' usually contains about 200 images presented as thumbnails and spread out over four pages. You have the handy lil' option of downloading the entire gallery, compressed in a single ZIP file. These digi pics are very clear, crisp and well lit (although they aren't as large as I would like) not hiding any detail.

Onto the Screen Caps! These are laid out in a gallery exactly like the 'High Quality Pictures'. Well, as expected, they definetly suffer in quality compared to the 'High Quality Pics' option. On average the screenies clock in at 60kb with a 700x460 resolution.

The videos are all fairly similar in content. If you are looking for wide variety or depth this probably isn't the site for you. Most start up with the model stripping down and exposing her extremly large boobs and sometimes playing with them whilst talking to 'you'. Although, some videos don't even bother with that. A few I watched had no build up whatsoever and went straight to the tit fucking. While the majority of the vids only contain tit fucking, a few do go as far as a blowjob or combination of the two (use your imagination!). One thing I've noticed is most of these girls tits are on the far end of the large spectrum. Some of these girls have F cups and beyond! This should satisfy even those who want to see freakishly big tits.

On a sidenote: I've noticed they use quite a few older male 'stars'. How nice of them to give the old timers some work. I must admit, a lot of these models are quite beautiful (although a few mingers who just happened to have large breast were thrown in!) and I'm impressed to see that the majority (if not all) have natural tits, just as god intended them to be. Nothing annoys me more than the site of lifeless, stiff plastic looking boobs. These ladies have ample bosoms that move, jiggle (and sometimes even sag a little) in a way those silicone jobs never could.

One complaint I do have is that in some videos you can see and hear the annoying flash from the photographer's camera. Very distracting! I also think it would benefit them if there was a bit more of a back story for the girls. As far as they've went with this (and only in one video I noticed) a girl said she'd never been tit fucked before. I think it would really add a whole other level to it if the girls were to tell more about why they're doing this and a bit about themselves. I don't know about you but it turns me on more if I can atleast feel some personal connection to the girl and not that she's just another 'pretty face'.

There are a few options for how you can view the videos...

Download Full Movie: This will take you to a page where the episode can be downloaded in a series of chunks which are usually about 5 minutes in length on average. You can choose between the WMV or MPG format. The MPGs average around 60MB and are 352x240 whilst the WMV are usually about half that file size and 320x240 at 536 kbps. The MPG are definatly superior in quality to the WMV by a mile. While I wouldn't say the MPGs are superb in quality the WMVs can be downright shitty looking. In fact I think those screen shots I was complaining about might have been taken from the WMV videos. I noticed the same thing with the 'lines' going through the videos when I watched the WMVs. Onto the next video option...

Watch Movie: Here you can stream the episode in its entirety. I have to say I'm not very impressed with the buffer rate on the streaming videos. They take FOREVER to load and my internet connection is VERY fast. There seems to be only one option for streaming (High) and there are no options for screen size. The screen is actually quite small. If you'd like to stream the videos in sections I'd recommend you go back to the last button (download full movie) and click on the MPG option (rather than 'save-target-as) this will let you stream each clip in your browser window. Also, below the streaming video window is a link to download the video in full. You can choose between WMV (180MB) or MPG (300 MB).

1 Minute Clip: This is a handy for those of you who want to check out a small portion of the video before you decide to download a large chunk of it. Again, you can choose between WMV (7MB) or MPG (13MB).


Do you like seeing massive tits being fucked? Well, JugFuckers will probably do it for you then. They may not be the most creative in how they deliver their content, but they do deliver and do so IN ABUNDANCE. When you consider the large amount of content, frequent updates and access to several bonus sites I'd say it's well worth taking a look.

There are currently well over 100 episodes at JugFuckers and the site appears to be updated at least every 10 days. Your membership also comes with a slew of bonus sites from the network.

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