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Just Nips review

Summary: I like Just Nips. While there are still pussy and masturbation shots, the site mainly focuses on just amateur nipples and breasts. And these aren't the kind you find in regular sites - these are all natural and are sported by real amateurs. With a large archive of very good quality content and easy navigation, Just Nips is just wonderful for those aroused by amateurs.

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Tamesin, 2011-09-02

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Intro promises

"Forget everything you ever knew about nipples & boobs. This site will open you up to what every day nips really look like! These are REAL WORLD women from 18, to hotties, to MILF’s, Cougars & beyond.
No more plastic fake ”Barbie” styled glossy magazine tits where one looks just like another. You will see nipples so unique they have their own descriptions."

- 570+ galleries
- 2110+ videos
- Exclusive amateurs

First impression

Just Nips features exclusive amateurs that you won't find anywhere else. There are also some models and strippers that you may have seen elsewhere, but the majority are fresh faces and tits. Just Nips focuses on amateurs ranging in age from 18 to 58, with AAA cup sizes to HHH! It's all about the breasts and nipples, although you'll also see plenty of full nudity.


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Our opinion

Just Nips' main focus is on the wide variety of nipples and breasts that the average woman has, but they do show full nudity when the amateur is comfortable with it. There are no men, so you won't see any random cock shots to spoil your viewing of women's all natural beauty. As I will point out, the content itself is very high, with plenty of close up shots (whether video or pictures) of women's breasts and nipples. And it's not just breasts and nipples doing nothing. You'll see plenty of hanging, jiggling, bouncing, and swinging boobs. Some women exercise and jump around, so you'll see some colliding boobs, too. Many of the women play with their nipples or, if they're with another women, play with each other's breasts in the way of flicking, pulling, licking, etc., as well as lots of rubbing of nipples together.

Since these are all amateurs and the site wants all natural, you'll see nipples of all shapes and sizes, including inverted. There are even pregnant women showing off their mammaries and the changes that happens to nipples and breasts during pregnancy and shortly after.

But that's not where the wide variety of boobs and nipples stop. You'll also see 18 or 19 year olds all the way up to milfs; slender to chubby; small breasts to super large breasts; various ethnicities, such as Asian, Ebony, and Latina; solo shots and two amateurs together. Some videos spend a lot of time showing off a slow and teasing strip, but there's plenty of nipple and breast shots once the tops come off.

Navigation is a breeze inside Just Nips. On the entry page, you'll see the menu links of Photos, Videos, and Amateurs, as well as thumbnails to the newest added pictures and videos. When the tour says these are amateur real women, that isn't just a gimmick. It's the real deal, as you'll see in these thumbnails. These are the types of women you're bound to see every day at the grocery store, mall, park, etc. While many of them may not be the classic "hot" Barbie dolls you see on slickly produced porn sites, these women are very much sexy in their own right because they're natural and confident enough in their bodies to show them off. (Plus, there are the classic "hot babes" in here, but they have that aura of naturalness that amateurs have). It's not 100% clear how often the site is updated, since there are no uploading dates noted, but considering the amount of content in the archives, you'll have plenty to see! And according the the site's FAQ they add 2-3 sets per week.

There are over 2110 videos, with each scene divided into Quicktime clips that you can stream or download. These open to a 720x406 (2938 Kbps) sized, very good quality screen. Some scenes are offered HD, which open to 1280x720 (approx. 789 MB). Of course, the HD quality is very high. Depending upon the scene, the entire session can last from around 6 or 7 minutes to around 30 minutes in length. What's really cool about this site is that for each clip, they explain in detail just what the amateur girl is doing, such as "Plays with her boobs a bit. Upper arms pushing the boobs together. Bends forward..." This is a very nice touch in that such explanations make it very user friendly.

In addition to videos, there are around 75,000 pictures. These are presented in zip downloadable galleries, with the pictures opening to 800x1200 pixels. These are very good quality pictures, so I'm sure you'll be using that zip download option a lot. The sets vary widely in how many pictures they have in each - from around 40 to around 200 photos.

The only drawback I saw to Just Nips is the canned music; you don't get to hear the women talking. I think that's a slight drawback since this is supposed to be an amateur site, and I'd love to hear what the women say as they're doing some of their first adult photo sets and videos. It would also be nice to be able to sort by cup size, but as the site explains it, that would take away some of the fun in exploring various boob types and might cause some to never experience the full variation of breast types.


Just Nips is just wonderful for those who love amateur women and their all natural breasts and nipples. The site features a wide variety of amateurs showing off an amazing variety of breasts and nipples. You'll see all kinds of shapes and sizes (and ages) in very good quality videos and photo galleries. With easy navigation, a very large archive, and content that focuses on all natural (and amateur) breasts and nipples, Just Nips is a great site for those who love amateurs!


Any amateur porn site would be a competitor of Just Nips, since Just Nips also includes full frontal nudity and some masturbation. However, many porn connoisseurs prefer a more softcore approach, and Just Nips has it. One site that offers a bit of the same is In The Crack - They focus on showing off every one of these beautiful model's body parts off in super high quality videos. Almost every model has natural breasts. There is also a lot of toy usage going on. takes a somewhat similar approach as Just Nips - they feature Eastern European amateur women with huge natural breasts and show them off in softcore photos and videos.

If you're more into the hardcore part of big knockers, you can check out Big Naturals where the boobs are big and natural, but the action continues all the way through hardcore sex and tit fucking.

Many boob sites contain a whole lotta hooters, but they're usually of porn stars - which usually means silicone injected boobs. After a while, those all look the same and, of course, very unnatural. Just Nips contains all natural breasts and nipples that, since they're of amateurs, show an amazing variety in shapes and sizes of breasts, as well as the various look to women's nipples. For more sites that focus on natural breasts, see our sites tagged with natural breasts.


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