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Lactation Fantasy review

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Lactation Fantasy is huge, and it has 973 movies in HD, and over 40,300 photos to enjoy. They have 200 models in fetish action, but unfortunately the site hasnít updated any new material for quite a while now. But with all this going on, it is still more than worth joining this site for some very unique and exclusive content.,

Score 85.0 /100
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Summary: If swollen and milk-leaking breasts get you hot, the lesbian breastfeeding and milking fetish porn at Lactation Fantasy will have you going into a full meltdown. This site is large and produced by amateurs and starring amateur women from South America. The ladies come on, show off their big tits, milk themselves, and in most cases let other milk-laden beauties suckle and feed on their ample flow of milk. The site is filmed in HD but no new updates for a while.

Jerry Fritz, 2018-08-09

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Intro promises

"Adult breastfeeding!"

- Hi-def video
- Naked women drinking each others' breast milk
- Manual and electric pumping
- Milk showers, squirting and more
- 200 models, 40,000+ pictures, 973+ videos, and over 363 sessions

First impression

On the top of the page is a preview video worth watching, and in it they show two big-breasted, amateur South American women topless, one suckling on the breast of the other. While she feeds, the woman massages and milks her other tit, squirting the sweet milk on to the floor.

Welcome to Lactation Fantasy, a very adult breastfeeding site that promises hi def videos and all the breast suckling, milking, squirting and milk showers you can handle. This is a really unique site and a unique fetish that you'd don't see around a lot, so to find such a big collection here was a surprise. I signed up to have a closer look, read on for the details.


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Our opinion

Lactation Fantasy is an amateur fetish site focused entirely on breastfeeding and breast milk. The content looks like it has been produced entirely in Central and South America with real amateur women, and there's a lot of content to suckle! The site itself is pretty simple in its layout but it provides some simple sorting tools to organize the many "milk sessions" in its library for browsing.

Amateur Latinas milking their tits and being suckled by other Latinas

Something tells me Lactation Fantasy's producers live south of the Equator, or at least travel there to find amateur women with big breasts and extra milk to act out the fantasies of men and women around the planet. All of the women are Latina, and it looks like the setting for the scenes are chacras (farms), and houses around more rural areas of the countries they film in.

It's all about the milk here. Some scenes show the girls pulling out their naked breasts and squeezing their nipples, squirting and leaking their thick sweet milk into trays or bottles. Others use exciting milking machines that suck on to their nipples and drain their swollen breasts of every drop of the sweet cream. The most exciting videos are the ones where the girls and MILFs suckle on each other - locking their lips around a large nipple and suckling like a baby, drinking in the milk. Sometimes the flow is so strong from the women that the girls can't drink it all, and are left looking like a Got Milk? commercial with milk dribbling down their chins and all over their mouths.

There isn't a ton of anything more sexual - some girls show their naked pussies, even touch themselves a bit, but it's the milking and lesbian beastfeeding that are meant to get you hot here.

Real Latina amateurs

These are probably women from every walk of life, who happen to have a lot of milk on hand and be turned on by their own lactation. These are not glamour models. Some have scars from cesarean sections, some have a bit of cellulitis built up on their thighs and ass cheeks. Others look like they gave birth recently, and have soft skin around their bellies yet. All of them do have wonderful, big breasts full of milk, and dark, tempting nipples that look easy to latch on to and enjoy!

Hi-def but limited options for download

The 720p hi-def Windows Media download has a great playback quality and opens to a large 1280x720 resolution (3.5 mbits). The other download is also a Windows Media file, but it opens to a smaller 640x360 screen (1 mbits). These newer scenes are about 20-30 minutes in length, while most of the older ones rarely run over 10-15 minutes from start to finish.

I was a bit disappointed to find that they didn't have a streaming video option.

I was also somewhat disappointed to find that all of the movies I downloaded were dubbed with music - you can't hear the women speak or moan or sigh in relief as they are suckled. Obviously this could be due to the fact that these girls may not be speaking in English or receive instructions from the camera man, so seems fair enough to dub that over I guess.

Amateur but large resolution photos

Like everything else about this site, the galleries are put together by an amateur photographer but the images are sharp and come in large-ish (1067x1600) pixel resolutions. You can browse through a gallery online or save them in convenient zip-file downloads.

When I come to a site dedicated to such a unique and rare niche of porn, I usually find a small collection of content produced by an aficionado. It's clear that lovers of lactation fantasies produce this site, but it's far from a small collection. There were 363 sessions at the time of my visit, dating back to 2005 but no updates in a while now. Older sessions may contain just photos, others multiple short video clips. Modern sessions come with 1 video and a picture gallery.

Fast downloads

The site's members area is pretty simple and straight forward. There is a model index and by-date for the sessions. And if you click the Search option, you have a lot of options to filter the content by activity, age, pubic hair, body type and much more. And you actually do get accurate results from these searches. Kudos for having indexed everything so accurately.

They do have fast download speeds - even faster than some top rated mega site networks! There doesn't appear to be any limit to what you can download every day, either, so get ready to swim in all the breastfeeding porn you can handle.


The site is really big, stars a lot of different Latina amateurs with big milk filled breasts, and a good mix of squirting, milk showers, and suckling breastfeeding in hi-def. Have a lactation fetish? Don't hesitate to check out Lactation Fantasy. If anything I wish the scenes weren't dubbed over with music, but tolerating it is a small price to pay for such original and hot lesbian breastfeeding and lactation fetish porn.


Maxi Moom is an amateur woman with an exceptionally large set of natural tits. She doesn't masturbate or even show her face, but she shows off her big tits and all the things you can do with them: suckle them, massage them, milk them and more!

Lactalia is an older site but it still offers its archive of videos and pictures starring a cute preggo latina who masturbates, gets naked, and plays with her milk.

Pregnant USA stars a mix of amateurs from around the USA showing off, masturbating, and playing with their milk filled breasts. The library here is pretty large, too.


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