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Loving Diana review

Summary: Diana is a curvy Latina amateur with some HUGE boobs. 34HH and natural to be exact. Her personal site is dedicated to lovers of her enormous breasts which she shows off in creative sets. Diana never gets fully naked though. The site dates back two years and she adds 3 picture and video sets per month. Picture quality is good.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2008-11-11

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BBW, big boobs, curvy women, non nude

Intro promises

- Autographed digital picture for you
- Updated every 10 days
- Monthly videos
- Erotic drawings
- Picture of the day
- Access to Diana via regular email communication

First impression

I don't think anyone can miss Diana's all natural 34HH boobs. She gives all new meaning to the phrase "pillow breasts." I often wonder how a woman with such big boobs as Diana has can walk without the aid of a wheelbarrow, but Diana walks and does a whole lot more without anything to prop her up!


$19.95/30 days, non-recurring
$19.95/30 days, recurring at $16.95
$44.95/90 days, recurring at $14.98

Credit cards, check, and phone billing through Verotel

Our opinion

Diana must love her members because she has a very simple navigation menu. Choices include Picture Gallery, Movie Gallery, Pic of Day, and Dedicated Pictures. There's also Hot Pencil Drawings and games/puzzles. The cool thing about "Pic of Day" is that you can see all of them because they're archived since December 2006. "Dedicated Pictures" are photos Diana has taken for specific members who made special requests. This is a very sweet and "loving" touch. "Pencil Drawings" contains around 20 zip downloadable drawings of other very busty models. Games/puzzles also has zip download content, wherein Diana's voluptuousness is arranged in puzzle pieces that you can put together.

There are over 100 videos that range from around 2 minutes in length to 5 minutes. There's a variety of activities in these videos; it isn't just Diana jiggling her ginormous breasts around. There's a lot of fetish offerings, which include school girl, latex, food play, baby oil, outdoor nudity, body painting, naughty secretary, bondage, balloons, and saran wrap. The newer videos come in low and high formatting in MP4 (playable in QuickTime or Windows Media Player) in 640x480 pixels (around 15 MB to 30 MB, depending upon length). The older videos open in Windows Media on a 320x240 (709 Kbps) screen. The episodes are laid out in 2 to 5 parts and have average quality. I'm not sure how often they're uploaded since there's no date noted.

The Pictures Gallery is archived since 2006 and are laid out according to oldest date first. There's a small thumbnail for each of the sets, which then takes you to the gallery. There are over 70 zip downloadable galleries, and most, if not all, of them are based on her videos. The pictures aren't screencaps, but are of very good quality. There's a different busty Latina model in a couple of the sets. The photos range around the 840x669 to 880x664 pixel size. Suffice it to say, of the ones I saw, they were at least 800 pixels. There's also a good amount of photos in each gallery; I'd say the average is around 75. There's usually 3 new photo sets added per month.

If you're a lover of extremely busty BBW women, you'll enjoy the attention Diana lavishes on her breasts. Her videos feature a lot of jiggling and bouncing, but in various costumes and role playing. She knows what a big breast fetishist likes in the way she highlights and shows her top heaviness. I think many men will enjoy her video series where she changes bras. She takes a lot of time putting different bras on. Then when she finds a bra that she can't quite fit into (which is probably most bras ever made!), she lets her boobs slip out from underneath the underwire. She does this several times, and it's even shown in slow motion. By the way, the videos are edited quite a bit, but I don't think that would distract you from your enjoyment of the pure pillow boob-a-thon here. The videos don't have any hardcore action; it's just pure boob tube, but Diana sure can do a lot of things with those boobs! Also, in all the videos I watched, I didn't hear Diana speak in any of them. In my opinion, she doesn't need to speak. Her boobs are the center of attention, and she sweetly and proudly shows them off.


I like Loving Diana as an amateur big breast fetish site. Diana's boobs are all natural, and she shows them off in a lot of creative videos. I'm not sure how regularly she updates her videos, but there are usually around 3 photos sets uploaded per month. There's a decent amount of archives built up, and the quality of the content is good. I also like the attention to detail Diana gives to her members, especially on her "Dedicated Pictures" page.

All in all, if you love all natural ginormous boobs on a BBW, I think you'll enjoy Loving Diana. Just don't forget to breathe because looking at mammaries this mammoth, you might find yourself holding your breath!


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