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Prime Cups review

Summary: At Prime Cups the boobs are as large as the videos or is it the other way around? Anyway the site has a great selection of incredibly hot girls with big attributes. Video quality is great and the action is hot. Well worth a visit for any boob lover.

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Score 85.0 /100
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CB, 2006-08-15

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Intro promises

- Ultra high quality videos of large breasted girls. You'll get "in your face", razor sharp bouncing boobies.
- A new big titted girl every week!
- Videos are incredibly crisp and crystal clear unlike anything you've seen. These are the
highest quality videos you'll find online.
- MPEG-1 & WMV videos in multiple formats for those hi-quality seekers and the dialup folks. 56k & AOL friendly!
- You can download each movie in a single complete part or you can choose from multiple parts.
- Human Customer Service & Self-Help website

First impression

Prime Cups is about breasts. Big ones. If that is you thing, then this is the site for you. They get rubbed in oil and various other substances. They bounce and jiggle to your heart's content. Some of the girls go one step further and submit to being fucked to get those boobies wiggling. The trailers look pretty favorable, so we'll see if the member's area lives up to the promise.


Credit Card
3 day trial - $2.95 recurring at monthly rate
Monthly - $29.95 recurring
90 days - $69.81 one time fee

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Montly - $39.95 recurring
3 months - $89.95 recurring

900 number
One month - $39.95 one time fee

Our opinion

It would seem that Prime Cups is indeed keeping their promise!

The layout is simple and easy to use, with three main areas: Home Page, Exclusive Movies Archive, and Bonus Movies Archive.

The home page features the latest updates, easy to use links to the other sections of the site, and some info about how everything works at Prime Cups.

Clicking on a movie link takes you to an entire page devoted to the various downloads for the selected movie. This page is very helpful, with notes about each available format, convenient customer service links, links to screenshots and photos from the shoot, a link to the archive, as well as a voting feature that lets you rate the movie. Each movie is broken down into 8 segments. Each daily update consists of one segment, with the final update being the full movie in one large file. You can either stream or download each segment, with the exception of the full-length movie, which is only available for download (makes sense... I wouldn't want to stream something that big!). There are two quality options for the streaming video, and three for the downloadable version, all in the MPG format. The full-length clip is available in a “super high quality” WMV format, or as a medium-quality MPG.

Here's what the various quality options translate into:

Low MPG: 256x192 300kbps
Med MPG: 320x240 750kbps
High MPG: 448x336 1300kbps
Super high quality WMV (for full-length clips only): 512x384 1536kbps

Needless to say, the high quality clips look great, especially the WMV full-length version. I'm glad to see such a variety of options, and especially appreciate being able to download the movie in its entirety. At the time of this review, there were 29 exclusive movies available on the site.
With each movie being about half an hour long, that adds up to quite a bit of big-breasted viewing pleasure! The high quality clips are about 40-50MB in size, with the full-length offerings coming in between 320-420MB.

In addition to the movies, there are also high-quality screenshots and digital photos from each shoot that you can check out. Pics are presented as pages of thumbs, with the option to download a zip of the whole set. The screenshots look great, sizing up at 768x576. The digital photos are even better, with amazingly crisp detail and a good-sized 683x1024 resolution. The number of pics for each movie varies, but you can expect between 100-200 screenshots and about 20-50 photos for each movie.

The action is just how they described it in the preview... lots of boobs! Natural ones at that - there don't seem to be any fakers here. It's pretty much a 50/50 split between solo movies and ones with hardcore action, which makes for a nice variety. There is certainly no lack of oil, cream and lube being smeared all over the place, so if you like it messy, this is a good place to be!

In addition to all the exclusive content, there are 9 additional bonus movies. These all follow the same layout as the exclusive stuff, except that there are no digital photos for these ones. The action in the bonus movies is all about the fucking, so there's a little more sex for those who prefer it on the hardcore side.

My only gripe with this site is that there are ad banners plopped down in the middle of the home page and each photo page, as well as the bottom of each movie page. The stuff at the bottom isn't that big of a deal, but sticking things in the middle of a page is confusing at first, and then just kind of annoying.


If you like pornstars with big breasts, then Prime Cups is a great site to check out! A variety of nicely organized video formats makes the site accessible to pretty much anyone, and the site is very easy to navigate. Prime Cups offers up top-notch, high-quality content to those who appreciate a good rack!


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