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Top Heavy Candy review

Summary: Top Heavy Candy delivers DVD-rips with busty women in the leading roles. Video quality and amount on this single site is so-so, but since it is part of the huge Adult Bouncer network, variety is guaranteed.

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Mephistopheles, 2007-03-23

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Intro promises

- You are about to get more porn than you ever imagined!
- Full length adult DVD movies featuring pornstars with big tits.
- Over 1,400 DVDs to download or stream (watch online).
- We provide the quickest download speeds & high quality porn on-demand. Enter to preview screenshots of our big tit movies.

- Acess to over 800 premium websites
- Over 6,000 high quality videos
- Over 2,500 viewing hours
- Home of Adult Bouncer video
- Multiple Formats

First impression

The opening page is in basic html. There's nothing too flashy going on here. It has a green on grey colour scheme and sports four dvd covers. Promises of over 1,400 full length titles to watch, and the quickest download speeds on the net. I've heard these claims before at these online-dvd-rip-emporiums. I guess I'll just have to take a look inside and see what's up.


Our opinion

One of the most important parts of a site is its layout. The member's area here is pretty straight-forward and to the point. You shouldn't get confused browsing this joint. At the very top of the page is information on the latest updates. Directly beneath this is a link to the sites photo gallery, and what we came here for, the movies! There are currently 98 adult titles spread out over seven pages. While this isn't nearly as many as other 'Adult Movie' sites, I guess it isn't so bad considering they specialise in flicks with 'busty' babes, and the fact that you're treated to two bonus sites and access to the entire Adult Bouncer network (more about those later). The updates here are pretty sporatic (anywhere from once to four times monthly) so it's hard to tell how fast they sites content will grow.

Each movie is in a white box with a cover of the dvd and four still images from the movie. Clicking the cover will take you to the movie's own, individual page. These movies all vary in size and are generally split up into about five clips. Browsing through countless movies I haven't seen any full length downloads. I've also noticed almost every movie on the site is in the WMV format (contrary to what's promised on the tour). While the video quality is fairly consistent, it does sometimes vary from film to film (which is to be expected).

I wouldn't exactly call all these movies 'DVD Quality' as the site claims, however, most of these are very clear and definitely comparable to the movies on other sites of this genre. Unfortunately, there is no option for streaming any of the scenes at Top Heavy Candy. Only direct downloads to your hard-drive here. There are also no options for different download speeds. I guess with a large number of movies, this could become rather tedious for the admin.

One major annoyance is the fact that you're often required to re-enter your login information when downloading a scene from a movie. So, here's a tip, porn-hounds. If you do singup, I'd suggest you make your username and password easy to remember. I've had to copy and paste mine several times and that sure gets old fast!

The movies here all contain starlets with large tits. The movies range from all natural girls, first-timers (amateur), interracial, gang-bang to silly titles like 'Babe Watch' and 'Analize This'. A lot of these movies are pretty jerk-worthy. Lots of hardcore action and sure beats renting or even buying dvds. These flicks are pretty much the kind of stuff you'd see in your standard, adult video store. Pretty run-of-the-mill type stuff. So, don't go expecting nothing too 'out there'. There isn't really anything here to satisfy those into the more edgy, extreme end of the spectrum. But, hey, this site is about big boobies and, in that respect, it delivers!

The main emphasis here is the movies, although they also have two different ways to access pics here as well. On each film's page there is a series of still shots from each scene (ranging from 4-12 images). These pictures are usually worthless for anything other than getting an idea of what's going on in the scene (which is likely their purpose anyway). Being screen caps they can be blurry at times, and clicking them to enlarge them will only leave you dissapointed. Sometimes (rarely) you'll get a normal sized picture, but more often than not, you'll find yourself look at an image that appears to be even smaller than the original thumbnail. What's up with that?

If you're truly into pictures, you'd be better off visiting the 'Photo Gallery' at the top of the member's area. These are professionally shot and clock in at an average of 100kb with a height and width of 600x800 pixels. Each gallery contains anywhere from 50 to 170 images. The only downfall is there are only 9 galleries and all but one are striptease, and solo masturbation galleries. This may be too tame for alot of you guys. Another strange thing of note is that not many these girls have what would be considered big breasts. This makes the Photo Gallery oddly stand out and not seem like it's part of the same site. Almost as if they randomly put in whatever photo sets they could get ahold of, just to have a picture section. On the upside the pictures are very clear and show good detail. For an example of this, check out the honey slathered pussy pics in Sweet Nicky's set.

With your membership you also get access to two bonus sites, which are less than stellar. The better of the two being 'Adult DVD Movie Stash'. This site definetly has a broader range of material. The videos are oganized in pretty much the exact same fashion as 'Top Heavy Candy' and there are 58 in total. This again, contains pretty standard material not unlike you'd find in a typical adult video store. There seems to be a lot of cum swapping and blowjob movies here.

The other, 'The Bouncy Booty' isn't so great. It specialises in movies featuring girls with nice, shapely, firm asses. it's pretty much setup like the other two sites but has the plus of streaming video and better descriptions per scene. Its major downfall however, is its lack of movies. Only 14 in total. Nothing to write home about here. Although, your membership comes with something that makes these two bonus sites pretty much meaningless. Full access to the Adult Bouncer network!

This is where your membership really pays off! Just click the link at the bottom of the page that says 'ALL Participating Adult Bouncer Sites'. Clicking this sends you to a page which gives you access to a variety of content. TONS of niches are covered here. Categories include: Eighteen+, Amateur, Anal, Asian, BBW, Babes, Bizarre, Blacks, Blondes, Breasts, Ebony, Femdom, Fetish, Foot/stocking, German Porn, Group-Sex, Hardcore, Henti, Indian, Interracial, Latin, Lesbians, M.I.L.F., Money Shot, Movies/video, Older Women, Porn Stars, Swingers, Teen, Toys/object, Variety and Watersports! The great thing is, each of these categories usually contain anywhere from 5-50 sites!

I've browsed tons of these movies and I'm highly impressed. If you're into a wide variety of niches like I am, there's enough shit here to keep you busy for a life-time. Even if you're not totally into big tits, the Adult Bouncer network alone makes this place worth joining.


Top Heavy Candy is an okay movie site which specialises in giving you ripped DVD flicks featuring busty starlets. While they don't have as many movies as other sites, I chalk this up to the fact they specialise in a particular niche.
However, this is well made up for with access to the Adult Bouncer network. I hate to repeat myself, but the broad range of material on the Adult Bouncer network really does it for me here. I've seen everything from mild amateur movies, to piss drinking, trannys and midget fucking! There's definetly something for everyone. Pretty much the only thing I haven't seen is scat. It reminds me of those variety packs of fire-works. Major bang for your buck going on here!

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