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XX Cel review

Summary: All kinds of busty babes appear at XX Cel, a standalone site with an ancient looking design and not so easy navigation that, when you get used to it, offers you a load of solo movies where amateur European and USA babes get to show their tits and play. Updates happen weekly, the site is growing and well stocked, and the girls are well stacked. It's not a bad price for what you get, and the quality is just fine.

Score 80 /100
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Luke, 2018-12-17

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Intro promises

Exclusive content
Mp4 streams and downloads
Big busty babes
Cheaper rebilling

First impression

The first thing that smacks you around the face when you check out XX Cel is the size of the girls' boobs. Some of these tits are massive; there's no other word for it. This site is all about big boobs, so it's just as well they've lined up naturally big babes for us. Some are slim and trim, others are BBW, some are Milfs or moms while others are amateurs from all walks of life and from all kinds of countries with girls from Europe and the USA appearing. It's a tricky site to navigate, and it only offers limited downloading, but it's updating, exclusive and the quality is fine.


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Our opinion

XX Cel is purely and simply about big-boobed women showing you their tits. Oh wait, it has some other tricks up its sleeve. There are mainly solos here, with girls playing with their boobs and striping, showing off, and it can be a bit softcore at times. In other scenes, there's a guy doing the fondling, and in some, you have pregnant babes and even some lactation. The models are also a mix of white, black and Latina, so there's a nice variety, and there are 187 girls listed so far with all their important stats - i.e. boob size, and some are incredibly big.

You find the latest updates on your home page, and it looks like the site is updating each week with a new video and sometimes with a photo set. It's hard to give an exact number of videos as there's on one list for all movies. Each model has her own number of movies which you find on her details page. There are links to 'all videos' and so on, but I had trouble with these (see below). However, when I did get to stream a video or download one, I got what I was hoping for.

The girls strip and play, sometimes explored by a guy, but I didn't see anything particularly hardcore, just erotic. The tits are the thing! Movie resolutions vary depending on age. There are Mp4 files in 1,920 x 1,080 HD, WMV at 1,280 x 720 and 720 x 480, plus one stream at 640 x 360 in a Flash player which will go full screen. The quality is fine. These are amateur performers, but the camerawork is up to a decent standard, and so is the lighting and sound. Some more streaming options would be good, but you get the impression the site is pretty basic and perhaps needs a re-design to load it up with some modern features, like rates, comments etc.

There are loads of images with the exact number also varying as there's no one list of pics. The galleries are basic thumbnail galleries with solo images that will open one at a time (to 2,000 x 3,000 px when downloaded) but no slideshows. You can take a zip file for each set if you want.

On a few occasions, I clicked the link to download a video and found myself thrown back to the tour pages. I simply back-buttoned and tried again (the same thing happened) but it wasn't on every link, so I was able to download movies. But I found the navigation system here lacking. It would be good to have a list of all videos and all photos. It looks like there is, but when I clicked the 'videos archive' links, I was only set to the top of the page. You have to go to the model index, which you can find from the homepage, and then check out each model one by one, which is a bit cumbersome.

Navigating out of galleries is via back button or one simple link, videos stream and download direct from the model's page, and there is no top menu to speak of. There is, though, a short list of options in a sidebar on the home page where you can filter pregnant babes from the rest. Otherwise, there are no filters or ways to rearrange content. This is a rather old-fashioned design reminiscent of the early days of online porn.

There are no extras here, the only saving grace is the sign-up price which stars at $26.95 for the first month and then reduces to $19.95 per month after that. The three-month option gives you a month free, more or less, at $49.95 and there is no pre-checked cross sale on sign up, though there's an option to add another ongoing membership to another site, which will cost you an ongoing membership, of course.


XX Cel sure offers you some big, busty women, some of whom are slim and young, others who are older and chubby, with some European Milfs and moms, plus all kinds of other amateurs, as long as they are massive in the tit department. Some are unbelievably big. It's mainly softcore strip and play style content, it's decent quality up to 720p, there are streams (one option) and downloads, and updates are coming in. No extras and a tricky navigation system are a bit of a letdown but overall, the site is not. Not if you lie your babes booby and amateur.


Okay, I am checking to see what's currently top of our Boob category so I can offer you a couple of alternatives if you want more than an amateur looking site with amateur busty babes, as you find at XX Cel.

Big Naturals and Brazzers are scoring well and are worth a look, and they are also very well known. So, how about a lesser-known site, Just Nips? With over 2,000 videos and 570 + galleries, all concentrating on great looking models and their tits, you find exclusive amateurs here in a site that's all about breasts and nipples in particular. There's plenty of nudity too.

Busty features some hugely boobed European girls, a bit like XX Cel, but this site concentrates on Polish girls, mainly. There are shots with sultry lighting, sexy and well presented, hot videos and plenty of boob play. It's similar to XX Cel, but I thought the standard of presentation was way higher.


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