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40 Inch plus review

Review Update

40 Inch Plus is no longer available. All the content from 40 Inch Plus can still be accessed with a Reality Kings membership. Click here to read our Reality Kings review.

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Score 60.0 /100
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Summary: 40 Inch Plus is a hard-core fetish site all about butts that's 100% original. Membership also brings access to a large number of bonus sites.

Mads, 2005-12-04

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Intro promises

40inchplus is a 100% original site. We film this ourselves and you will not be able to see this content ANYWHERE else. What you are getting is the best footage of REAL girls with DELICIOUSLY round asses. Only people that are obsessed as us with perfect assses could bring you something like this. Our movies are in wmv and mpg format and completely downloadable to your harddrive. The best part is you also get access to 14 of our other completely custom sites.

First impression

Hmm.. what a compelling name for a site. You probably think you've guessed what this is all about already, but let me assure you; there's a twist or two to this end. As such my first impression of this site is that the quality is relatively high end, still I wonder if there is a butt... anyway, viewing the nice quality video previews should give you an idea!


Our opinion

All right, enough of the corny jokes. Can't help myself... this site IS indeed all about butts, bottoms, asses, behinds and popos. Dare I say, some massive ones as well... 40 inches of butt is the magic number that grants a models access to this nirvana of exotic hardcore entertainment.

Fortunately this doesn't mean that these models are plain obese or anything in that vein (no pun intended)... on the contrary; as the previews tell they are great looking honeys with a taste for the sweet life...

The members' section on 40 Inch plus is compellingly simple to navigate due to the fact that it limits itself to one section only; the butt section. The content avaliable is pictures as well as videos. I'll jump straight to the video content and just mention that the pics are looking quite decent, but with a disappointing 426x640 px resolution, and presented chronologically by thumbnails.

Well, the movie sections are not vast at this point probably due to early stage development of the site in general. However, what's here is HQ in terms of model and content quality rather than a lot of obsolete material. Currently, the site offes 10 unique models, all very attractive and curvy young women with a big potential for this particular kind of action. Now, as far as the action goes this is 110% kinky hardcore and the center of attention is the biggest assets of the girls as well ;-) If you have a fetish for such proportions this is definitely a great start.

Technically, the videos are relatively HQ. The format is mpg. The clips can be downloaded in 3 major movie sets as well as in smaller clip parts illustrated by thumbnails. Typically the smaller clips amount to a total of 40- something number of clips per episode. These smaller clips can also be streamed as wmv in a resolution of 480x320 and a bit rate of 540 kbps. Perhaps some would request additonal formats, and some might add that it would be nice with different resolutions optimized for different connection speeds. This is not an option here, but the division of the movies into smaller segments does make the downloading drill an option even for people with limited connection speed.

On the other hand it may for some people with a high bandwith connection be disappointing that the resolution of the movies doesn't exceed 480x320. Alongside comes the fact that the 3 large segments of approximately 65 MB each aren't avaliable as one large file. In other words; the videos are of decent quality with a fair bitrate though not speciafically optimized for fullscreen mode.

On a final positive note it deserves mention that all members of 40 Inch plus automatically gain access to a large variety of sister sites, which I know for a fact are premium sites (at least they were last time I went there ;-).


40 Inch Plus has one clear mission as a site; to give you premium access to as many 40+ inches butts as possible.

Unfortunately, the amount of unique material is at present somewhat limited as compared to other butt fetish sites. On the other hand personally I'd settle for lesser amounts of high standard content any day of the week as opposed to bulks of less-than-average stuff.

This seems to be the schism of 40 Inch Plus altogether; In spite of a compellingly straightforward concept, top notch models etc. one somehow expects more in terms of the technical quality. In spite of the fact that there's definitely some promising material here, the site has to expand without devaluating the content quality in order to earn a top rating.


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