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Ass Traffic review

Summary: Ass Traffic features very high quality videos of babes getting their butts stuffed with cocks. A new episode is added every week, and there is a number of good quality pictures as well.

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Score 85.0 /100
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J C, 2004-09-15

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Intro promises

"Our Mission: Handing over the hottest girls' asses over to guys with huge cocks to literally fuck the living shit outta them!" "If you're like us you worship the beauty of round firm female butt. We find a brand new hottie every week, plow her tight ass and shoot a thick creamy load all over her face. Who cares if it hurts, none of our girls get away without getting their backdoor plundered. All of our movies are available in high quality video right here and nowhere else. No goofing around, no scripts, no condoms. Just killer anal sex the way it was meant to be!" "A brandnew all exclusive handpicked anal slut every week. As we stress test their tight assholes these girls are begging for more!" "Each scene contains up to 40 minutes of hot raunchy anal action & over 200 pictures." "We shoot and produce all movies ourselves. You will not find them anywhere else."

First impression

There appears to be quite a bit of content on the site. They have a very clear system in place and a distinct look. I've been disappointed by similar professional sites before. Right now, I like what I'm seeing.


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Our opinion

What I don't like seeing right off the bat is some of the girls. It's not that they're ugly, they aren't. But they mostly fit into this category of semi-hot. They try to compensate for whatever cuteness the face lacks with an overabundance of makeup and often breast size. There's not much variety between them. They are all white. Either they're blonde or brunette. If you see a redhead, it's probably fake. They have huge boobs, which is not a bad thing, but if you're a small tit guy, well...good luck. And they all fall victim to the caked on makeup, whether they need it or not. They're passable, but not the greatest.

You have a good shot at finding something you like here, because there are over 50 exclusive movies to pick from. Each girl's page links to movie downloads, screenshots and pictures. To help guide your navigation are little icons which represent the various sections. It's a quaint idea and it helps, but it makes the site more busy and depending on what page you're looking it, could aid to a visual overload.

There is a lot going on in terms of pictures and text and links all around, but the basic structure is very straight-forward. You can access every girl's page from a good-sized thumbnail image on the main page, which works well for the moderately large amount of movies in the archive. Below that are bonus movies assumedly from other sites (most likely from the same production company). It looks like they are more of the same but with different girls who don't adhere to the asstraffic look. There are a minimum amount of advertisements, but some of them are well disguised to look like a continuation of the content. Be careful around the middle of the page.

Clicking on a girl from the homepage will bring you to the movie download section, which is the real meat of the site. There's a tiny description of the movie content, plus it gives you a chance to download a preview trailer before you get into the time intensive downloading. Normally, you'd think this would be a rather pointless gesture. Previews are to determine whether or not you want to join a site, right? Well, here they're pretty necessary.

Each movie is divided up into 8 parts and then there's the full video download. You can elect to watch streaming video of each part on either low or medium quality. You can also download the parts in mpeg format at either low, medium or high quality. At the low setting, it takes nearly seven minutes to get one part. At the medium quality, it takes nearly fourteen minutes. The high: nearly twenty-one minutes. The "super high quality" wmv format full movie will take over two hours to get onto your harddrive. This is with a broadband connection. So, before making that investment of time, it's best to make sure it's worth it. The movie sections also provide a simple help section for those more computer illiterate types who are unsure of what to do. That's a minute, but still worth mentioning point.

So, how's the quality on these things. Well, as you could imagine, the quality increases like it should. The low is pretty pixelated, but not to a point where it's horrible or that you lose key imagery. You can still clearly make out all the parts and toys and facial expressions. It's just rough around the edges. In the medium quality, the picture size is slightly bigger and it's less fuzzy. You can see more bodily imperfections as there is more detail. The high is the best. It's not perfect, but once again, it's bigger with more detail and not as pixelated. I didn't notice any difference in the sound quality between the three. The low will serve as a good video for most of you out there. This site's low quality is better than the high in other places. Part of the reason for this is due to the way it is shot.

This is a professional organization. The camera work is smooth. The editing dissolves nicely and isn't jumpy. The lighting and exposure are actually correct almost all the time. The focus is on the girl rather than the sexual acts. You still have the penetrations on camera, but you get to see the girl react and moan. They don't care about getting the cut away of the guy as he's about to let loose. We want to see the girl and that's what we get.

Also available on the pages are screenshots, which can also act as a guide to whether or not you'd like to spend the time downloading. There are hundreds of screenshots taken from each girl's movie, which are neatly layed out in thumbnail format over several pages. Each shot is unique enough to warrant being there. The problem I have with it all, is that once you select one, it opens up as a jpg file in the same window with no way out but the back button. If there isn't an option to exit out from picture, then it should at least open in a separate window so as to continue browsing through the rest of them or elsewhere in the site.

The same thing occurs with the pictures section. Now, the pictures are not screenshots. These are separate photos taken independently of the video production which show the girls engaging in more hardcore activity. The look is slightly different, but still retains the original professionalism and focus on the woman that you see on the video. The pictures are pretty crisp, but not perfect. There's also a chance they've been somewhat airbrushed, although I can't be certain. Either way, they're a nice supplement to help get you in the mood while you wait for that monster video to finish.


Ass Traffic does have quite a bit of content and it will take hundreds of hours if you are to sift through it all, but most likely you won't want to. I really enjoyed the professionalism behind it all and their clear vision is a solid and effective one. I like the options for downloading, but waiting for the full movie to download would bring anyone out of it. You pretty much have to save them for a rainy day. But it'll be a good rainy day.


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