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Assylum review

Summary: This Assylum only treats beautiful and submissive girls and every course of treatment involves a healthy dose of being humiliated while tied down, ass fucked, butt gaped, face fucked and otherwise dominated and made a filthy beautiful mess. These guys have strikingly original and intense scenes that fans of ass fetish and anal play will appreciate, and each hour-long update is filmed in the highest resolutions available.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2015-11-19

Butts, Fetish, 18-23, Hardcore, High-definition, Videos, Movies

1080p, 4K, anal play, anal sex, ass worship, BDSM, bondage, double penetration, group sex, peeing

Intro promises

"Rough and crazy anal domination - in 4K ULTRA-HD!"

4K Ultra-HD videos
Smart, Rough, Extreme Anal Play

First impression

Assylum is more than a clever play on words by an anal sex fetish site. It's the theme at the core of each exclusive episode. Beautiful girls are interned in this kinky ward and the doctors in charge of their treatment see to it that their asses are well-used and exploited as part of their recovery. On offer to those who join is "crazier, filthier and smarter" than what you'll find at most other ass fetish and anal play sites and if you don't believe them just check out some of the trailers on their public tour.


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Epoch, Segpay

Our opinion

This Assylum is unlike any other. The patients are all beautiful and submissive girls in need of a strong hand and an even harder ass fucking. The tending physician, Doctor Mercies, sees to it that their treatment contains excessive amounts of both in each of the exclusive and refreshingly original anal play scenes inside.

Anal play and ass worship is one of my personal favorite niches but having said that I'm more than aware of how repetitive the niche can get. A lot of the best sites in the niche are guilty of it. After spending a few hours enjoying the scenes at Assylum it's clear that they are setting out to do something different and original.

For the ass fetishist and anal fiend in you this site strokes every pleasurable nerve ending in your porn craved brain. Part of their success comes from how well the experience is framed with the assylum and 'anal therapy' session scenarios but what they do best of all is make a arousing combination of BDSM, humiliation, anal fucking and filthy kinks like pissing and WAM.

The 60 movies in the collection are each quite unique.

In one, a busty blonde is bound in red ropes, suspended and face fucked, ass fucked, made to lick her doctor's hairy bum and then face fucked again until her face is covered in a mess of cum.

In another, the slim brunette is dragged onto a couch, has a bag put over her head and has her throat fucked. She's then tied down on a table of cushions and made to lick her doctor's ass, before being flipped over and having a huge butt plug inserted into her. This is just the beginning. The Doc makes some scrambled eggs but funnels them into her asshole before making her push the batter back out for him to fry up and serve her in a dog dish. After she's eaten her breakfast the doctor and his assistant fuck her ass and mouth at the same time and leave her dripping cum.

These scenes can run quite a long time, usually around an hour, and some therapy sessions have to be broken into two (often escalating) parts. You can stream them in full high definition or download them in the same resolutions. The best quality available is a 4k Ultra HD mp4 (3840x2160; 35 mbits) but to get access to that you have to opt for the more expensive Premium membership and also have a monitor or TV that can display the 4K. The 1080p HD downloads come with the standard membership and still look amazing.

Updates are coming every 3 to 7 days at the moment and there are no picture galleries or bonuses that go along with a membership. I really don't think that should dissuade a single ass fetishist out there, though; these scenes are that good.


Assylum's atmospheric scenes, intense anal play and humiliation and top quality production quality make it a must-visit site for an fan of anal and ass fetishes. The site is growing steadily and really offers something unique that will make you feel like you're watching this stuff for the first time again.


Evil Angel's massive library of anal sex, ass worship and butt play make it a perfect alternative or companion to a pass at Assylum. The HD scenes star lots of Euro babe and porn stars and the 1080p HD quality is fantastic.

Everything Butt is an even better match given its full of bondage and kinky twists. Produced by the masters of fetish porn at, this site offers some massive butt penetrations, dildo play, gapes, and other filthy entertainment in the dungeons of the Kink castle in San Francisco.


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Total average: 82/100 Our score: 90.0/100

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