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Assylum review

- 1st revisit

Summary: This Assylum only treats beautiful and submissive girls and every course of treatment involves a healthy dose of being humiliated while tied down, ass fucked, butt gaped, face fucked and otherwise dominated and made a filthy beautiful mess. These guys have strikingly original and intense scenes that fans of ass fetish and anal play will appreciate, and each hour-long update is filmed in the highest resolutions available.

Score 90.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2016-09-12

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1080p, 4K, anal play, anal sex, ass worship, BDSM, bondage, double penetration, group sex, peeing

Intro promises

"Rough and crazy anal domination - in 4K ULTRA-HD!"

4K Ultra-HD videos
Smart, Rough, Extreme Anal Play

First impression

The Assylum is an extreme anal sex fetish site that lives up to its name. Every update to their library brings a thematic, exclusive trip into a decadent and kinky ward where the doctors take care of ass-obsessed patients. The submissive whores' only chance of recovery is through an intense regiment of ass play, anal sex, butt gaping, and constant humiliation. As promised thi ssite is 'crazier, filthier and smarter' than every other ass fetish site out!


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Our opinion

The inscription on the gates of Hades reads: “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” This could very well be the tagline for Assylum, a place that specializes in, as their official site tagline says, “Anal Therapy for Dirty, Submissive Whores.” Take a deep breath and brace yourself before you enter these halls of iniquity, because what you’ll find here are among the roughest, messiest, ass-eatingest hardcore scenes you’ll ever see.

This site poses an interesting question: What do we do with unruly, disobedient, cock-hungry women who just won’t follow society’s socio-sexual norms? Well, first, stop referring to them as “women” and instead call them by any number of derogatory terms: whores, sluts, bitches, meat. Next, tie them up tightly in various forms of rope and leather bondage and fuck them roughly in the ass, and then make them choke, gag, slobber, and sometimes even vomit, on a cock. After that, give them anal creampies, watch them ooze the cum back out, and then witness as they slurp down the returned sticky cum. So, to ask the question again: What should we do with these kind of women? Send them to the Assylum, where they are sure to get re-educated and learn how to obey!

There are currently 106 movies posted on Assylum. The videos are downloadable in three resolutions, the best being their Ultra 4K HD (3840x2160) format - but you'll have to grab a premium membership to have access to that. The Full HD is the best option for a regular membership and fear not, it still looks amazing. Movies can be streamed in-browser but at a 720p HD maximum quality. Sadly, there are no photo sets of the scenes. There is a daily download limit of three scenes per day.

The scenes and performances on Assylum are so hard and dirty that it’s easy to forget that the performers consent to their “treatment.” In some scenes, often tagged “painal” (painful anal), the “patients” scream and cry as their assholes get violated by cock and various objects. At the end of the scenes, though, there are cast commentaries that offer an inside look into the mindsets and motivations of the directors and performers, which helps to reassure that these are fantasies and that the women are living out something dark and sexy, a taboo experience they craved and have no fulfilled.

Assylum is not a loving porn site. Do not come here for intimacy, passion, or light-hearted fun. This is a place of, as some of the tags read, degradation, pain, and dehumanization. Enter at the risk of your own conscience and desire. And beware: you're gonna like it!


Assylum's atmospheric scenes, intense anal play and humiliation and top quality production quality make it a must-visit site for an fan of anal and ass fetishes. The site is growing steadily and really offers something unique that will make you feel like you're watching this stuff for the first time again.


Evil Angel's massive library of anal sex, ass worship and butt play make it a perfect alternative or companion to a pass at Assylum. The HD scenes star lots of Euro babe and porn stars and the 1080p HD quality is fantastic.

Everything Butt is an even better match given its full of bondage and kinky twists. Produced by the masters of fetish porn at, this site offers some massive butt penetrations, dildo play, gapes, and other filthy entertainment in the dungeons of the Kink castle in San Francisco.


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Total average: 82/100 Our score: 90.0/100

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