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Big Butts Like it Big review

Summary: Big Butts Like it Big is focused on pornstars with big butts getting fucked in the ass by guys with huge cocks. The highly enjoyable movies contain lots of ass licking, ass worship and of course anal sex. They are offered in fantastic HD quality Flash streams and downloads. Brazzers Network is an added bonus providing great value for money.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Caliente, 2009-09-15

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Intro promises

- 100% satisfaction or money back
- Access to 27 other Brazzers sites

Here's what they have to say:
"The one and only anal porn site created by This site has the hottest anal pornstars craving the biggest cocks. Our scenes are updated daily with over 2100 scenes so you never have to look anywhere else for anal sex with big boobs."

First impression

This is one slick site. And we're talking the intro page here, so that's saying something. 6 high res pics of beautiful girls with a big dick in their big round asses, preview trailers, more pics and then heaps of pages (even though they're still preview material) of content from Brazzers' other sites. Plus down the bottom of the page they entice you with thumbs for each other site in the network, and yes, they do look very good too. So in regards to their promise of not having to look anywhere else for anal sex with boobs, judging from the front page, I can clearly see the reason why.

I logged in, it is indeed as promised - a world of content, and so many choices! I can tell it's going to be difficult to stick with just Big Butts Like It Big, but I must stay strong for the sake of you the all important reader!


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Our opinion

OK, so we've established there's a LOT of content. First impression of the home page is good - I liked the fact that Big Butts Like it Big (BBLIB) has their latest scene featuring as the head banner of the page. It's a simple idea but a good one, you don't have to scroll down to look for it, it's right there, the first thing you see. At the time of review, the scene was aptly named 'Revenge is a dick best served big' and starred the sexy raven haired siren Diana Prince. She's got a biiiig butt. So we're off to a good start, and the next thing that appealed to me is a BIG point of contention for me with these mega sites.

When you've got heaps of other sites in the network and thousands of scenes, like other big sites, it's easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of material at your fingertips. What I mean is, once you've logged in to the site you've specifically chosen, you're bombarded with thumbs, links and pics of all the other sites and it's difficult to actually find the content from the site you originally signed up for. It's distracting, annoying and unnecessary. Brazzers have done an excellent job keeping things relatively simple. All the latest scene thumbs are for BBLIB, there are shortcuts (text links) to other search features such as new scenes, HD scenes and highest rated for example, but they don't get in your way, but are there if you choose to use them. 11 out of 12 of the latest scenes on BBLIB were HD so that's very exciting too, as the quality is fantastic, but more on that later. Below the BBLIB thumbs is where you start getting introduced to other Brazzers products, with a featured new site called Hot and Mean which is a hot lesbian site, then below this are the branded links to all the other Brazzers sites. Scroll down a bit further still and you see thumbs of favourite HD scenes as well as up coming scenes. There's also a members poll asking for feedback/opinions which was a nice touch and the latest forum posts.

Right, on to the juicy stuff - the actual content. And WOW this is what I want to see when I click on a video link... heaps of options here and easily accessible, well laid out. If the video you choose is HD ready then you're taken straight to the High Def viewing option, HD is great of course but takes longer to buffer (if you watch it in the Flash window) as well as download, but trust me, it's well worth the wait. On the actual viewing part of the window things get pretty slick - you roll your mouse over buttons such as favourite, info (brings up scene information), cinema (makes the window full screen but requires a powerful computer), filmstrip (enables you to seek by frames of the video but was 'coming soon' and download brings up all your options in HD and Standard Def.

There are tabs above the flash viewer for - the trailer, high quality pics, screen caps, 1 minute clips and a separate page for comments. One cool thing Brazzers have done is that even though all you really need to view/download the video is in the flash viewer, you can still view the video in chunks with various download options and you're able to view in a new window too. The download options are still the same WMV, MPEG1, MPEG4 and iPod/psp as well as the HD - but you can't download segments in HD, only the full thing. Speaking of the entire video, I need to get some more RAM because when you save the full vid at its highest res you're talking about approximately a 2.5GB file! That's for the 1080p (WMV 1920x1080 at 12 mbps) while the 720p (WMV 1280x720 at 8mbps) is slightly smaller and my computer could only just hack it at 1.85GB, but it was still a bit jerky. So make sure you're rammed up! The picture was ridiculously clear, the quality was amazing and action was super hot! Seeing these beautiful girls such high resolution just makes it all so much sexier. An important note is that you have to have been a member for 6 months to download HD videos.

Of course being a site about big asses, there is a lot of focus on their asses! This is good because the girls in BBLIB do indeed have very nice booties, and they're not just packing heat there, they've got big tits, some natural some fake, but all good. The guys worship their asses, with a lot of rimming and using fingers as they prep them for some hot ass fucking and damn these girls know how to take it like champions! A lot of good camera angles and variations of positions make for some great scenes. There are LOADS of pictures, hundreds per scene, they're 600x900px and are of very high quality too. They're not as big of course as the video, but if you were really fussy you could always take a screen shot of the video footage if you're after size. While I thought maybe this meant the screencaps were of better quality, they're still the same - small and grainy. I'm still not quite sure why they're even there. There are plenty of shots of the model solo stripping before the guy comes in and they get stuck into the hardcore stuff. There are some big names too - Sky Love, Nikki Benz, Shyla Stylez and Ricki White to name a few so you know you're guaranteed some high quality action, but even the girls who I didn't recognise put on grand performances.

The search options are great at BBLIB too, you can search for model, scene, amounts of description, video format and date. At the bottom of every video page you can see other scenes the model has appeared in as well as leave a comment and read others which is always a bit of a laugh. The only problem that Brazzers have presented me with is that after experiencing their movies in HD I don't want to go back to Standard Def! It just isn't as good, but hey I can't complain.


Big Butts Like it Big is one hell of a good site, the girls are mind blowingly hot, the action is great, the scenes are well shot, produced and there's some really great performances - the girls have amazing asses, they love being fucked in them and even crack a smile now and again to let you know it.

The amount of supporting material - photos, traliers, clips and download options all add up to a very very good site. Combined with the fact that your pass to Big Butts Like It Big gets you access to all those other Brazzers sites it's like your porn site golden ticket.


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