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Fart Domination review

Summary: FartDom is all about women dominating men by placing them between their ass cheeks and letting one rip right in their face. There's all kinds of Mistresses here from white chicks to black BBWs. The site gives its members daily, very good quality updates of erotic humiliation of the twisted and smelly kind. A good pick for anyone dreaming of being smothered in ass.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2010-11-01

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Intro promises

- Daily updates
- Clips from their Clips4Sale store

First impression

If you yearn for a face full of stink, then live vicariously through the humiliation sluts presented on FartDom! FartDom features Mistresses who go beyond the dishing out of simple erotic humiliation and into the realm of farting domination, which is designed to be especially degrading.


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Our opinion

There's nothing stinky about FartDom's navigation. It's super simple, with the scenes - released daily - laid out on the home page with the latest going first. Each scene has several small thumbnails and a wonderful description to let you know what's going on in that particular episode. Delightfully, there are a wide range of looks amongst the dommes, from slender blondes to ebony BBWs. If there's a particular physical type of gas Mistress who turns you on, just follow the handy links of Blondes, Brunette, Latin Girls, Black Girls, and White Girls.

You can stream or download over 120 videos (and counting), which are clips from FartDom's clips4sale store. These videos open to various sizes, such as 720x480 (2057 Kbps) and 852x480 (1235 Kbps) and are very good quality. These videos average 5 minutes in length and play in Windows Media and iPod/iTunes. The audio quality is also very good, so you'll hear all the humiliating words these fart Dommes rain down upon their hapless slaves, as well as hearing them tooting up a storm!

FartDom is all about degrading humiliation sluts in a way that's outside the norm. I'm sure many a submissive who has an erotic humiliation fetish has fantasized over having a mentally sadistic Mistress farting in his face, forcing him to smell her farts due to smothering him with her luscious ass. While it's true that there are plenty of bdsm sites on the net, it's a rare find to discover a whole site dedicated to this brand of humiliation slut, let alone finding even one scene of fart domination. Whether the men are gulping down their Mistresses' farts, inhaling them deeply, or nervously laughing, you'll find various vignettes of fart domination here.

In addition to farting and smothering, you'll also see plenty of the usual bdsm activities you expect Mistresses to subject their slaves to, such as: face slapping, ass worship, trampling, foot worship, and pussy licking. All the scenes really deliver and definitely make the fart fetishist wish he could be the recipient of such degradation, especially since the Mistresses are so dominant. While some of them may giggle at breaking wind up their slaves' noses, you can tell they're very dominant. No matter the style of these gaseous Dommes - whether giggly or sadistically humiliating - you can tell they're totally enjoying themselves. And, let's face it, it takes a special kind of Mistress - an especially dominating one - who doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks, and to actually fart in front of the camera. Kudos to FartDom for finding Dommes who have no problem letting 'er rip with this unique kind of degradation.


I highly recommend FartDom to anyone who has a fart fetish or who craves really degrading erotic humiliation. The site gives something very unique in the way of the bdsm niche, and they take pride in their product by featuring twisted dommes who are truly enjoying letting their assholes rip. The quality of the videos is very good, and you'll be pleasantly surprised to see that the site contains daily updates. If you want degradation with your erotic humiliation, you won't be disappointed with FartDom.


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