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Fart Fantasy review

Summary: Fart Fantasy is a collection of amateur girls farting. You get to see and hear the farting take place up close with and without clothes. But this is 250+ videos with unique content that is usually only available on pay-per-clip basis. Only weak point is the average video quality. Recommended if you love farts and/or butts.

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Score 75.0 /100
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Uli, 2008-06-04

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Intro promises

"Girl Farting Video Clips" - "Here at Fart Fantasy, we don't just love girl farts, we obsess over sexy, stinking chick farts! Our fart fetish videos feature the sexiest real girls cutting farts in tight pants, spandex, cotton panties... even on the toilet - and our personal favorite, naked girls farting! We shoot these girls right after they've had a large meal of aromatic gas-generating foods like egg salad, broccoli, and Mexican food to catch the ultimate aroma of the female digestive tract in action! - We update almost daily, with four to seven new girls farting clips per week! Each farting clip is two to ten minutes of action-packed, loud, stinky, reeking girl Farts!"

Well guys, face it, that's the agenda of the site. If those verbal descriptions don't do it for you, there are 20 sample clips to check those promises out and you'll get the idea. And if this is not enough, there's a collection of small screenshots below the samples.

First impression

Yes, this is indeed an extreme fetish site - it's directed exactly at the farting fetish - if you are not into it, it's definitely not a site for you. The site shows girls farting, in closeups, clothed, and that's all. Nothing else.


$39.95 monthly recurring
$75.95 bi-monthly non-recurring
$99.95 three month non-recurring

Payment processor is CCBill.

Our opinion

Well, the main action of the site is easy to describe - you see, well not really see since farts cannot be seen, but you hear a nice selection of girls farting and see the place from where the farts origin. There are some extreme closeups among the videos - oh yeah, the photographer must be a brave man. Some of the girls are completely nude, others more or less nude and a part of the videos feature the farting fully clothed. There is no action beyond this solo action. No masturbation or anything beyond that. Simply farting clothed or naked with good close ups.

For those really into all aspects of farting, the farting fetish performed on this site obviously has a problem due to the nature of the internet and computers: You can transfer noises, pics, movies, but not smell. Thus all those farts are only half-way transferred. So in my opinion any videos of this fetish act as a substitute for the real thing worse than with other mainstream porn actions.

The site presents a bunch of good looking girls - I counted around 45 ladies at the moment, mostly white and colored, but also some latin and one asian. The ladies are younger women, no typical MILFs and no teens either. There are some quite attractive ladies with hot bodies among them. I do consider them as nice everyday ladies, not the typical pornstar-type. All of those ladies seem to be exclusive to Fart Fantasy - I have not seen one of them somewhere else.

The site has a remarkable amount of movies: There are several of the girls who have ten and more different takes. The whole number of movies is 279 at the moment and updates take place quite often. Movies are around three to six minutes long and have filesizes between 20 and 60 MB. They have a resolution of 640x400 (~VHS NTSC) and a bitrate of 64 KB/s. Compared to DVD quality (not even mentioning HD), this is obviously merely mediocre. All movies are offered in both WMV-format and in Apple-Quicktime (iPod m4v). Different resolutions or formats are not available.

The site simply has no pictures beside the movie previews, but concerning its theme, this seems logical to me. There is also no other bonus stuff - the only "special" is a link to Clips 4 Sale store selling - you guessed it - the farting movies of Fart Fantasy.

The site design does not look spectacular, but on the other hand: no idiotic gadgets either, it works well, navigation is ok and all stuff is downloadable without hassle and without DRM. I would say that the thing I missed the most though was a model index with a link to every video a certain model appears in. The movies are presented as a steady line of pages with 6 movies on each. You do get the option of viewing only white, black, Asian or latin girls. You can also order it by alphabet, but you still have to got through a ton of pages to get to a model starting with S for example.


Fart Fantasy is easy to give advice about, but difficult to rate! The advice is: If you are into the farting fetish, the site is a place I would absolutely recommend. There is a remarkable amount of "noisy" scenes. Video quality is not on top level but still acceptable. If you are interested in girls flexing and showing off their buttholes, I would also advice that you check out the site, but if none of those descriptions fit you, then this site will most likely be a waste of money, time and bandwidth for you.

I emphasize that it is not my job to rate the fetish itself. My rating adresses only the experience with this site. So I have to say: Lots of stuff that delivers what was promised, but mediocre video quality.

And even if I consider that fetish content is more expensive than mainstream porn, I think a monthly price of $39.95 is a bit high for this site. But on the other hand - in the Clips 4 Sale store, the same videos cost $1 per minute, so by that standard, the site is outright cheap.

Screenshots from Fart Fantasy

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