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Females Farting review

Summary: These ladies find nothing wrong with letting a little gas go - even if it's while a guy is licking their buttholes clean! Females Farting is a fun site with plenty of flatulence and butt worship in their short scenes. The production is very amateur and the collection is small, but the content is unique and worth seeing if you're into the fetish.

Score 75.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2013-08-15

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Intro promises

"We specialize in video clips featuring 100% real farts coming from sexy female butts!"

- No tricks, 100% real farts

First impression

A quick glance at Females Farting tells me two things: this site is built by people really into farting babes and ass worship, and the girls letting their gasses rip and belch from their tight asses are really, really hot amateurs!

It isn't the most common fetish out there, but fart smelling, tasting, and touch of ass worship and smothering comes together to make a really unique experience here for those into the niche. The collection looks pretty large from the tour, so I signed up to get more information. Read on for all the details of a subscription.


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Our opinion

Females Farting is sure to be one of the more unique fetish sites I'll visit in 2013. What they offer in their homemade amateur scenes is exactly what they promised you on their tour: babes farting, farting in guys faces, and guys made to clean and worship their asses with tongues and faces.

Farting, Humiliation, and Ass Worship with a side of humour

It looks like the same couple in most of the amateur scenes, and at the very least the same push-over husband who likes to whine and complain, but always does as he's told when wifey comes around to demand respect and submission. When the two are talking it can get pretty hilarious. For example, wifey interrupts our hero as he's fucking around with his laptop, and demands he takes her on a date. He tells her that they're married, so they don't do dates anymore. But eventually she gets her way, and this date is going to be a stinky one: she pulls down her shorts, climbs on his desk, and tells him to start licking her asshole clean. While he's licking, she starts farting in his face, and though he keeps asking her to knock it off, she refuses, and like a good submissive he keeps licking and cleaning her butthole even as she's passing gas in his face.

Not all scenes involve the husband. One scene shows a girl in the bathroom ripping ass and farting. Others of girls pulling aside bikini bottoms to fart or just letting gas rip right through the tight yoga pants they're wearing.

Amateur content, and amateur quality

I think it's a husband and wife producing all of this content, and so the quality is in line with that. They don't have any training in cinematography, for example. The camera angles aren't always the best - in the scene described above, you see the back of the guy's head more than you see the girl's ass. But it's homemade-quality is part of the site's charm.

You can download the movies in a Windows Media format that opens to a 720x480 screen resolution (2 mbits). There were no other download options and no streaming options. Most movies run 5-10 minutes long from start to finish.

Small library but they are adding more content

With such unique material, I wasn't expecting a huge collection when I signed up, and I didn't find one. There were just 32 videos and no pictures in this library at the time of my visit, but they are adding new material regularly - looks like weekly updates.

No extras, just farting

There weren't any extras or bonuses included here, it's just the amateur collection of fart movies.


For some, worshipping a lady's fine ass isn't enough on its own - not without a little farting to spice the air as well! Females Farting has fun, at times funny, ass worship and farting movies with girls letting the gas rip without embarrassment, often right in the faces of men licking their buttholes. The site is small but so unique and original it's worth checking out if you're into the fetish.


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Fart Domination is a bit more sinister, with female domination a major theme and mistresses starring in the updates full of erotic humiliation, face sitting, and farting.


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