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Foxy Sasha review

Summary: Foxy Sasha has a huge site with almost 500 of her own homemade booty shaking movies to offer you. The media options were a bit varied, but you can stream everything online, all of the myriad resolutions had excellent picture quality, and some of the HD updates are just amazing. She runs this show herself, makes her own movies, and delivers for fans of big butts with ass shaking, masturbation, and some hardcore sex with her well-hung boyfriend, too. A really well done site that is only missing a few features, such as a blog or a forum where members can better interact with their host, Foxy Sasha.

Score 85.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2012-08-27

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Intro promises

- Updates 3 days a week
- Stream & download unedited, full versions of videos
- Full 1080p HD Video
- 483+ videos

First impression

Foxy Sasha is an amateur woman with one incredible booty. Everything on her site revolves around it, like so many satellites around a celestial body. When you arrive here, you might at first mistake it for some sort of myspace profile, and you wouldn't be far off. Sasha runs this site herself, on the larger Shakin' It network (who are in the business of setting up amateurs with their own sites they can manage themselves).

According to the site, Sasha has almost 500 homemade, ass shaking movies online - and in her description of the content she mentions she's done more than just shake her boot - as a member you can watch her ass get creampied as well as a number of other fun sexual activities. She says she updates 3 days a week so things move quickly here.

To get a better idea of what is involved with a full pass, I signed up for access to Foxy Sasha's "profile" (site). Read on for more information about what that subscription delivered.


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Our opinion

Sasha is just an amateur women with an incredible ass, who one day stumbled up on Shakin' It, a site that hooks up real amateurs with their own sites. Sasha made one, runs it herself, and handles everything about it directly. Think of it as a sort of cam model with her own, permanent home on the web, a huge archive of homemade videos she adds to whenever she wants, and total control over the content (which she uses to give members what they beg her for in comments). There were some things missing, but overall, Sasha shows what a hard working, sexy model can do all by herself given the right tools online.

Big Butt Fetish, Masturbation & Hardcore Action with Sasha

Foxy Sasha delivers a real buffet of big butt action for her fans from the comfort of her home, using her own camera (usually her laptop, it seems), her own wardrobe of sexy outfits, and her own creativity when it comes to what she shares with us. This is a pretty awesome success. With other sologirl sites you rarely get such a great diversity of content, let alone so much of it and such frequent updates of new material.

I would say the main focus here is on Sasha dressing up in different tops, bottoms and sexy costumes and dancing to hip-hop music, shaking her ass for the camera and undressing to various degrees while doing so. Since getting her boob job, some recent updates also make a point of showing off her new tits - which look quite natural and a very good size for her body and curves.

These teasing nude strip shows and ass shaking booty movies have other types of content mixed in as well. She has a good mix of sex toys she uses to masturbate with - a magic wand, various glass dildos and such and she masturbates pretty intensely for us. You'll find quite a number of blow job movies, where she has her boyfriends big black cock as a co-star and slurps and sucks him off for the camera. She is fucked doggystyle quite a few times by that boyfriend, too, and in some takes messy facial cumshots from him - in at least one case she has her butt creampied as well. These hardcore movies are sprinkled in throughout the collection.

Real Homemade Content, Filmed by Sasha

Sasha didn't go to film school or anything fancy, but I'm pretty confident she watched a lot of porn and took notes when she started to get serious about this. It shows in her movies, from how she makes sure to pose in ways that give us the best views, to how she arranges the camera when filming. In most she has her camera on a tripod or is using her laptop camera so there is no zooming in for closeups during penetration or anything like that. In a few movies her boyfriend holds the camera for a POV blow job experience, though. Foxy has the good film sense to make sure the lighting is good. In one movie she even has a lamp pulled up and pointed at her face to light up a blow job movie, as one thoughtful example. Many amateurs don't think about things like this and it makes the content a little poor in quality. Foxy's movies come out pretty awesome.

Huge Library of Videos Already Online

There were just under 500 video updates at the time of my visit, a massive collection no doubt for any site but even more impressive as it comes from just one amateur model here at Foxy Sasha.

No Blog or Information About Sasha Available

I really wished that Sasha had a blog or a forum or some sort of feature that allows her to interact directly with the members. Right now she has comments enabled on her videos, and she definitely reads those because some of her new movies are based on requests members leave in the comments, but I haven't seen her responding to the comments with her own. I guess she is limited to the features her hosts, Shakin It, provide her with though. She does have a Skype account she gives out, but only if you want to pay for a private show with her, not just to chat.

A Mixed Bag of Media Options

For a homemade amateur porn collection, the video quality here is really pretty excellent. That being said, she uploads a lot of different video formats. So far all of them are in Windows Media files, but the resolutions and picture qualities are all over. The smallest resolutions are 640x480 or sometimes even smaller 320x240 pixel screens, the largest are 1440x1080 and 1920x1080, which are the HD options. All of the movies had high bit rates, so the picture quality was very sharp. Her HD movies are excellent in playback quality. I wish more of her movies were more consistently available in HD formats, though. There are no pictures here at all.

Updates Apparently Have Slowed Down Recently

Sasha promises 3 updates every week but in some recent comments members were a little upset that fewer updates were being made, apparently because of her recent boob job (took a few weeks to recover). However she never stopped updating all together, and even brought on her latina girlfriend Linda Gapes for a few updates, and is already back behind the camera with the bigger, rounder boobies to shake with her big ass. From what I can tell she is back to regular 3-weekly updates but there are no dates on any of her videos so its not easy to be sure about that.

Foxy Sasha Porn Review Take-Aways:

  • \BBEverything here is made by and uploaded by Foxy Sasha herself.
  • \BBExciting big butt worship movies, booty shaking, some blow jobs and hardcore, too.
  • \BBOnly videos and a real mix of formats.


A unique sologirl site from a real amateur with an incredible big butts he shakes and models for fans in nearly 500+ of her homemade videos.

Foxy Sasha took full advantage of the opportunity that Shaken It gave her via a website. She has just about 500 videos online now, all homemade by Foxy herself and sometimes her boyfriend, too. She listens to fans comments and requests, putting up new material frequently that's just what the members want more of. Recently she had a boob job (which looks great) and apparently that slowed down her usually 3-updates-per-week pace while she recovers. The things missing from the site are features not given her by her hosts like a blog or diary, but she does give her skype info out if you want to do a private show with her (for money) and definitely reads what people post in the comments on her videos. I think overall her site is a huge success and a really unique experience in that members can have such close contact with the star.


It is tough to find another wholly amateur-run and produced site that's all about big butts, but for lovers of juicy bottoms in general there are a handful of sites worth recommending here.

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And the last site I'd point you at is Ass Parade, from the Bang Bros network (access included). This site stars a colorful mix of babes both porn stars and amateurs with big butts that are literally paraded around, shaken, bounced, spanked and toyed with before a session of great hardcore fucking in every exclusive video.


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