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Joanna Angel review

Summary: Joanna Angel is an alt-pornstar with a love for anal penetration and rough sex. She is also the creator of alt-porn community Burning Angel. This is her personal site however where she blogs about her life, shoots videos of her putting random objects up her ass as well as offers some high quality glam-style pictures.

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Joseph, 2008-02-22

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Intro promises

Hey everyone! If you don't know me already, I'm Joanna Angel. I'm a director, a porn star, and the owner of the infamous punk-porn site "". This is my new website for all of my super fans, who just can't get enough of me. It's the next best thing to carrying me around in your pocket all day.

First impression

“Who is Joanna Angel?” you don’t ask. Undeterred, I answer: Joanna Angel is a director, a porn star and “the brains and boobs” behind the infamous punk/alt-porn site Burning Angel; this, her official website, is “for all of [her] super-fans who just can’t get enough of [her]. It’s the next best thing to carrying [her] around in your pocket all day.” Good Lord, I’d love to have Joanna Angel in my pocket all day, if-you-catch-my-meaning — the bitch is chaud en tant que baise (pardon my French). If you don’t believe me, then just peep this quote from her: “I like being thrown against the wall and fucked like a little whore… and that has nothing to do with any… childhood damages of mine or how I feel about myself or anything annoying like that... it just fucking feels good. I like being choked [and] I like getting my clit rubbed while having anal sex…” Lest you think little Joanna is just a filthy nymphomaniac, she adds, “And I also really like to cuddle.” Awww! Joanna further states, “Doing porn made me find the woman inside me that was waiting to come out, if that makes any sense at all.” No, it doesn’t, Joanna, but thanks for trying. She also describes herself as “a total nerd” who loves to read. Oh my God, Joanna, we’re two peas in a pod! I am also “a total nerd,” obviously. Hey, you like to be choked and I like to choke women! You probably also think Ziggy has gotten too preachy! We’re soul mates! Let’s have a baby together!!!

Anyway, Joanna has eight tattoos (and counting!), posses very large (and natural!) breasts, has been employed by Hustler and has won an AVN award for Best Sex Comedy (Joanna’s Angels 2: Alt Throttle, which is actually not a very good movie, honestly), a category that I didn’t even know existed. (Congratulations are in order?) And that’s all you need to know about her. Read on to find out about her site…


Monthly Membership: $23.94, recurring
3-Month Membership: $59.95, recurring

Payment System: CCBill Credit card

Our opinion

It is my esteemed pleasure to inform you that there are eighty photo galleries on Joanna’s site at the present time and new galleries are added every week. Each gallery contains twenty-three to one hundred and forty-eight pics. Most of these galleries contain professionally shot glamour photos, but there are also amateur photos and cell phone pics. Of course, almost all of these sets feature Joanna posing solo, but there are also some girl-girl sets and even some stills from Joanna’s various hardcore DVDs.

The photos can be viewed in two sizes (one big around 1540x1024 and one slightly smaller around 900x600) and members are encouraged to rate each photo (people don’t vote in presidential elections, but I bet they’ll break their backs rating all these stupid photos…). The photos look pretty darn good, unlike my face, which looks worse than John Merrick’s )and he’s been dead for ages!). Sadly, the pics are not zipped for quick download and there is no slideshow feature, so you’ll have to view the photos one at a time like a filthy animal. Why you gotta do us like that, Joanna?! We deserve better!

Joanna’s site is home to lots of homemade sex videos costarring her hunky boyfriend James Deen, a rookie porn star with a penchant for shooting massive loads all over his beloved’s face (he’s dreamy!). These videos are all new and totally exclusive videos made just for this site — you will not see these videos anywhere else. Though Joanna has starred in countless videos for Hustler and Burning Angel, you won’t find any of those moldy old clips here. Most of these videos are hardcore porn clips depicting fucking, anal-fucking, face-fucking and facials, but there are also lots of behind-the-scenes clips showing members “the real Joanna” doing laundry, talking on the phone, cleaning the bathroom naked and even cooking pasta salad, after which she is shown sticking the cooking utensils in her ass. (Why not put ‘em in a drawer? Or the dishwasher?! That would certainly be more sanitary, Joanna… no offense, but I’ll be declining your dinner invite, love…) The videos come in two sizes: one is 640 by 480 while the other is half that size. The videos can be streamed or downloaded (wait time is not bad at all). Currently, there are eighty-eight videos on the site and a new one is added each week. The quality of the videos is decent but could be better.

In addition to all of that, Joanna does several live chats a month. Joanna also has a blog which is updated regularly, like every other day. Hell, if you still haven’t gotten enough of fair Joanna, you can order her commercially released DVDs from her site or click a link to take you straight to Burning Angel to view more of her and her tattooed buddies.


I love Joanna Angel. There, I said it. I would carry her around in my pocket (or the trunk of my car) if I could, but I can’t, so I will just ogle Joanna Angel on her solo site, which is about as good as solo girl sites get, and I suggest you do the same, especially if you like your babes inked and sassy like I do. Good night and God bless.


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