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Kelsey Obsession Fetish review

Summary: Kelsey Obsession revolves around less common fetishes like giantess, anal gaping, fart fetish, and fart domination. Since the site is based on a Clips4Sale shop, there are no pictures, but there are around 400 very good quality videos online. Navigation is simple but limited, and there are a few weekly updates to keep things interesting. The site's unique content is what will make it such an attractive pick for the right surfers.

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Score 75.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2012-04-19

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Intro promises

"Where There's No Such Thing as Normal - Just Dirty Kinky Fetish Fun!"

- 5 to 6 new clips per week
- Giant fetish archive
- Nasty girl-girl kink
- Dirty anal hardcore & farting

First impression

Kelsey is a female "bisexual exhibitionist sex nerd" who will try almost anything once. If she likes it, she'll try it more often! At Kelsey Obsession you'll watch as this self described dirty chick has all kinds of sexcapades, many of which revolve around kinky fetishes, such as giantess, femdom, fart fetish, ass worship, and more.


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Our opinion

At Kelsey Obsession you'll see the usual niches and fetishes, like foot fetish, lesbian, anal, threesome and blowjobs, but you'll also see less common ones, such as farting, fart domination, anal gape, giantess, ass licking and ass sniffing, peeing, balloons, and more. I think the main draw of the site is the less common fetishes, especially those revolving around humiliation. Kelsey has no problem dominating both males and females, and she often uses her ass and farts to do so.

If you have a fart fetish, especially if it revolves around fart domination, you'll love how Kelsey makes her subs get their noses right up to her asshole and then lets fly with her stank! You'll see all this in lots of great closeups, and you can almost feel sorry for the submissives and the "fragrant" air they have to breath.

Unlike her farts, Kelsey is a breath of fresh air when it comes to how much fun she has while dominating and humiliating her subs. She's not one of those kill-joy Mistresses who refuses to crack a smile. She easily laughs when taunting her fart gulping underlings, but she can also get pissed when they don't behave. But that's all the better for us since we get to see her dole out her unusual and stinky punishment.

Navigation is fairly simple inside Kelsey Obsession. You have your latest 20 updates on the main page when you first login. In order to see all the videos you'll need to click on the category "All Clips" on the right-side menu, which is a little bit hidden at first but obvious once you see it is there.

Other than that, navigation is straight forward but limited to basic categories: Ass licking, Ass sniffing, Anal, Gaping, Blowjob, Feet, Giantess, Farting, Girl-girl and Peeing. You can also sort the movies by the girls that star in them by clicking their thumbnails, which also run along the right-hand side of the site.

There's a link to Kelsey's Clips4Sale store, in which you can purchase the clips separately. Obviously, the better choice is to join Kelsey Obsession, but through the clip store you get access to updates sooner. It looks like there is a month's delay between the clip's appearance in the store, and its eventual appearance in her members area. For those of you that get impatient, the store is a nice alternative.

There's a new update every 1 to 3 days, though usually it's every day. Because of so many updates, the archive is large - around 400 video clips at the time of my visit. These you can download or stream in High Quality HD MP4 files with 1280 x 720 screens (6 mbits), 720p HD WMV files also with 1280x720 screens (4.5 mbits), and smaller MP4 files with 480x272 screens (1 mbits).

Note that while you can stream the downloads, it's not an embedded Flash video player. You actually view the download as it loads, and in my experience just saving the download was preferable to trying to stream the clips.

Overall the visual quality is pretty good for her movies, but the High Definition scenes aren't quite the quality that I've come to expect from HD downloads on other sites. There's some grainy-ness to them that shouldn't be there, for example. The audio quality is pretty good though, which is important when it comes to hearing the humiliating and dominating things Kelsey says, as well as hearing her juicy farts! The clips usually run between 3 to 8 minutes in length.

Kelsey Obsession is an offshoot of her Clips4Sale site. Because of that, there aren't any photos offered - not even screencaps. It'd be really cool if the site would offer at least some screenshots for its members, especially pictures of anal gape and noses sniffing farts. For now the clips will have to do.


Kelsey Obsession is a very good site for less common fetishes such as anal gape, giantess, fart fetish, and fart domination.

Kelsey effortlessly shows how she dominates her submissives (both male and female) in very good quality videos. I wouldn't call them "HD" quality like they do, but they're still good nonetheless and do have large resolutions. Navigation is relatively easy if limited, and the updates are quite frequent - usually several times a week. If you have obscure kinks, this site is definitely worth a look see!


Kelsey Obsession's main competitor is Fart Domination. They're both filled with Clips4Sale clips and both prominently feature farting. There are a few differences, though. Fart Domination features a wide variety of dommes, so if you like seeing various dommes using their quivering and loud assholes as a way of dominating, then you'll prefer them. If variety isn't as much of a concern for you because you love Kelsey's looks, then stick with Kelsey. Additionally, Kelsey's site contains more updates per week and appears to have a larger archive.

Both sites contain very good quality content, and they offer more than just fart domination, so you'll have to look at both tour pages to see if they list the type of niches you want to see.


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