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Let's Try Anal review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Our second time visiting Letís Try Anal confirmed our suspicions that it would become every bit as epic as we hoped. With hot amateur-style scenes featuring gorgeous girls allowing guys to enter their asses for the first time, Letís Try Anal is a great mock setup of the anal virgin niche they try to pin down. Scenes are available in a number of different formats ranging from low quality PSP downloads through to 1080p HD streams. Considering the weekly updates and access to an entire network of amateur content, itís hard to find a fault with this siteís great take on personal first time anal action.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Arnox, 2013-03-07

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Intro promises

ďFirst time ass fucking!Ē

- Weekly updates
- Exclusive content
- Anal virgins

First impression

The last time we reviewed Letís Try Anal was back in 2011 and itís about time we revisited and gave this site a second look to see what changes have been made. The tour hasnít changed in style or format Ė your monitor is still crammed full of asses getting destroyed by hung studs that love nothing more than gaping tight buttholes.

Aside from the amazing rear entrances that are shown being used and abused, Letís Try Anal sticks to its old story of only letting Ďanal virginsí perform in front of the camera (something weíll talk about later) alongside promises of daily updates and 100% exclusive content. The last time we checked them out it was a budding site hoping to establish itself as a prime hub for amateur backdoor action Ė the question is, has it managed to do that?

Our revisit to Letís Try Anal will be sure to give a fresh perspective on the site and what it has to offer. For a thorough look at the memberís area and what subscribers get, continue reading.


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Our opinion

Letís Try Anal opened up around October of 2011 and promised to bring some hot content to the screens of anal fans all around the world. After logging in youíre taken to the siteís main portal which shows the latest scenes and you even get a preview of whatís coming up. The site design is still the same and gives you access to all of the Mofos network links at the top (Iíll talk about this a bit later). We had no issues with what Letís Try Anal had before as soon as we logged in, so I guess itís a good thing that the place hasnít changed much. All in all, so far, so good.

Decent quality mock Ďanal virginí content

Letís be honest for a second; how many girls are willing to let their anal virginity go in front of the camera for the entire world to see? Letís Try Anal does state from the get go that these girls are first timers, but itís pretty obvious that when you have some of the best names in porn working for you, their assholes are no strangers to dick. Itís not that Letís Try Anal is being deliberately misleading, itís just that theyíre setting up a site to give members the impression of anal virginity to make the content more enjoyable and believable. These girls are obviously not first time anal enthusiasts, but theyíre instructed to act as if theyíve never had so much as a finger up there when the camera starts rolling. In this way, it's really no different than a reality porn scene where the principle is banging a slutty cheerleader or punishing a naughty bookworm with his cock in detention - it's fantasy, folks.

So basically, each scene starts out by giving a theme. One example was a girlfriend getting revenge on her boyfriend by letting a stranger fuck her in the ass (something she never let him do) after she found out he had cheated on her. Other scenarios include the girl forgetting to take her pill or the guy not liking the feeling of a condom. Cool story Mr Reviewer, why are you telling us? Basically, I want to drive home the point that these scenarios are scripted to help you with the suspension of disbelief. Although these girls are most definitely not anal virgins, Letís Try Anal does everything it can to make it appear as if they are so fans of that niche find it easy to slip into the fantasy realm.

As I mentioned, some of these women are world-class fuckers and know how to take a dick. At times I felt like they were taking the whole Ďfirst timeí thing a little too far, but I guess if you dig seeing virgins lose it you would expect the kind of reactions and responses they give. After a while, the action does pick up when theyíre broken open and then the ass fucking gets hardcore. As an important note, all of the material is filmed in POV to add to the whole amateur first time anal vibe.

To sum it up in a few words, Letís Try Anal has some top quality reality anal virgin pornography that showed beautiful girls getting nailed in the butt.

Anal Virginity thatís available in full HD

Back when we first looked at Letís Try Anal we were impressed with their 1080p download option and it has maintained that stellar quality since the get go. Basically, every scene can be downloaded in a full MP4 format with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels with a bitrate of 8 Mb/s. Alternatively, you can get your hands on 720p MP4s and lower quality WMVs and MPEGs if that tickles your fancy.

I will give a lot of credit to the streaming options available to members Ė both HTTP and RTMP protocols are offered (the latter basically gives you more security and the ability to skip to sections in real-time) with five quality options ranging from ĎSD Lightí to ĎFUCK YA!í Ė this is genuinely what the HD stream option is named.

Insofar as pictures are concerned, both screencaps and unique photographs are offered. Screencaps are pretty boring so Iím not going to talk about them, but I will give quick praise to the photographers who clearly know what good shooting is all about. Each image is crystal clear and evidently taken by a pro who knows the best way to showcase girls getting their asses pounded. With regard to the technical elements, pictures have gone from being 1600x1000 to 2000x1333 in recent months Ė a good boost and as youíd expect, the standard zip file download and slideshow options are offered on all scenes.

Solid archive with a weekly update schedule

Since the last review, Letís Try Anal has increased it archive of 15 scenes to 79 Ė basically, one new scene per week as was promised and was expected. Given the popularity of the niche and the fact that the Mofos network has been churning out great content for years, chances are thereís still plenty of hot anal action to be produced in the future. All of the 79 scenes come with a video and photo archive and both are released at the same time.

Other things to declare

Reality Kings has been my favorite network for quite some time but I think in the near future Mofos could be a real contender. Itís the small things such as the mouse over text for all downloads showing how big they are that really make this network part of the top shelf crew. Mofos has a forum that allows users to suggest scene concepts and also provide feedback for the site. Alongside 24/7 support youíre really getting a good bang for your buck with Letís Try Anal.

The Mofos network big bitchiní bonuses

So when you join Letís Try Anal youíre actually signing up to the Mofos network, a sub-network of the Brazzers group that is devoted to the Ďamateur porní style that Letís Try Anal has. There are a total of 13 sites on the network including Teens At Work, Milfs Like it Black and Latina Sex Tapes. All of the sites on the network have the same great features that Letís Try Anal has Ė you can also expect 1080p HD scenes and all the bells and whistles I mentioned previously in the media section.


If you like HD amateur-style porn that has a professional touch and lots of POV action, Letís Try Anal and the Mofos network are perfect for you.

The scenes were well developed and had a range of storylines to keep you interested and entertained. The archive is plenty big enough and chances are youíre going to come across a whole heap of amateur-style anal elsewhere on the network. Suffice to say, a man that doesnít like a gamble with his porn would have the safest bet around with Letís Try Anal.


Anal sex is a big niche, thereís no doubt about it. Competition is fierce, but if you want to know where the competition is, here are a few sites that also do anal the way it should be.

Gape Land was reviewed by me last week and although its update schedule is a little sloppy, their production of top tier anal punishment isnít. The title says a lot about the type of content, so I donít think itís a stretch (pun intended) for you to guess what theyíre about.

Big Wet Butts has over 7 years of content that is nothing but ass worship and lustful anal sex. Itís also a part of the Brazzers network, who own Mofos, who own Letís Try Anal Ė long story short, youíre getting nothing short of top tier troopers hunting top tier poopers.


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