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Real Life Spankings review

Summary: Real Life Spankings is a site dedicated 100% to real ass-reddening punishment. Amateur girls submit to various types of spankings with a wide range of tools and sometimes just an old fashioned hand. The site is large, actively updated and home to a real community of spanking fetish enthusiasts. It's a great spanking site worth joining.

Score 90.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2010-02-19

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Intro promises

- High Definition Widescreen Videos
- Real domestic spanking videos
- High-resolution picture galleries
- 77 Real amateur girls online
- Updates every 3 days
- No download limits

First impression

Real Life Spankings certainly feels very real. There were a lot of thumbnails and samples on the tour pages showing girl-next-door types submitting to real spankings. Their glowing red and often bruised asses are paraded in the photos to prove just how real. The site has a strong amateur feel to it, which ought to make many of your spanking fetish fans excited. All signs are pointing to a unique and authentic spanking fetish experience awaiting inside the members area, so let's get logged in and try it out.


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Our opinion

As suspected, the site is as full of amateur girls and their videos/pictures as the tour pages touted. I think that it's probably what I found most agreeable about the site overall. I love that these are real amateur spanking enthusiasts and the homemade/DIY feel of the content makes it feel that much more real and immediate. After watching the 10 minute long scenes of girls being punished with open palms, paddles, canes and whips and seeing the bruised lines radiating in red tushies, I can say that this is more real than you could have hoped for.

The site is what is called "pure" to its fetish roots. That means that the scenes involve no other sexual contact or scenarios. Scenes are all about the spankings from start to finish. Usually there is a sort of story behind the scene--one model bought expensive bath soaps, much to the displeasure of her man. She's bent over the side of the tub and given a lashing with multiple bamboo canes until her ass cheeks are crimson red. The shouts of pain and pleasure bring home the very real spankings the girls are submitted to. For spanking fetishists, the porn doesn't get much better than it does at Real Life Spankings.

The girls range in age from 18-40 years. There are many different body types too from slender to chubby. The whole thing seems to be based in The Netherlands judging by the model descriptions, and the girls look like typical amateurs.

The content quality isn't the best, but it's actually better than what the site promised. On parts of the site it says that their movies are High Definition, which they are not; however, the tour also states precisely the file format, resolution and bit rates and what it lists is actually lesser than what it is currently offering for download. You'll find Windows Media file with a 720x400 resolution and a 2.37 Mbps playback to grab as full-length scenes only. They look pretty good, especially for amateur productions. I only wish they would have paid a bit more attention to lightning - some of the scenes are clearly under lit. The site promised over 100 scenes and there most certainly are.

The pictures were called high-res on the tour, and they aren't exactly that. They have large resolutions at 1008x756 pixels and do look sharp, but due to variable lighting, poor arrangements and dull colors they fall short of the sort of luster high-res typically entails. That being said they are some of the best amateur-shot pictorials I've seen online in any niche, let alone just Spanking. You can browse through the galleries online but I didn't see any zip file downloads. Sets contain less than 50 pictures.

Updates are made about every three days as promised. Outside of the videos and picture galleries you'll find some other stuff to enjoy. There's a forum, and though simple in design it's pretty active with posts and comments. There's a page dedicated to their "implements" or spanking tools. There are photos and names for all of them--and there are a lot of them! There are erotic spanking stories to read that revolve around spanking fetishes. Finally, there are DVDs of the content you'll see on the site. They make a sort of "Best Of" collection. According to the site members requested it so they did it for them. You can order them but they are not included with the membership (you can view the scenes but the physical DVD has to be purchased and shipped).


Real Life Spankings is one of the most well-executed, pure fetish spanking sites I've come across online. The all amateur cast and production really adds something special to the scenes. If you're looking for the best spanking site, this might be it. I highly recommend it to fans of the niche and promise you won't be disappointed.


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