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Round Juicy Butts review

Summary: Round Juicy Butts is aimed at those who like large but still firm asses. The girls are hot pornstars who all oil up their butts and massage it in real good. Each episode features boy/girl sex and comes with a picture set too. Video quality is excellent.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Mephistopheles, 2007-05-28

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Intro promises

Warning! The biggest roundest juiciest bums are all inside!
There’s just something about a big round juicy butt that makes you want to grab ahold of it and pound the fucking shit out of it. We love plump hineys just as much as you, if not more! You’ll find loads of smokin’ hot babes that all share the big butt gene. Below you’ll find loads of previews to check out before you join in.

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First impression

I've always been a fan of big butts. To me, this is a far more important asset than a pair of humongous knockers. So, as you can imagine, I was quite thrilled browsing through this tour. These cats do a great job of showing the goods up front. There's a ton of close up shots of well oiled hineys, in all their glory! I'm also pleased to see that these aren't just 'fat asses'. These are perfectly round, luscious, firm, cellulite free buttox. The models look extremly hot, and there seems to be some nice hardcore action. So far, so good! I can only hope the rest of the site lives up to this fantastic tour!


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Our opinion

The design of the member's area at Big Juicy Butts looks a bit confusing at first glance. After a little browsing, however, it's pretty much a breeze. You see, there are three menus on this page that all do basically the same thing. There's a 'quick links' menu on the left-hand side of the page from which you can access things such as 'latest updates, 'videos', 'picture galleries', 'model index', 'live cams', 'bonus sites', etc... The funny thing is at the top of the page, there's a menu with links to all of these things. Also, going down the middle of the page are the very same links, except they come with a brief description, explaining each section.

I'm very impressed with the bonus material here. With your membership you get access to a whopping 98 bonus sites covering 24 different niches. That's pretty impressive no matter how you slice it. Everything from ass munching, interracial, BDSM, Gay, and even Transexuals. I was a bit dissapointed to the the 'bizzare' category only contained one site. However, there is more than enough here to keep most of you guys happy. One site I found quite interesting had trannies double teaming ordinary girls. For some odd reason, I found this quite erotic. Highly recommended!

Upon clicking the pictures link you're sent to the Anal/Ass category by default. Of course, as mentioned earlier, there are 24 different niches for you to choose from. All of these pictures are in the high quality JPEG format. They clock in at an average filesize of 90kb, with dimensions of 800x532 pixels. The galleries are in your standard thumbnail format, and contain anywhere from 100-250 images. Clicking a thumbnail brings the image up in a little flash window. You have the option of hitting 'next' or closing the picture altogether. I think I like the pictures being presented this way. The border an the way the image expands before your eyes gives the site a few extra style points. My only complaint would be that the images just aren't large enough for my tastes. I like to see all the details. Every nook and cranny of a girl's ass hole or snatch, as if it were right in front of my face.

A nice added touch is that some galleries give you the option of viewing the movie from which the photos were shot during. This 'cums' in handy if you find one that is particularly hot. Speaking of hot - I ran into a nice photo set that really helped get me off. It featured 2 college student-esque looking girls getting rammed up the ass by two horny young dudes. I loved the closeup shots in this set. You could see the girls ass holes literaly stretching around those cocks. It also didn't hurt that these babes were drop dead gorgeous.

The 'Round Juicy Butts' series of videos is pretty cool. They all start out basically the same. A girl with a very large ass coming in for an 'audition'. One of my favorites is an episode with a girl named Cindy. Cindy is a dancer and loves showing off her moves. Her ass is about as big as it gets without being too much, in my opinion. After she's done 'cutting a rug' she proceeds to have her pussy eaten, suck cock, and fuck in so many wacky positions, it'll make your head spin! There was an absolutly stunning closeup shot of her gorgeous, fat pussy sitting on this guy's face. My hard-on instantly grew to its maximum potential when I saw those gorgeous lips being swished around by his tongue. I love that sound!

Let me tell you, I absolutely adore the camera work in these videos. For one, the camera doesn't stay stationary. Also, there are multiple camera angles, and I even get the feeling they took the time to do multiple takes for each scene. The editing is pretty smooth. I only noticed one jumpy cut out of all the scenes I watched. This cameraman really does some fabulous close up shots of these girls' bums and coochies. It also doesn't hurt that every shot is well lit. There are some fantastic shots of gigantic, well oiled asses jiggling, with light reflecting off of them like a mirror. My only complaint would be the audio, sometimes it's a little hard to hear what's being said. You might want to turn your speakers up.

The videos files themselves come in a variety of formats. The highest quality is the AVI, and ranking just below is the WMV. There's also a nifty option of downloading them in a format that will work on your iPod or PlayStation Portable. This is great for all you guys who like to jerk off on the go! Well, as you can imagine, the AVI format is definitely the best. These AVI clips are crystal clear and damn near DVD quality. The WMV isn't as good, but it's no slouch, either. It doesn't suffer too badly from that 'fuzzy' look that a lot of lower quality video files have. It looks slightly distorted when you maximize your video player, but nothing that'll distract you too from the task at hand. Although, I would definitely recommend you download the AVI format vids, that is, if your connection isn't too slow.

The download speeds themselves are pretty decent. I've been getting around 600KB/sec most of the time. The site itself runs pretty smoothly. Although, once at peak hours, it became so slow it was unbearable. This may have been a coincidence, as I only had this problem once. Other than that, everything loaded very quickly.


I really enjoyed Round Juicy Butts - the series is very hot. Large asses that are worshipped by true butt lovers is sure to be a crowd pleaser. There's also loads of ass oriented bonus material for your jerking pleasure. In fact, there's enough bonus material here covering multiple niches, that you could keep yourself busy for months on end. At this price, I really don't see how you can pass it up.

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