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Summary: offers German amateur girls smothering men with their butts. The girls are often fully dressed or at least wearing underwear - there is virtually no nudity here. The content comes in high quality videos and photos with lots of updates although their presentation is a bit confusing. A great site for true fans of facesitting. Picture screenshot
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Tamesin, 2009-04-24

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Intro promises

- More than 120 facesitting girls
- More than 9 GB of pictures and videos
- Regular updates since 2001

First impression

Facesitting and smothering female domination is offered on The site seems to focus solely on these fetishes since I don't see any hardcore porn. All I see are dominant women enjoying themselves by humiliating and smothering their human male furniture. I have high hopes that this will be a quality site since I see Lady Joanne on tour. She is, after all, one of the Queens of Facesitting and Smothering. So I'm going to wiggle my butt, pretend I have a man sitting under me, and I'm going to enter the site!


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79,99 Euro ($117.75 US)/180 days, recurring

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Our opinion

Navigation is fairly simple inside You can sort the smothering content by gallery updates, video updates, and ladies. Shown prominently on the home page are the latest (almost 20) updates laid out in 113x150 thumbnails. Most of these are from a series, so you can quickly view all the parts as soon as they are uploaded. There are no dates noted on when the content is uploaded. From the tour, it appears there are two to three updates per week. Below these updates are links labeled "Gallery 1" all the way through to "Gallery 64." Scroll down some more to see thumbnails to 14 of the latest video updates, as well as links in the Clip Archive to Galleries 1 through 30. Towards the bottom of home page are links to the forum and message board.

The pictures open to 900x1200 pixels, with most having crystal clear quality. There's no zip download or slide show option. The older pictures open to 768x1024 pixels and are still very good quality. There are 15 photos in each gallery. Now what I'm about to say may sound confusing, but it's not. When you click on the photo gallery links on the home page that are labeled Galleries 1 through 64, those aren't just one gallery. They're a collection of 25 photo galleries. And, as I stated above, each photo gallery contains 15 pictures. Suffice it to say, there are a LOT of pictures in here. Similarly, for the Clip Archives labeled Galleries 1 through 30, there are 10 smothering episodes in each of those galleries.

You can download or stream in Real Player or WMV in High Res, or in Low res in Real Player. The clips are usually a few minutes long, although the older ones are only a couple minutes long. Newer videos play in 1280x720 at 3 mbps. The somewhat older videos are 768x576 (1.61 Mbps) and the even older ones play in Real Player in a smaller screen.

Since the dialogue is in German, I don't know what's being said; however, from the body language and tone of voice, I think the men are being chastized for something. They are usually tied up lightly - a little rope around their wrists - and their face is smothered. Their Dommes chastize them or tease them, and then sit on them and smother them some more. There's a lot of laughing and giggling. These women are definitely having a good time. The men moan, gasp, and flail their feet, legs, and arms. Just when you think they can't hold their breath any longer, Mistress Facesitter adjusts her curvy ass. You hear a big intake of air and then the human chair is smothered again.

There's a lot of sexy pantyhose smothering, as well as thong covered butt smothering. I didn't see any nudity except for a photo or two showing naked breasts. This site is definitely focused on smothering and not porn. Sometimes there's tag team facesitting, where two women take turns sitting on some flustered man's face. They really have a good time giggling and laughing over that one. I like this site in that all kinds of women are presented here: blondes, brunettes, older, younger, sweet, stern, thin, and chunky. There's one pretty BBW named Cathy. Yes, I have to say "pretty" before the BBW, because it seems a lot of sites forget that one of the B's in BBW stands for beautiful.

Now what I don't like about the Clip Archive is that when you click on a lot of them, they link you to a page that has no thumbnails or descriptions of what is on the clip. Thus, you're starting the video blindly, unsure of what you'll be seeing. However, the best way to peruse the clips is to use the "Sort by Ladies Gallery." In this directory, you can find your favorite Madame Smotherer's photo sets and video clips. Despite the thumbnails being very tiny - 45x60 pixels - they are face shots, so you can see what the model looks like. I wish they'd have the larger (150x200) thumbnails of these smother ladies like they do on the tour's directory.


Despite some confusing navigation, I like It is definitely a site purely for smother fetishists as there is no explicit porn. I think I saw just two pictures containing naked breasts; the rest of the photos are of women in clothes or in pantyhose, bra and panties. The clips are on the short side (at the most 5 minutes), but a purely facesitting video would get boring if it went on longer than that. As I said, this site just has smothering and nothing else, besides a light little slap across the face once in a while.

If you're a facesitting and/or smothering fetishist who doesn't need any nudity, this would be a good site for you. Just remember to breathe once in a while, okay?


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