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Spank That Brat review

Summary: Spank That Brat covers amateur girls Abigail and Audrey's girl/girl spanking adventures. If you're looking for a real life lesbian spanking relationship, you'll be spanking your cock over this site. It has good quality content featuring a beautiful dominant having to constantly discipline her bratty lover. Although I'm not sure how often the site is updated, there's a good amount of over the knee spanking content to stay busy for a while.

Score 80.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2010-04-06

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Intro promises

There are no tour promises, per se. What you get with your membership is f/f domestic discipline from a real life lesbian couple.

First impression

As Spank That Brat says, their site is about "real girls, real discipline, real sexy." While the main thrust of the site is about Abigail and Audrey, various other guest bottoms also appear. Audrey is the disciplinarian who attempts to keep Abigail, her sassy girlfriend, in line. "Attempts" is the key word here, since Abigail loves to press Audrey's buttons. Me thinks she likes being spanked too much!


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Our opinion

There are a lot of various menu links inside Spank That Brat, but the site is easy to navigate. You'll find such links to Video; Photos; Stories (around a dozen stories by various authors, including Abigail and Audrey); Blog (regularly updated); Fun Stuff (bloopers); Vintage (photos of discipline from yesteryear); In the news (a couple articles about Abi and Audrey); Newspaper Spankings (a few articles on spanking); Birthday Spankings (a couple dozen photos of people being spanked for their birthday); and FunBun Drawings. There's also a forum, though it's not very active.

Unfortunately, there are no dates noted for the content, so I have no idea how often the site is updated. That being said, there are around 20 Audrey and Abi videos and around a dozen "Other Models" listed. Each of these models has several, sometimes well over a dozen, videos of their own, although Audrey or Abi is generally in them. Some of the videos streamed or downloaded in Windows Media in a 640x480 (around 968Kbps) sized, very good quality screen. Others were 720x480 at 1.34 mbps and looked even better. Each episode is divided into various parts, with each part lasting a few minutes in length.

In addition to the videos, there are around 50 photo galleries, which contain various models - not just Abi and Audrey. Some of the guests have a link to their blog that you can read. The photos open to various sizes, such as 546x845, 600x412, 800x533, and 900x698 pixels. The galleries also contain various amounts of photos. The ones I saw had from around 20 to over 150 pictures.

The videos feature a lot of dialogue, which definitely sets up the tone for the scene and shows a lot of the dynamics of the Audrey and Abigail's relationship. A typical vignette features the naughty girl not appreciating the finer things in life, particularly Audrey's collection of finer things. So Audrey has to teach the brat a lesson, which of course entails a lot of over the knee spanking. At first, Audrey spanks Abi's bum while Abi is wearing cute little shorts. Soon the shorts come off, and she gets spanked wearing her panties. Once you see Abi's ass, you'll agree that she has quite the spankable ass.

As the spanking continues, you can see Abi's ass and upper thighs slowly getting pinker and pinker. This is clearly shown in some nice closeups. The videos end up with Abi being spanked bare bottom, which shows even more pink cheeks! They're so pink (and sometimes reddish) that you can almost feel how warm her bottom is from all that spanking. Audrey starts out spanking with her bare hand, but then she incorporates various other objects, such as a hair brush, paddle, crop, etc.

Both women are usually fully clothed except for Abi's bare, spankable ass. Settings are the every day type in their home - whether in the living room, bedroom, or bathroom, it all smacks (pardon the pun) of real life. Abi seems to learn her lesson at the end of a spanking, but of course, she really doesn't. That's because she's a brat, and her snarky remarks with Audrey while being spanked prove it.


Spank That Brat is a good site showcasing spanking in a loving lesbian relationship. The videos do a good job of giving you a peek into what a domestic discipline relationship would be like. I'm not sure how often the site is updated since there are no dates noted, but there's a good amount of archives built up. Additionally, the content is very good quality and focuses on lots of over the knee (OTK) spanking. If you get off seeing a beautiful woman spanking her cute, but bratty, lover, I'm sure you'll spend many an hour spanking your cock over this site.


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Comments from other readers

Natural Wedgie Man
2011-09-22 00:01:02

this site was extremely hot. if you're a fan of panty spankings, you will love it. i love how audrey knight wedgies when she spanks. i love how there's a lot of non nudity. i was very satisfied with my subscription to the site

if there is anything i feel could have made it better, i would say in addition to the wedgie pulling, there should have been more wedgie picking. i love the site of panties pulled in, then pulled out, repeat.