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Spanked Cheeks review

Summary: Spanked Cheeks contains British housewives and students punished the old fashioned way. Each video will start with a brief build-up telling us why the naughty girl deserves a thorough spanking. The site currently contains around 70 full length spanking films in very good quality - 720p HD for the newest half. In addition to the videos, it also holds photos and is updated three times a week. If you're looking for some role play with your spanking action, do check out Spanked Cheeks!

Score 85.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2011-06-17

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Intro promises

- All original British spanking
- Updated every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday!
- 12000 original photos
- Updated 3 times a week
- Exclusive content
- Stories and artwork

First impression

If you're looking for some sexy vignettes with your spanking site, Spanked Cheeks may be the place for you. Having over 10 years experience in the spanking magazine business, this site now features original content within their own website. If that isn't enough, the site is British, which, as any spanking fan knows, the Brits know how to spank! In fact, I'd venture to say they raise spanking to an art form!


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Our opinion

As to the spanking scenes themselves, I really like them. It's not a straight-to-spanking site in which all you see is spanking. Instead, Spanked Cheeks weaves a believable and well acted story line that quickly gets to the spanking action. How it gets there is plausible in the way such sites go, so you're not rolling your eyes at such action. Much of the spanking is over the knee, with the dominant using either his or her bare hand or an implement of some kind, like a paddle. All of the spankees are women with a mix of mature housewives and younger students etc., and there's a good division of female on female or male on female spanking. Occasionally there are episodes in which two men spank one woman.

The camera gets some great closeups of the spanked cheeks, especially as they ripple when they're being spanked and when the cheeks are reddening from the old fashioned corporal punishment. We also see the reactions of the women being spanked, going from disbelief, stubbornness, pained, and then being sorry for their behavior. You can also see that the spankers are enjoying themselves, even though they may act like dishing out such punishment is a necessary evil. All in all, the role play is superb. If you like your spankees to be completely exposed and being able to see all of their most intimate body parts while they are spanked, then you will also get to enjoy that during these spanking scenes. Sometimes the spankee is asked to strip completely and turn around - while other times we don't get to see more than their spanked bottom. In other words, the focus is on spanking and not the exposure.

Navigation is super easy inside Spanked Cheeks. Your menu links include What's New, Galleries, Video Clips, Video Images, Naughty Girls, Artwork & Stories, and more. What's New shows that the site is updated three times a week, with most of the updates being video clips that are part of a larger film. Every now and then a photo gallery is added along with a video clip. Naughty Girls features over a dozen women in this site, with links to their content. Artwork & Stories contains around 100 stories and over 75 drawings that come in slightly various sizes, but are usually around 537x782 pixels.

As to the videos and pictures, the content itself is very good quality. Currently, there are around 75 complete video scenes, broken down into several three minute video clips in Windows Media. These you can stream or download. Once all the clips are uploaded, you'll eventually get the option of downloading the scene in its entirety. The new videos play in a 1280x720 (2096 Kbps) sized screen, with both the visual and the audio quality being very good. Older updates are slightly less high resolution, but still look great.

In addition to photos, there are also two types of photo galleries: one that is very good quality and the other that are screencaps. There are around 80 of the better quality photo galleries, each of which usually contains over 100 photos. These photos open to 683x1024 pixels. There are approximately 50 of the video image galleries, with the photos opening to 1026x577 pixels. While these are screencaps, the quality may surprise you because it's pretty good. Many of these galleries contain approximately 100 pictures. Unfortunately, none of the galleries are zip downloadable.


Spanked Cheeks is a spanking good site! The people involved have great role playing skills and can either dish out a lovely and thorough spanking, or they can take such spankings! The site updates three times a week, with easy navigation so you can quickly find everything offered. The content itself is very good quality, offering both videos and photos. Unfortunately, the photo galleries are not downloadble, which is a drawback. The bottom line is that Spanked Cheeks is a very good over the knee, very well acted spanking site.


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2011-08-23 21:57:07

Thanks for the review which convinced me to join, I thoroughly enjoyed the Spanked Cheeks videos and would recommend to others.