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Whipped Ass Review

Review Update

The site have 926 exclusive BDSM scenes in HD. but no new content has been added since May 2020. However, membership to this hardcore BDSM site includes full access to the 29 kinky site within the network, where they have over 13,023 scenes across the board, and this is all at no extra cost.

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Summary: Whipped Ass is another site from the people at Kink. This one is focused on Lesbian BDSM with spanking, whipping and flogging thrown into the mix. Quality of the content is excellent, and there's also an extensive archive of material.

Tamesin, 2023-02-08

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Intro promises

The visuals are the promise on Whipped Ass. By good sized, I mean movie clips that amount to around 60 streaming minutes and vid caps

- All exclusive content
- Discounted price
- Access to all the Kink sites included with your membership

First impression

Whipped Ass pretty much says it all in their tour. A pretty woman is strung up, while another equally beautiful woman dances on her ass with various implements of discipline. The setting is in a dungeon, which lends a dark and mysterious air to each episode. Since this is another website from Kink, I expect it to be just as sadistically yummy as their others.


Our opinion

The navigational menu was the same inside Whipped Ass as it was on the tour. There were over 926 episodes, dating all the way back to July, 2001. Generally each episode had well over 200 pictures (one had over 700) and the videos were around the 50 minute mark. Videos are available for both streaming and downloading in MP4 formats. They come in at 1280x720 at 5 Mbps.

I watched a couple episodes of my favorite submissive models: Berlin and Justine Joli. Berlin's tormentress was the delightful Isis. The episode opened up with lots of latex. A latex fetishist will absolutely drool over it all. There was plenty of shoe and floor licking; breast slapping and flogging; and whipping and spanking. Berlin had to balance and pose in all sorts of positions. She had to eat Berlin's pussy; she's still a novice at it and wants to be trained. To spur on Berlin's pussy eating abilities, Isis flogged her if she didn't do a good job. At some points, Berlin was sweating, but you could tell she was also very excited. The more intense scenes included Berlin being tied up and gagged; forced to orgasm while being bound and flogged; and her breasts clothespinned and then ripped and zipped off. Her spit literally poured from her gagged mouth, which lent an air of humiliation. Since Berlin's clit was very sensitive, Isis took particular delight in rubbing it, and then binding it up with rope. Berlin was visibly shaking at this point. You could feel her erotic tension. She was also caned lightly on her pussy while suspended. Isis took advantage of the suspension bondage and fucked Berlin with a strapon. Berlin's ass was also flogged while it stuck straight up in the air. She had no choice, though; she was tied into that position.

Coincidentally, Justine Joli's Dominant in the episode I watched was Isis. I've moved Isis to my favorite Dommes list because of the style of dominance she exhibited in these videos. This episode entailed a lot of ass and pussy spanking, as well as flogging Justine while she was bent over with her arms tied out straight behind her. Justine's skin was so white and it reddened up so quickly, that it was quite delightful to see. Justine had to lap up milk like the good little pussy cat she was, all the while being flogged. Next, she was bound and suspended upside, then caned and flogged.

Justine clearly liked being submissive; she came a few times throughout the episode. A couple of those times were with vibrator to her pussy while she hung upside down. She had to ask Isis if she could cum. When Isis forced Justine to orgasm, despite her sensitive clit, Justine screamed... a lot! Later on, Isis placed Justine over her knee and spanked and flogged her. Both beauties were naked, and it was pretty seeing the lily white skin of Justine's against the darker skin of Isis. There was also a lot of breast slapping, hair pulling, and face sitting. Isis then let Justine fuck her - via a dildo gag. There were a lot of close up hardcore action when Isis fucked Justine with a strapon.

Joining through us will get you a nice ongoing discount that will save you cash each and every month you remain a member, which is great news. Another great piece of news is the fact that you now get access to all the Kink .com sites when you join. That means 29 bonus sites that cover a huge variety of BDSM and bondage niches. Those of you that are familiar with Kink know that they produce the best exclusive kinky porn around, and now you will have access to all of it for one low price.


Whipped Ass is a spanking good site! Navigation is super simple; it's the same as what's on the tour. It's built up quite a large archive over the years, so there's plenty of content to tide you over. What I also like about this site is that it offers more than just ass whupping. While I like sites that deal with strictly spanking, they can get boring after a while. This site offers plenty of ass beating, along with a lot of other BDSM action. It makes for great variety. Bonus sites and a discount price make it an easy recommendation for those looking for the best BDSM and bondage porn around.

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