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Celebrity Worship review

Summary: Celebrity Worship is a large mixture of both real and fake celebrity pictures and videos. It is far from the biggest or most updated collection of celeb photos and a lot of focus seems to be on fake and comic style images. But if you're after the fantasy of seeing your favorite celebrities doing some hardcore sex, it may be a site for you. For more mainstream celeb content there are better sites.

Score 70.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2010-12-21

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Intro promises

- Nude celebrity photos
- Sex tapes
- Exclusive celebrity comics and fakes
- Biggest celeb video, comic and sex tape archive

First impression

Celebrity Worship is a site dedicated to housing the largest collection of celebrity sex tapes and sex scenes from their movies. There's also plenty of nude celebrity and model pictures, as well as fake celebrity nudes. And if that ain't enough for your prurient celebrity pleasure, there are also some celebrity x-rated comics to tickle your fancy.


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Our opinion

With all the celebs and fake celeb content in here, you'll be glad to know that navigation is very simple. The home page presents a bevy of beauties from the "All Celebs" menu link. Here, you'll be able to find your favorite celeb alphabetically by her first name. Along the side are handy links to Top 100, Movies, Sex Tapes, Nudes & Topless, Celeb Comics, Fake Celebs, and Find a celeb. There are almost 900 celebrities contained on this site, so there are plenty of celebs to worship here! The site is also updated pretty regularly - every one to four days, and it's not just a photo here and there. Instead, the updates are pretty generous, consisting of over a dozen photos or several video clips, for example.

The photos open to various sizes, such as 600x907, 1280x960, 1600x1200, etc. pixels and are generally pretty good quality. Since these aren't photo galleries, per se, they don't come with a zip download option. The amount of photos for each celebrity inside Celebrity Worship varies widely from just a handful to well over a hundred. Of course, since there are a lot of celebrity fakes in here, many of those photos can be fakes, but they're labeled as such.

The movies open to various sizes, such as 320x240 (245 Kbps) and 512x384 (792 Kbps) pixels. The videos play in Windows Media or AVI, with the quality being as you expect from a site such as this sort. What I mean by that is that since the scenes aren't shot for a particular site, but rather are taken from movies or sex tapes, the quality isn't going to be high definition or crystal clear; however, some of them are very good quality considering. The run time certainly varies depending upon how long the sex scene is in the movie, or if it's a sex tape - which of course is longer.

Admittedly, you have to check reality at the door, as the site does claim to have "fake celebs." If you couldn't tell from some of the really obvious photoshop jobs, you'd definitely know it with a D cup Keira Knightley who, in real life, only has mosquito bite sized bumps for breasts! And speaking of fake, the comics are actually pretty well drawn, so you'll be able to see some of your favorite celebs doing extremely hardcore stuff. It might seem a little tricky at first to find their comics because once you click on Celeb Comics, you're presented with over 20 celebs and their content within the site. Just click on the photo gallery, scroll down, and you'll see a content filter for comics.

In addition to all the photos, you'll definitely enjoy the sex tapes and movie sex scenes. Instead of having to rent or stream your favorite celebrities' movies and then having to fast forward to all their nude and sex scenes, Celebrity Worship takes all that hard work away from you. You just simply click on the videos they've collected here, and you won't have to sit through all the clothed parts! Of course, the quality, as I mentioned above, won't be as crystal clear as if you watched the movie from a DVD, but it does save you a lot of time and money.


Celebrity Worship is refreshing in its honesty of using fake nude celeb photos, although they have quite a large collection of real nude celebrity photos. In addition to all the photos, they have a large archive built up of nude and sex scenes from films, as well as sex tapes from models and celebrities. If you have a penchant for seeing famous people in the nude or doing sex scenes, then I think you'll be pretty pleased with Celebrity Worship.


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